The Passing of Stephen Murray Affects Family and Business

The untimely death of Stephen Murray in 2015 was an immense tragedy for his wife and four children. He had taken a leave of absence as the head of CCMP Capital, a private equity investment firm, and never returned to his position of power.

Murray, also, was a philanthropist during his short time on earth and contributed to his alma mater, Boston College where he received a degree in Economics in 1984 and was prominent in his support of the Make-A_Wish Foundation. His long list of generous donations included The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum and the Columbia Business School, where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1989. Read more:  Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees and 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

He was a high-ranking board member of Boston College and sat on the boards of various companies, including companies he actively worked with including Quiznos Subs and Cabella’s Sporting Goods.

The company he worked for and served as its head is CCMP, a private equity investment firm that specializes in leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions. CCMP Capital has more than 50 employees with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

CCMP has judiciously invested approximately $12 billion in leveraged buyouts and growth capital transactions since the inception of the company. To the company’s credit it In was ranked number 17 among the World’s largest private equity funds.

The absence of Stephen Murray marks not only the tragedy of one man’s passing at the age of 52 but the awkward realignment and repositioning of CCMP. Countless investors have experienced fear for their investments that were in the hands of this capable man.

A company’s momentum can be drastically affected by the passing of an influential head, such as Murray. The analogy of the riderless horse is an apt description for the company and the family of Murray. While it does not need for money, the family has lost a critical member of the parental body.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

How Qnet Plays a Significant Role in Bettering People’s Lives.

Qnet Limited was established in 1998 as a major branch of the QI Group of Companies. It was co-founded by Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and a small group of talented entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, China. It started off by selling jewelry and lavish watches and was an official distributor of commemorative coins in 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing respectively. The company uses direct selling and multi-level marketing designs. Qnet later expanded and currently sells a broad collection of commodities, which include nutritional, weight loss, energy, personal care, home care, jewelry and elegant watches that are advertised on the company’s website. The products are sold with the help of independent representatives, who create a network of distributors and are paid according to the quantity of goods that their team sells. For the 16 years that Qnet has been in business, they have been able to reach many countries across the world. The company is however comparatively younger in the competitive industry that has been dominated by bigger firms for more than five decades.

Qnet offers high-quality products and to maintain this status, they use tough inspection procedures to determine what new products can be included in their brand. They also use a unique philosophy of assessing products, whereby, the look at aspects such as ethical standards and values. Qnet is committed to keeping all its products vegetarian and does not allow non-vegetarian food in any of its functions. The company has been actively encouraging people to choose vegetarianism as a healthy way of life. High vegetarian values are demonstrated by the firm in all areas of its business approaches and commodities by ensuring that only vegetarian ingredients are used in its usable or edible products. The company does not use animals in any of its testing processes and promotes safe product testing methods. Qnet’s products are made with the minimum amount possible of sugar, non-natural sweeteners, and chemicals. They do this to create wakefulness among people on avoidable lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

The company has an encouraging business stance which states that which states that make yourself better to improve the lives of the people around you. The company is active regarding social responsibility and has been generously helping communities in creating meaningful projects. Qnet has also been offering significant assistance to children, who need special care at the Rashid Center.

Bernardo Chua Strikes Gold

Organo Gold first began its campaign to raise Ganoderma awareness by putting it in coffees and teas, however the company no longer limits itself with that one avenue alone any longer. With vitamins, soap and even toothpaste now hitting the shelves with the proud label of Organo Gold stamped across the packaging, supporters of the brand can find more than one way to get that nutritional boost that their body is craving. The person responsible for the explosion of healthy products now being offered to the many consumers around the world is none other that Bernardo Chua. A native to the Philippines, Chua’s Chinese heritage afforded him knowledge concerning Asian holistic medicine that used Ganoderma.

The Recipient of many awards including two People’s Choice awards and the ever prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award given only to companies whom the Philippines deem make world-class Filipino products, Bernardo Chua has dedicated his life to making Ganoderma available to anyone who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle.

Starting back when he still lived in the Philippines, Chua’s Facebook says he worked as an Executive at a company known as Gano Excel. Within three years Chua had helped Gano Excel expand into China, Canada and eventually the United States. In time Bernardo Chua moved to California to take the position of President at Gano Excel USA. There he focused his energies on marketing items with Ganoderma in them such as instant coffee or tea. It wasn’t until 2008 that Bernardo Chua founded the company Organo Gold. Eventually in 2015 his company rebranded itself as ORGANO where they expanded their product base including not just coffee and tea, but various other food and nutrition items as well.

