What’s Trending in Modern Pet Food?

Americans have to admit that the world is changing in radical ways every year. With the advent of so many exciting technological advances in the past 15 years, our individual lives have also changed just as radically.

-We now have access to more information on facebook than ever before; and we have a much greater ability to make more informed buying and lifestyle decisions for ourselves, and for those we love.

-We have access to more affordable education and understand more about our career options. We can sometimes find better paying jobs because of the wealth of resources we find online; giving us greater means and greater buying power.

-Lastly, we understand much more about our health and the health of our pets. Therefore, in addition to making choices that makes sense budget-wise etc, we also have the ability to make better choices and buy healthier foods.

For these reasons, the $23.7 billion pet food market is changing. Consumers want to buy healthy, well-balanced pet food for their dogs. They also want to feed their dogs the types of foods they would eat themselves. CEO of Freshpet, Richard Thompson, actually samples Petfresh recipes every so often to make sure they meet company standards.

Other brands like Beneful, feature recipe blends that look exactly like many of the human food favorites you and your family enjoy. Some of the healthy ingredients you’ll find in Beneful include:

-Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, peas and corn

-Lean meats like liver, salmon, pork, beef, chicken and lamb; and

-Healthy whole grains like barley, wild rice and brown rice

However, many skeptics wonder. “Well, couldn’t you just feed your pet leftover food from your own table? Wouldn’t that be healthy?” However, though this is a logical assumption, humans are much bigger animals dimensionally than most dogs. Therefore, the proportions are way off, (even if you eat incredibly healthily), when it comes to fats, starches and meats. In addition, the nutrient density is also out of proportion. That’s why it’s best to give your puppy and adult dogs different formulas, because their body proportions and nutritional needs are different. Beneful is one brand that offers the perfect nutritional balance for dogs of every age.




Ricardo Guimarães Analyzes Research on Brazilian Entrepreneurs

According to a research conducted by Endeavor in collaboration with Meta, a research institute in British, they found out that a Brazilian entrepreneur has big dream, vision and is very creative, but lacks pro-activity, as explained by Ricardo Guimarães, the President of Banco BMG. Both research companies interviewed about 9,000 respondents before they concluded that the item ‘big dream’ scored the highest points, while ‘pro-activity’ scored the lowest. The researchers focused on four different types of entrepreneurs, and from that niche they were able to establish the strength as well as weakness, as cited by Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG.
The financial expert says that the research based its results on creativity, pro-activity, vision and big dream, and each element had to receive at least 50 points. Brazil received the highest average score in creativity and vision categories. Pro-activity scored the lowest points, slightly below the global average as Guimarães puts it. The research was also done in the United States, as well as other countries. He further says that the U.S. was quite ahead of Brazil and everybody. The U.S. scored 146.6 points while Brazil had 138.8 points, which was slightly above the global average recorded at 136.4.
When the research was performed on Brazilian entrepreneurs based on gender, men were in the lead while women only managed to score a small percentage. As explained by Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG, men and women scored 138.8 and 136.7 respectively. The age factor didn’t show major difference, although majority of young entrepreneurs prefer to be masters in their own entities. The research which Ricardo analyzed showed that the age group between 18 and 24 years scored 139.4 while 50 and 64, it was 136.1. The report cites complexity and bureaucracy in taxation policies and documentation as some of the factors that should be addressed, explains Ricardo Guimarães, the executive of BMG. Information was on Noticias R7.
An overview of Ricardo Guimarães
Ricardo Guimarães serves as the President of Banco BMG of Brazil, one of the largest privately owned financial institutions in the country. He assumed the role of the President of the company back in 1998. Over that time, Banco BMG has achieved a lot of success, becoming the leading provider of payroll loans across Brazil. The bank has achieved this tremendous growth because of its policies of focusing more on clients with excellent credit history.
Ricardo Guimarães has ensured that BMG is engaging in sponsorship activities in order to market its operations in Brazil according. The bank has been sponsoring football teams and other individual athletes as a way of marketing its brand to the larger Brazilian population that loves sports.

