The Most Uplifting Sales Ad Ever: “Selling Unconditional Love for $0″

Craigslist has, in recent years, been a sales website that has become synonymous with crime. Zeca Oliveira proposes: How about this uplifting Craigslist ad? “Hello, I am selling unconditional love for $0.”

Say what?

In a sales spiel that could melt the heart of the polar ice caps, the Vancouver man who claims to be a cancer patient, attempts to give something for nothing.

“Infinite square feet,” the ad read. “Sunshine, refreshing air, mountains, the ocean. I received the gift of life from my parents long ago. The Earth, fresh air, sunshine and mountains. I was given it all without being asked for anything in return.”

The ad continues on to count the endless beauty and love in the world, often overlooked by the busy and those in despair.

“I don’t accept checks,” the ad went on to say. “I only accept cash payments of $0 and you are welcome to resell.”

The author of the post then instructed interested parties to reply. He began keeping track of the ad’s effects as part of the advertisement itself. The brilliant and uplifting advert soon went viral.

Craigslist has seen its share of bizarre sales items, but to offer hope and unconditional love is, as the seller states, “priceless.”

Woman Suing Restaurant for Ruining her Valentine’s Day

This is a pretty bizarre story off of today. A woman in Portland, Oregon is attempting to sue the restaurant Enzo’s Caffe Italiano for ruining her Valentine’s Day evening.

Kathleen Hampton had dinner reservations for two at Enzo’s last Valentine’s Day however she arrived at the designated time alone. According to Hampton, her husband had a large lunch and was too full for dinner. Flavio Maluf says the policy at Enzo’s is that the reservation is not seated until the whole party arrives. Hampton was missing half her party plus it was one of the busiest nights in the year for restaurants, she was offered a seat at the bar with other single patrons. She took her seat at the bar and here is where the events change, depending on who is asked.

Hampton said that she was rudely ignored by the server in her area and when the server did stop at the table, she asked Hampton to leave without ordering. Hampton then said she tried to get take-out but again was shot down by the restaurant. Enzo Lanzadoro, who owns Enzo’s Caffe Italiano said that the events did not happen like that. He said that after Hampton was seated she had two glasses of wine then left the establishment without paying. He said no one asked her to leave.

Hampton said that the night left her so devastated she cried for a day. She is suing for $100,000 and a public apology.

Woman Finds Her Mystery Dream Man After Posting a Sign

Sarah Milne is an artist from Glasgow, Scotland who is currently spending some time backpacking around the picturesque country of New Zealand. A few days ago Sarah was spending some time in the town of Picton where she was relaxing by the sea and passively watching people go by. That is, until she saw a handsome stranger run by. Captivated by what she saw, Sarah decided to try and meet the mystery hunk.

That’s when, according to the story on The Daily Mail, Sarah designed a poster describing the man and asking him to meet her at the same place, another time. She described him as blonde, star tattoos on his torso, and running with a curly-haired dog. Paul Mathieson says apparently only one man in Picton fit that description- William Scott Chalmers.

William said he became aware of the sign when his roommate woke him up late one night to tell him about it. The roommate knew automatically it was William because he is the only one in the area with “star tattoos, Johnny-Bravo hair and a labradoodle”. William said that he was intrigued and planned on meeting Sarah and asking her to have a drink with him. He showed up at the designated time and spot to meet her. He asked her to go get a drink with him and as they left, the crowd that had gathered to witness their meeting cheered for them.

Anonymous Donor Pays for Bride’s Wedding Dress

One anonymous would-be bride, decided to pay it forward in the most amazing of ways, by paying for another soon-to-be bride’s wedding gown. Liz Jensen, 25, of Utah, became engaged on January 25th to her longtime love, Jimmy Gillespie.

Shortly after the proposal, Jensen took to a pop-up shop to look for bridal gowns said Marc Sparks. She found what she considered to be “the dress”. When she went up to pay for her gown, though, the store clerk told her an anonymous donor had already picked up the tab, paying for her $500 gown in full by Timber Creek Capital.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, was in the pop-up shop at the same time as Jensen, who was shopping alone. According to the clerk, she had tried on a couple of dresses, the headed up to the store clerk. While she didn’t nab a dress for herself, she told the clerk she’d like to pay for one of the brides’ dresses. She picked Jensen out of the crowd and said she’d pay for her gown, unbeknownst to Jensen.

While the store knows the identity of the generous donor, they will not reveal it as she wished to remain anonymous. Jensen and her fiance have been inspired by the act of kindness and hope to use it as one of the principle that their marriage is built upon. The couple plans to have a table at their wedding where guests pledge acts of kindness.