With over 15,000 distributors across the world and a net worth of well over $150 million, Bernardo Chua has certainly struck gold in this modern health conscious society.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @OGBernie.

Dog Food Improves as Customers Research the New Options that are Available

One thing that I have found in researching on wikipedia about dog food companies is that there are a ton of options available for you if there is a true design to get quality dog food. I have never guessed it, but premium dog food companies are on the rise. Customers don’t have to complain anymore about a lack of dog food quality because the level of quality is astounding. People just have to know what to pick up for their dogs.
I have discovered that Beneful is a producer of fine quality food that my dogs just seem to love. There are at least 40 flavors that people can experiment with. Lots of companies may state that premium dog food is part of their brand, but Beneful has the ingredients on the label right there in black and white. I see ingredients like real beef, chicken, fruit and vegetable accents when I look at the label. Right away, I know that I am getting some great food because I read about the quality ingredients that are placed into these foods.

Beneful has wet and dry dog food ( This company has a mixture of foods that are specific in purpose. I have seen a Healthy Weight Dog Food designed by Nestle Purina Store, the makers of Beneful. I have never seen any other pet food brand on the market that has that. This is an incredible thing that many pet owners need because they may have obese dogs.

I have seen many other dog food companies soar as the demand for quality dog food expands. People have witnessed the effect of great dog food. I have seen the way that dogs respond better to premium food. All of the proof is there. I would never go back to any of the other bland choices of dog food. I always make sure that I do all that I can do get some quality dog food because these real meats and vegetables promote longer life. I have tried the other brands that are out there. I haven’t been thrilled with these. I stick with the quality that I know Beneful provides.

White Shark Media Provides Results for Growing Online Businesses

White Shark Media has made the problem of expanding a small business to compete with larger companies a thing of the past it seems, according to their customers. Many online marketing service providers make big promises, but they often times do not deliver as their clients envision from the beginning. This doesn’t seem to be the case with White Shark Media, for although online marketing campaigns take a bit of time to show results, they do eventually become apparent to their clients as a whole. For those considering White Shark Media to take charge of their youtube marketing campaigns, the following review may give a bit of insight into what to expect.

White Shark Media Complaints does receive a lot of praise from their clients, but they also do get complaints from time to time. By the looks of things, it seems that most of these complaints are due to expectations that reflect a bit of misunderstanding in how ad campaigns have to operate. Immediate results are never the case, yet many companies take advantage of this in order to exploit the search engine system and their clients. This simply has not been shown to be true from White Shark Media at all. In fact, the majority of other client reviews state their overall approval of their services, suggesting them to prospective clients that are considering them for their own business needs.

White Shark Media appears to meet the needs of small businesses that are trying to grow into the mid-range market through various means of marketing. Their primary services include Bing Ads Management, Pay Per Click Management, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Web Development, but they also cater to clients that require secondary services, such as Pay Per Click Engines, Landing Page Optimization, and Conversion Optimization. More details on White Shark Media apart from these can be found by following the provided link:

Most physical businesses that are transitioning into the online market are finding much to be learned in terms of how advertising in the real world and in the virtual differ from each other. White Shark Media Complaints prides themselves in aiding clients in their transition, and their specialist to client relations are continually evolving to bring greater understanding of the worth of services they provide. Although they may not give away all of their marketing secrets, a sense of confidence and understanding is still being provided to bridge the gap.



Full Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The Consumer electronics show is an annual event which began in 1967. This show was first hosted in New York City in the year 1967. The event offers a platform for new technological advancements to be showcased for the public. The event has since hosted most of the electronics that are used today; some of the electronics presented at this event include the VCR and the Compact Disk.

This event since its inception has offered a platform to thousands of technological advancements with regards to electronics. This event has overtime relocated to Las Vegas and in the year 2016, made headlines when a drone which provides for passenger space was unveiled.

This year the event presented major technological advancements with the event getting a taste of electric cars and camera’s advancements. The CNET site recorded Marcio Alaor remarks with regards to this year’s events, “CES 2016 did not change the world but showed how the world was changing.”