The Finest Plastic Surgeons are Ready in Texas

Qualifications of a Top Plastic Surgeon in Texas?
In Texas, there are highly qualified and top-notch plastic surgeons. A plastic surgeon will play a vital role in the lives of their patients. The best surgeons will leave their patients feeling great and filled with overflowing confidence. This will be accomplished on a long-term basis. Success and the top plastic surgeons are available in Texas.

You Know You are in Good Hands
You will know that your plastic surgeon is the best when they possess the following items:
* experience
* board certified
* well-versed in your potential procedure
* they will have the ability to connect with you on an emotional level so that you are comfortable
* they will provide you with necessary safety information
* they will have an entire staff that is helpful and friendly
These are a sample of items that will clearly show you that you are indeed in very good hands for your plastic surgery needs. The top doctors will be found in Texas.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is in Texas
Dr. Jennifer Walden just happens to be one of the top Texas doctors. She is a plastic surgeon who is Certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery. She has a long list of impressive credentials. She had been practicing in New York City previously. She has moved her practice to Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden will perform surgery for the following:
* face
* breast
* nose
* body
She has years of experience in this field. She is an above-average cosmetic plastic surgeon who is ready to provide exceptional care right in Texas.

Dr. Walden is Credible
Dr. Jennifer Walden received her impressive education from Manhattan, Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery. When she moved her practice to Texas, she came with solid experience. She had a private practice in cosmetic surgery inform July, 2004 until December, 2011. She brought with her some excellent reviews from previous patients. She has a fine reputations and is highly credible.

The Incredible Journey of Yeonmi Park

A mother and her young daughter tip-toe precariously onto the frozen waters of the Yalu River. It would be just one of many daunting challenges that faced a then 13-year-old Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi’s father had been arrested in the months before the girl’s dangerous trek from North Korea into China. The arrest had left the family destitute and led to the eventual separation of Mrs. Park and her youngest daughter from Eunmi, who was then sixteen years old. Under the harsh North Korean dictatorship, Yeonmi’s family knew only hardship. The pair was led into China by a smuggling organization. Once the pair had reached China, one of the smugglers attempted to rape the teen. Yeonmi’s mother came to the rescue by offering herself instead. The man as only satisfied temporarily, who later enslaved Yeonmi Park as his wife. Yeonmi and her mother consistently asked the smugglers about Eunmi, but the two never received news. They assumed she was deceased. Yeonmi’s father died in North Korea after suffering from cancer and never reunited with his family. The bravery exhibited by Yeonmi and her mother spread. The two were assisted by Chinese and Korean missionaries for some time before they set out to travel to South Korea. The mother and daughter duo trekked through the Gobi Desert only to be heckled by border guards. After refusing to bow to threats of deportation back to China, Yeonmi and her mother were flown to South Korea where they were reunited with Eunmi. Yeonmi enrolled in studies, after a period of adjustment in South Korea, and has since become a human rights activist. She has also penned a memoir, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. “Freedom,” Yeonmi said on the Reason. “I had no idea what that was. I didn’t even understand the concept. I was just happy enough to have food.” “There was so much shame that I didn’t talk about when I defected,” Yeonmi went on to say. “I was still a young girl when I was raped. I still have family living in North Korea today. I had to and still must protect them.”

One Step Closer Towards AI Awareness with Visual Search

MIT Technology Review recently wrote about an extremely intriguing new technology that has been hitting the scene called image recognition on slyce.it, and it will become a part of your everyday life before you even realize it. Not only will it affect the way that business is carried out in terms of how things are bought, but it also gives technology an eye in which to view the world itself. There is no doubt that this breakthrough will be adopted by those at the forefront of many fields of artificial intelligence development. The more that technology sees the world around it, and the more that it processes what it is seeing, the sooner it will realize itself.

Slyce is the first to implement the use of visual search technology, providing users with the ability to snap pictures with their smartphones and have it ran through their growing database for identification and purchase purposes. Aimed at consumers, this is the perfect introduction to what visual search is able to do. Chances are, this monumental leap of progress may not seem as important as it could be by esoteric types, but maybe that is a good idea for now. If you can fathom, think about taking a picture of an item of clothing that someone is wearing at any given moment, then being routed to a source where you can purchase it. This is not only convenient for the user, but also good news for manufacturers.

