Alone is Not Always A Bad Thing on Valentine’s Day


The Valentine Holiday is fast approaching. However, don’t fret this year if you don’t have a date. Many people are foregoing the date and enjoying some rest and relaxation alone. In years gone by, many people thought that if they didn’t have a date, they were lower than low on this lover’s holiday. However, the new and more independent person has realized that they don’t need a man or women to keep them company. This is especially true of one that they don’t really want to be with.

The world has really evolved the past few years. Women and men both who were once afraid to venture too far out of the dating realms have changed drastically. Forget spending $100 bucks on dinner and a movie just to say you had a date, stay home and watch movies for free. There are so many good flicks on streaming sites like NetFlix that staying at home doesn’t have to be such a bad thing said expert Lee Slaughter.

Sure, there are a few people who still want that date on the day we celebrate love. However, there are more and more people who are becoming more comfortable in their own skin and allowing themselves to simply enjoy being single. Remember, the only thing worst than being single is being with the wrong one. If anyone has every had an experience that ended badly, these are character building and will mold you into the person you are. Alone is not always a bad thing!

Fines Wines

Can you picture yourself lying by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine? The smell sweet smelling wine fills the air. Relaxing with your sweetheart and toasting your glasses with antique wine. Sit back and enjoy the peaceful scenery and enjoy your wine.


The intense pleasure of opening up a bottle of rare wine is so exciting. Enjoy a glass of Petrus or Chateau d’Yquem. These wines are made from some of the oldest vineyards. Oak barrels help in the ageing process of La Rioja Alta’s wine. The quality of a great wine is definitely known; rather the wine is aged or not. You can always taste the quality in wine, from an expensive brand to a lower priced brand of wine. Who wants the bland taste of a lower priced wine? Well not many people they prefer the taste of a more aged or expensive brand. The Antique Wine Company founded by Stephen Williams in 1982 specializes in rare and fine wines.


The Company headquarters is based in central London and offers luxury wines. The wines are sold in about 70 countries. The owner use to have a career in banking in his earlier days. He built his business up to a global scale and is considered a leading fine wine expert. The Company has sales offices in Asia. The wines are sold in fine Hotels and Restaurants. The owner has strict selection procedures that he uses in his cellars and vineyards. With a certain selection process, that makes his wines so highly sought after.


In 2011 The Company broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive bottle of wine that was sold. The rare wine was reported to have sold for over $100.00 to Christian Vanneque owner of SIP Wine Bar in Bali. Vanneque had served as an expert wine taster in Paris in 1976. Some of the company’s wines are Brion, 1961 Chateau Latour Magnums, 1982 Mouton-Rothschild and Chateau d’Yquem. People really do enjoy fines wines and the smooth taste that they indulge in. The Chateau d’Yquem is a collection of consecutive vintages starting from 1868. The company holds over 10,000 bottles of fine wine in its cellars. The Antique Wine Company has over 20,000 clients, a company that knows its business and works hard. So be inspired to pick out your favorite wine glass, your favorite aged wine and set by the fireplace. Indulge in your sweet tasting wine and cuddle up with your sweetheart.


Dr. Rod Rohrich Blazes A Trail For All Plastic Surgeons


With wedding season approaching many of us are trying to get our bodies in shape for the events and some us are turning to plastic surgery. The field of plastic surgery has come a long way in recent years, and that is due in part to the work of Dr. Rod Rohrich. He is a native of North Dakota who got his medical degree at Baylor University. When he left Baylor, he want immediately to his internship at the University of Michigan. He was also able to study pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England.

When he returned to America, he worked in Massachusetts before settling in Dallas at Texas Southwestern. He works at Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he performs procedures, works with medical students on studying the science of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich is committed to education, and he holds multiple professorships in the school.

Dr. Rohrich is also a prolific author who has written over 600 peer reviewed articles on the matter of plastic surgery. He has also produced many textbooks on the subject that are used in medical schools all over the country. His contributions to the medical community cannot be measured in procedures so much as they can be measured in his education output.

Dr. Rohrich is also at the forefront of the plastic surgery community in America. He has been the chairman of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he has served on many committees within the board. He works hard to make certain the the world of plastic surgery has all the integrity it should, and he has served on many symposia around the country. Most notably, he is the chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. This is yet another addition to his fine education record as a doctor.