Maricio Alaor is an executive member of the BMG Group which sponsors Brazilian Football. Maricio Alaor serves in the capacity of the vice president of BMG Group, whose goals include providing technological advancements that serve as solutions to clients. The group is dedicated to offering quality products at competitive prices that are reasonable and affordable to customers.

The major attraction at the event in 2016 was the Drone Ehang 184; the drone attracted so much attention due to its unique quality. The drone is designed to carry one passenger, leaving the impression that the mythical flying cars had arrived.

The drone can fly for 23 minutes and can fly to a height of 3.5km. the drone which is a brain child of the Ehang company based in China. Marco Alaor BMG believes that in designing the drone the most important factor that developers take into consideration is safety.

Electric cars which have been accepted in the recent past, featured in the Consumer Electronics show. Marcio Alaor presented the Chevrolet Bolt which To be Devoted reported, which is set to be released in 2017, with the buying price of the vehicle expected to be around$30,000. Other car production companies are also in the race to produce electric cars to serve the consumer needs.

Finally the event also featured advanced cameras that are designed to be used at home and attached to objects like the refrigerator. These advanced cameras are meant to boost the security of homes by covering footage of anything that takes place in the house.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Ventures And Philanthropy

Alexei Beltyukov is now known to be a highly successful and innovative entrepreneur. He has ventures all over Russia and Europe. Recently he has even launched an online learning platform for students in the United States. Where does Alexei’s drive and ability stem from? How has Alexei Beltyukov been able to achieve such great things?

Lulu says that Alexei Beltyukov was a medical doctor in his native Russia. Economic downturns in Russia and a paltry payment to government employed doctors led Alexei to search for better opportunities so he could support his wife and children. Alexei describes how he stumbled upon on an advertisement for INSEAD College in France. The brochure for the college highlighted that students would have excellent opportunities after graduation and a path to a better life.

Summoning up some courage and willing to take risk, shows Alexei decided to apply to INSEAD College in France. At the time he did not know how he would pay for tuition. He barely had enough money to make ends meet and support his family. Alexei learned about a scholarship for adult students such as himself looking to improve their lives and economic situation through a business program at INSEAD College. He applied for the scholarship and made such an impression of INSEAD admissions staff that he not only got in but got a full scholarship.

Alexei Beltyukov would make the most of his opportunity at INSEAD college. He graduated with honors at INSEAD with a master of business administration degree. The entrepreneurship prowess, economic knowledge and business skills Alexei acquired there would help him create numerous successful and innovative ventures.

Mr. Beltyukov’s ventures and startups include New Gas Technologies. This company uses advances in science and technology to create products and energy from petroleum gas that would otherwise be discarded and wasted. The company is known to be highly innovative and green because it transforms waste products to create energy. Another of Alexei’s ventures is Mechanicus. This is a brand of car repair shops in his native Russia. The company operates a franchise model. It is similar to the car and tire automotive franchise Goodyear in the United States.

Alexei has also tried his hands at finances and investments. Mr. Beltyukov has created and continues to manage A-Ventures Ltd, an investment firm that has over $400 million in assets under management. Another of his highly successful businesses is Brunswick Rail Leasing. It is considered to be one of the most widely used and profitable railway leasing firms in Russia.  Alexei is also known for creating Solvy.  The website is an educational resource that’s ideal for students looking for an easy learning platform.

Igor Cornelsen and His Investing Knowledge

Investing in a skill that a lot of people wish that they had. Some people acquire brokers to do the work for them because they become confused about investing. There are investors that make better decisions than others, but it is not an innate skill. It is something that can be learned by anyone that wants to know how to invest, but new investors have to take the time to follow advice from newsvineveterans.

I have read the books from the professionals, and I know that there are a lot of different investing styles. Some investors like to put all of their energy into telling people about the real estate market. Others like to speak on mutual funds. There are some that take interest in the stocks while others may have a feel for annuities. There are so many avenues to consider, and the number of options can lead one down a road of frustration.

After reading and obtaining advice from so many others I have taken interest in the tips from a particular investor that is know well-known, but his advice is worthy of praise. Igor Cornelsen is one of those veteran investors that has managed to provide great tips. He has amassed a collection of investing experience outside of the United States. Cornelsen has become a knowledgeable source of information, but web surfers will have to comb the web to search for his information. He is not in your local Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million store because he has not written a book. Investors are more likely to find Igor Cornelsen tips on blogs and squeezed in between the news articles about investing.