It may be worth mentioning that although some argue against technological advances that will inevitably be used by more developed forms of artificial intelligence, many slide by as mere matters of convenience. The world will embrace visual search for their consumer shopping ease, but if it were to have been developed directly for conscious artificial beings, there would have been some that stood up against it from the start.

Whether you pro-bot or “robophobic,” there is no denying the progress that is being made in meshing the organic and digital worlds together to be one. Never before has the world been so interconnected as it is today, and it is only at the earliest possible stages as a whole. Visual search has many more possibilities to help fulfill those that wish to learn about the world that encompasses them as well. Once the database has grown apart from the consumer world, it will evolve in ways you could only imagine.

Ellipse USA’s Key to Success is Jon Urbana

If there is one thing that separates the successful from the failures, it is not necessarily the innate skill or any kind of education. While they can be part of the success of any individual, they are not the keys. The keys for success lies in the will to succeed. many people say that whenever there is a will, there is a way. Jon Urbana of Ellipse USA, a medical laser systems provider with headquarters in Denmark, has shown that he has the will. Because of his will, he found a way to succeed. He has succeed in many respects of his life due to his many different interests. His interests are fueled by his vision.

One of Urbana’s major interests is photography. If there is one thing about Urbana, it is that he is a visual person in some respects. He uses his visual nature in order to make profits. He is also an artist at heart. So he makes photography his art. He practices some of the many aspects of art which include composition. There are also other aspects such as the boldness in color. However, that also depends on the type of camera.

He also has a talent and passion for marketing, and puts it to work at Ellipse USA. When one knows how to market, then he knows how to profit off of any activity. Therefore, he can use his business practices not only for Ellipse, but also in order to market his photography and other interests that he pursues.

One of his interests that he can market is his charity work. He works on activities that include preserving the environment. He also works with his camp’s youth lacrosse team in order to get them to seek out positive forms of entertainment. Having them help with the Earth Force activities can help them look for positive activities to spend their time on.

Jon Urbana is so willing to see other people succeed that he shares his keys to success on his different social media profiles. He uses the huge following that he has on social networks like Facebook and Vimeo in order to influence people outside Villanova to look for more constructive ways to spend their time. He also presents some strong examples towards a more positive way of life.

Learn more about Jon here:


Yeonmi Park Lived To Share Her Story

That Other Refugees Would Have Hope It’s hard to imagine that there are places in the world that do not even know the word freedom. It was only after Yeonmi Park and her mother journeyed through China and made their way to South Korea and learned what freedom really was. Only 13 years of age, she defected from North Korea along with her mother and some friends. It was the darkest night and so cold Yeonmi couldn’t stop shivering as she clung to her mother’s hand. They crossed the frozen Yalu River. They trusted a human trafficker to get them to the border only to be raped and tortured into prostitution. Yeonmi endured the horrible events in which starvation and thoughts of suicide were ever present. It was after receiving aid from human rights activists and Christian missionaries in February, 2009, Yeonmi and her mother went to Mongolia to seek asylum and traveled through the Gobi Desert then on to South Korea. It was still a terrifying journey with the chance of getting caught and sent back. Yeonmi recalls vowing with her mother to end their lives before going back into such poverty and fear. Yeonmi Park survived to write a book about her deflection. In Order To Live recounts her horrific abuse as well as her mothers and what they went through to make it to a place of freedom. It was everything that happened to them that shaped who she is today. She is living proof on Youtube that you never give up hope. Yeonmi believes, that in time, change could occur in North Korea if defectors from North Korea will continue to advocate for human rights.

Dating On Skout Is Easier Than It Is On Many Other Dating Sites

Many dating websites have taken things to the extreme in order to keep the customers that they currently have and to try and bring in new customers. Although Skout is a popular dating site and application, they don’t have the need to do extreme and even offensive things like some other dating sites to bring in new members. Skout is a network that is popular enough to where one million people join each month, without much convincing, and a lot of people join because they heard about it. A good network is what many people are looking for when they want to date, and Skout is an awesome network.

