Shea Butter From The Tree Of Life

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Shea butter has long been known for its curative powers. It was part of the wave of New Age natural medicines in the 1960s and 70s. It is used primarily in beauty products, although shea butter is edible. A natural fat, shea butter is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree, which is • Read More »

Rising Success with this Investment Bank in Dallas

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Nexbank Capital, Inc., has proved itself in finances and banking. Its full financial results for 2015 have shown a fourth year of record esrnings, assets, loans, and deposits. Its net income has increased year after year. Its total reported assets were $2.72 billion at the end of the year, which was a 48% growth over 2014. Its loans grew 42%, and its deposits 32%. President of the company, John Holt, said that the company’s efficient platform increased the earnings and carefully, confidently, dealt with the risks and expenses. NexBank Capital, Inc., is based in Dallas. It is a financial banking company that works through three main factions: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. They provide their services to a wide variety of clients over locations nationwide, but their main branch is still located in Texas. Their stated mission is to serve and place so much value on their clients that their clients are provided with unparalleled service. NextBank says that the company employs those with a proven success record, and the solutions provided by those employees and the company are customized like no other in the field. Based on its amazing climb in earnings and assets, they are one of the best in their field. Source:

Mike Baur Leads the Way At Swiss Startup Factory

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The Swiss Startup Factory is where innovation is nurtured and strategy is cultivated. It’s led by a group of people, including Mike Baur, that understands how to launch a business and sustain its growth. Mike Baur has been in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. He was worked his way up through the • Read More »