Dr. Rohrich is someone that all plastic surgeons can look up to. He contributes to the educational community in every way he can so that doctors will be well-trained in the future.

Florida Legalizes Same Sex Unions


Florida Joins 36 Other Same-Sex Marriage States

It’s hard not to believe in same-sex marriages. The love between two people is a personal as well as a sacred experience. The pure politics of banning same-sex marriages is more about religion than it is love. Some religions have conditional love requirements and they spill over into the political arena. The fact that Florida’s legislature got out of that tangled web of antiquated thinking is a major step in legalizing same-sex marriages in every state.

Now that Florida is one of the 37 states that offers marriages licenses to people of the same gender, over 70 percent of the population lives in a state where gay marriages are legal this according to Green Wedding Shoes. But as couple after couple, like Dave and Brit Morin, applied for licenses at Florida courthouses, protesters were waiting with signs in hand. Several of the signs weren’t new. Scripts like, “God says male and female should be married” and “Sodom and Gomorrah” have been used in other states to demonstrate against personal choice. But in spite of the protest, all couples savored their new freedom. They get the fact that the new law will help thousands of people enjoy life the American way.

The American way of life is everyone’s dream. The gay people of Florida can now express that dream without the fear of reprisals from the state.

A Guy Uses Board Games To Get Girls Phone Numbers

Every man has a way that he chooses to bring a woman into his life. Some of them have corny lines that they use such as, “If I were the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.” Games Guys Play. Maybe the guy is even cornier than that, and he’ll say, “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Lines like these have been used by Christian Broda for many years on women, and believe when you’re told that they don’t work anymore. Many women have heard every line in the book, and even young girls who are just starting to date, are already sick and tired of the lines they haven’t even heard yet.

Men are having to come up with new ways to meet girls, especially since many girls today tend to be more demanding, and expect a guy to do back flips, in order to get with them. One guy who frequents on the social media website Tinder, found a great way to find chicks, and it’s worked every time. The guy posted screenshots of his conversations with women, and each time he ends up getting their phone number. So how is he doing it? The guy has a brilliant plan, and it has nothing to do with smooth lines.

The guy will simply challenge the girl to a game of connect four or another game, and if he beats them, he asks for their phone number and he gets it. Brilliant!

Woman Does Not Let Wedding Dress Go To Waste

A woman was ready to marry her fiance when he chose to call off the wedding. Just days before the wedding, the wedding plans were unexpectedly canceled. The groom expressed he was not in love with the future bride. The bride to be made a decision to take a photo shoot with her wedding dress. Her parents and her bridesmaids joined her in the photo shoot. The dress is now on display at the bridal store.

While, this day could have been a very sad one for her, she turned it into something different. Igor Cornelsen said good for the man to realize that he did not want to be married while, there was still time, and good for her to make the best of a bad situation. It is great how she handled the situation and kept it classy. She is not the only woman to choose to do a photo shoot. Many brides are opting to trash the wedding dresses. Most brides never wear the wedding dresses ever again. The dresses just get preserved and stored. Trashing a wedding dress is a great way to make use of an expensive dress. The dress is already paid for and has already been used by the time it gets destroyed. It will eventually get damaged naturally. This woman took the high road after being left at the altar, and did not let the dress go to waste.

Spreading Love

What would it take to make the world a more loving place? What motivation should be used to inspire individuals everywhere to take the time to be more loving to those who are around them? What kind of changes would take place if everyone became more loving, if love spread around more than ever? One couple is working to spread love, to encourage others to be more loving, will this couple actually accomplish anything?
Sam Tabar says a couple from Alberta is looking to send the most loving person from their community all the way to Hawaii, to allow that person to go on a getaway that will encourage more love from them, at least that’s what Businessweek reports. This couple is taking nominations and looking to inspire love in everyone in their community. Can love be forced, though? Can someone truly love others when they are seeking to win this prize? Is that true love? How much change will come about from what this couple is doing? How much love will be spread? That is all yet to be determined, but this little contest will brighten at least one life, for sure.