Cornelsen is an investor that has managed to bring about a new wave of investors. He is the investor for the common man that is planning to do it on his own. I didn’t want a broker. I also did not want to go to any 5 day seminars about investing. I just wanted advice that was simple and easy to grasp. That is why I have chosen to stick with what Cornelsen has provided. He is the ultimate source of investment information for Brazilian investing, but this advice applies to international investing overall.

There are many investors from that have become aware of what Igor Cornelsen has to offer. I think that his best advice comes from his days as an investment banker in Brazil. He learned so much about the culture. He knows how what the economic growth areas, and he knows about the government regulations and red tape. All of these things have allowed him to become a great investor. He has shared his knowledge, and I am thankful for these tips.

Lime Crime: Vibrant and Fun Makeup

One way to show your individuality is to express yourself through the use of makeup. A great line of makeup for doing just that is Lime Crime. Lime Crime features bright and vibrant colors in their cruelty free cosmetics that are perfect for showing your wild side.

Made up of a group pf people that love makeup and individuality, Lime Crime has become a popular line of makeup for those wanting something just a little bit different and a little bit better.

Their Pinterest popularity is a credit to how Lime Crime is a forward thinking company that gives back to the community. They have raised over $16,000 dollars for multiple charities for both people and animals over the years and continues to do so. The company began in 2008 with a pledge to use cruelty free products and continues to keep their cosmetics clear of animal testing. They also use some of the best, safest ingredients in the makeup.

Lime Crime can now be found at Urban Outiftters, in addition to their online website and on Amazon. The popular store is now carrying a few of the top selling lipstick colors. One of the top sellers in the Lime Crime line are the Velvetine lips colors. The Velvetines, when applied, go on wet, but after it dries you are left with a long lasting matte finish. They have around 21 different colors to choose from, all chosen with the latest style and color trends in mind. The hot new color they are featuring is “Asphalt”, an incredibly deep and rich dark brown-purple-black that is in demand.

The eye shadow palettes they create are as beautiful as an artists palette. Bright blues, strong magenta’s and brash yellows are in several of the palettes they are offering. The shadow goes on smooth and stays bright all night long. Lime Crime’s focus on bright, highly pigmented colors and it’s fun, fashion forward company mission makes it the perfect makeup for a showy night on the town or to express your creative side whenever the mood strikes you.

With all the great colors they have and the fact that they do not test on animals, why not try the makeup of a growing beauty company and express yourself today?  Lime Crime can be found in all popular online retailers, including Dolls Kill.

Can CCMP Capital Help You?

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that according to NY Post has worked to become one of the leaders in the business industry. The company focuses on the clients that they have and they make sure that they provide all of the services possible to these clients. If they are unable to help the clients, they work to find a partner who will be able to help the client. They have been working with many high profile clients since the inception of the business and they have proven that their help will provide higher profits for all of their clients.

Partnerships are important to any business and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital knows this more than anyone. They have excellent partnerships for their own company and have developed many strengths for their business with their partnerships. This is something that they have bene able to provide their clients with as well. They work with different clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of their businesses. If they find a client who needs to be able to find a partner, they work with other clients that they know need a partner. They have worked endlessly to give their clients the partnerships that they need.

Within the company, there are several other sectors. The Chase Capital portion of the company has given them the money that they need to be able to get started. The company provides its own money and its own startup costs to itself and it also gives some of that money to its clients. The Chase Capital portion of CCMP Capital is one of the most valuable and gives the most options to the clients of the company. It has also worked with many people to give them the money that they need to be able to have.

Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital, was one of the best leaders that the company had ever seen. He made sure that he dedicated his life to CCMP Capital and offered various solutions that were geared toward bettering the business and improving options for the clients.

Chemicals are a major portion of the CCMP Capital business model. Many people have chemical plants and they need to be able to use them properly. CCMP Capital makes sure that people know how to use chemicals and that they are producing them properly. They also help their clients stay within regulations when it comes to their chemicals.

Manufacturing is similar to chemicals and must be closely monitored. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital teaches its clients how they can focus their manufacturing business on profits while still staying within regulation. They have made sure that they are industry experts in different areas of manufacturing for their clients.