Everyone knows that online dating can be fun, but online dating can also be a challenge for those who are interested in finding local dates. Most people who want to date don’t want to find someone who’s in another country or across the nation; they tend to want someone in their own backyard. The reason most people choose to date someone who lives close to them is because it makes it easier when they want to meet each other and get to know one another. Although some people do date internationally or long-distance, this kind of dating is not for everyone.

Skout may be a very big network but it still allows people to date locally, and they’ll know where the person is that they are talking to because of the location services that Skout has. Skout’s location services are excellent because of the fact that once it’s on it allows one person to know where the other person is that they are talking to. Whether a person uses the Skout application, or they access Skout on their computer doesn’t matter, location services can be turned on, but the services work better through a smartphone.

Being able to locate someone that is in a city nearby is one of the best things about the Skout network, and Skout allows local people in a certain area to find others that may have their same interests. The Skout network has even more to offer than just dating, especially for those who like to socialize. Some people don’t want to date online, but some people prefer to chat with others online, especially to people that they don’t know. It can be lots of fun to meet someone who’s a stranger, and the person doesn’t need to be in the same country.

Skout allows people who are in different countries to talk to one another and by searching for someone in another country or using the “shake to chat” feature, two Skout members can meet one another. Skout has users in over 180 countries, and this means there is never a shortage of different people to talk to. Skout also has 14 languages available, so those who are interested in speaking in their own native tongue can do so, even if English isn’t their first language. Skout can be beneficial to anyone who uses it.

The Bright Colors Of Doe Deere

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is an enthusiast of cosmetics and style. She recognizes that girls desire something interesting and distinctive with respect to their make-up products. For that reason Doe created Lime Crime and delivers the most superior shades and colors. There is unquestionably nothing at all typical connected to this make-up brand. This is why a huge number of females wear and really adore Lime Crime.

The beauty selection is intended for bold as well as natural and organic make-up looks. Doe is a former band member and model from Russia but now lives in the United States where she runs her business. She is always developing new shades and ideas for her online store Lime Crime. Her admirers are delighted to show case photo’s of themselves with her products on their hair and face.

Doe loves to motivate and inspire her customers to follow their creative dreams. She knows that offering different creative ideas is always good in any business. Doe features beauty tips and trends through out her website. The online store is filled with inventive makeup looks and hair colors from many happy buyers. Doe is known for her innovation in makeup colors and shocking style. This business women owns cats and this is why all her cosmetic products are cruelty free.

The most interesting factor about Doe’s enterprise is that it focuses on offering new kinds of color trends and ideas with makeup. Lime Crime is indeed vibrant it also contains a hair color collection. Doe is serious on making only amazing and enchanting colors. You will never find common hair colors at Lime Crime. Instead colors like blue, pink, and green are the norm.

Doe Deere is experienced and tends to make use of all her creative abilities to make her cosmetic line make a statement. She makes certain that even her liquid liner collection features vibrant colors like pastel blue, purple, and lime green. Doe Deere herself genuinely enjoys getting dressed up and switching into a number of one of a kind looks. She is very successful and is excited about the future of her cosmetic line Lime Crime.

Innovative Shopping Experience by Slyce Inc.

Slyce Inc. announced new 3-D mobile image recognition tools for retail shoppers at Shop.org. When this new and innovative technology is paired with shopping, it creates an amazing shopping experience for the retailer. When this new method is applied the application allows shoppers to chose a picture and then be linked directly to similar items from an inventory of each retailer’s sites. This technology is already in place at other large retailers such as JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot just to name a few. Now these products are becoming available to the public literally making locating and buying those products you see and want easier than ever.

Also being introduced at Shop.org are new beta products. These are not quite ready but will be available soon. These include universal scanners, slyce insights, snap-to-coupons, and mitigation tools with attribute matchers. The universal scanner is revolutionizing the way people can shop by snapping a picture of any item you see anywhere and then the item will be used to locate similar items online. This saves the consumer time and effort. It makes anything available for purchase when using the universal scanner.

The Slyce Inc. company is based out of Toronto, Ontario. This company is a visual search platform which enables shoppers and retailers to become engaged and familiar with products they want to buy or sell. With this new cutting edge design, the buying experience will became quicker, easier, and more enjoyable than ever before.