Woman With Terminal Cancer Throws Surprise Wedding

Liza Heaton, a 25 year old woman from Shreveport, Louisiana has received the most devastating news. After 3 years of her cancer in remission she received news that it has returned, and more aggressive than before. Diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, Liza has only been given a month to live. Only a month due to a bowel obstruction that is preventing her from having surgery. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez says what devastating news that must be for Liza and those close to her, and I know it’s rocked the Jimdo community.

After breaking the news to her closet family and friends they all took a weekend to gather in Shreveport to say their good-byes to Liza. However, instead of spending the time saying tearful good-byes Liza and her boyfriend Wyatt had a different plan- their surprise wedding. Wyatt and Liza had wanted to get married and now that she has been given such little time they decided that it should be sooner rather than later.

Liza and Wyatt threw a fantastic wedding, the wedding of her dreams. Liza also got to spend some of her last days basking in love, rather than dwelling on her disease.

Liza will be entering trials that will hopefully help her cancer. She has an account on Go Fund Me, a website that is dedicated to raising funds for various reasons. For more details on Liza and Wyatt’s wedding and how to help her funding check out

Same Sex Couples May Start Getting Married in Florida as Soon as January 6th

A recent Supreme Court decision brings Beneful good news for LGBT advocates, especially same sex couples in Florida. The Supreme Court has denied a request to grant a stay on a ruling that declared a ban on same sex marriage while it is being appealled. Justice Clarence Thomas referred the matter to the court after it was presented to the 11th court. According to the documents released with the decision, only Justices Thomas and Scalia would would have granted Florida’s stay request.

Although the decision of the Supreme Court does not make any difference to the outcome of the case, as the ban on same sex marriage had already been ruled unconstitutional, it is important for two reasons. First, it reinforces the ruling that has been made. Once a matter has been ruled on by the Supreme Court a different ruling can not be made, and since the Supreme Court is the highest court, the decision can not be appealed.

It is also an important case because it illustrates how much opinions have changed and how there is growing support for same sex marriage, or at least less resistant to opening up the institution of marriage to same sex couples and giving same sex couples the same legal rights. A year ago, the Supreme Court issued a stay on the appeal to Utah’s ban of same sex marriage and waited for appeals courts to consider the issue.

I Found My Husband On Skout

I have a great story to tell about how I met my husband using these social media site, Skout. I had gotten out of a bad relationship, and I had really given up on love at that time. I was only looking to find a friend, when I started searching the internet for different places to find friendships. After looking for about 20 minutes, I came upon a website named Skout. After I read through the information about the website, I decided I would try it out, so I registered to be a member.

I had an easy enough time setting up the account, and I was also thrilled to find out that Skout had an app available as well, so that I could use the network while I was on the road. I do a lot of driving during the daytime for my job, so I knew that during my downtime, I could get onto my phone, and use Skout. I put up a profile picture of myself on the website, while creating my profile. After putting up the picture, I decided to list some information about myself, but I did let it be known that I was looking for friendship, and nothing more.

I was very impressed with the features that Skout had, and I really came to love the “shake” feature, which I used a lot when I was on the road. I would just shake my phone, and it would bring up someone new to talk to, and they could be anywhere in the world, and I really liked that. The fact that I could talk to somebody in Australia, Africa, UK, or other parts of the world, while I was here in the USA, impressed me. I found many different friends, and I decided to add them to my favorites list.

With new friends like Zeca Oliviera, I think, on my favorites list, I was easily able to find them in the future if I ever wanted to talk to them again. I utilized my favorites list the lot, and one guy in particular, we both liked to talk a lot. I was curious to see if this guy had added me to his favorites list as well, and I wanted to know if anyone had been searching for me, even though it was strictly platonic. I found out that by purchasing Skout points, I could find information on who had been searching for me, or who added me as a favorite.

I was excited about this, and I purchased some Skout points, which were reasonably priced, and I began my search. By using the Skout points, I found out that the guy I had been talking to a lot lately, had not only added me as a favorite, but he had been searching for me as well. We talked back and forth for months, and against my better judgment, I decided that we should meet. We lived in the same general area, and we met at a café one day.

After we departed each other’s company, we would get right back onto the Skout app, and message each other. We talked every day on Skout, and long story short, this man is now my husband, and we’ve been married for over a year. I absolutely love Skout for what it’s done for my love life.