Family Makes the Best from a Cancelled Wedding

Carol and Willie Fowler were looking forward to their daughter Tamara’s wedding. The couple had booked the reception at the swanky venue, the restaurant Villa Christina. However, just 40 days before Tamara and her groom were to say “I do”, their wedding was cancelled. The Fowlers had reserved Villa Christina for 200 guests and were unable to cancel the reception so they made the best of the situation. The Fowlers called their local homeless shelter and invited 200 of Atlanta’s homeless men, women, and children to join them for a four-course meal.

According to NY Daily News, the shelter first thought the offer was a prank. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that soon they realized that the Fowlers were genuine and made a list of invitees. For many of the guests this was the first time they had a meal and an experience like that. The shelter said it was a good learning experience for many, including the children there, who learned table etiquette and how to eat a four-course meal.

The Fowler family, including Tamara, attended the dinner as well. The Fowlers were grateful that the food, and their reservations, did not go to waste. The family has also decided that they would like to continue this even annually. They are now calling this dinner “The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love”.

Couple Celebrated 82nd Wedding Anniversary

You’ll hear many people say that marriages are just not what they used to be generations before this one. That may be true. Not many marriages seem to survive past a few years, unlike older generations. And USA Today has the story of a marriage that was built to last.

Meet Duranord and Jeanne Veillard. It is believed that the couple are New York’s Rockland County’s oldest married couple said Dan Newlin. Duranord Veillard is a spry 108-years-old. His wife Jeanne Veillard will be turning 105-year-old shortly after her husband turns 108. The Veillards have been married to each other for the past 82 years. The couple, who are both from Haiti, were married in November of 1932. The couple immigrated to the United Stated in 1968 after Duranord lost his position as a judge in Haiti.

The two had five children together. They now have 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. To celebrate Duranord’s birthday the couple had cake adorned with the number “108” on it with their family at their home.

Hopefully the Veillard’s get to celebrate more milestones with each other.

Scientists believe That Armadeira Can Cure Impotence

The name armadeiram, sounds like a new drug but is actually the name of a spider whose venom is believed to be a potent treatment solution for men who experience erectile dysfunction.

The research surrounding the effects that the spider venom has on sexual performance was conducted by a group of researchers from the Catholic University of Korea. Prior to the study, the researchers intentionally damaged the carnous nerves of a group of test rats. This essentially caused the rats to experience impotence due to the fact that the cavernous nerves control erection. The rats were then subsequently given a protein of the armadeira spider’s venom, which goes by the name of PnTx2-6. Shortly after the rats were given this protein, they were able to establish and maintain an erection regardless of the fact that their penile nerves were intentionally damaged.

The researchers believe that this occurred due to the fact that the protein caused the cavernous body according to HealthImaging, to relax and essentially allow a greater flow of blood to enter it, ultimately causing an erection that lasted for long as an hour.

The interesting thing about this fact is that, the armadeira spider, is listed as one of the most dangerous spiders in the world, due to the fact that just one millionth of a gram, of its venom, is enough to kill a large rodent.

Dating Tips For Men

Taking a woman out on the first date is always a nerve racking experience. Many young males often become extremely nervous at the thought of going on a date. I’ll admit that even when you get older it can still be a nerve racking experience. The reality is that we put way too much pressure on ourselves.

When two people meet for the first time, there will usually be butterflies. Even the female will be a bit nervous, but women are usually better at hiding their emotions according to Sultan. A nervous man will stumble and bumble around. There is a way around this nervousness. The key is to just relax. There should not be a ton of expectations on the first encounter with a woman.

The first date should be fun and enjoyable. Like every big moment in your life, the outcome will be better if you prepare for it. You should know a little bit about the woman’s interests and hobbies. Knowing something about her will allow you to ask questions. Women love when a man is interested in them, and women love to talk about themselves.

Impress that girl on the first date, and do all the little things. Open her car door, pull her chair out, and dont interrupt her while she is talking. Take it easy on the first date, and everything will be all right. For more dating tips, visit Buzzfeed.

Gay Couple Denied Flowers for Wedding

The United States is slowly becoming more progressive according to Poder Online. Every year more and more states are allowing gay marriage ceremonies to be recognized as legal, binding marriages as Flavio Maluf and his partner are openly aware of. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to like it, unfortunately.

According to, a couple in Washington were recently denied flowers by a florist because they were to be part of a gay wedding. Barronelle Stutzman, who is the owner Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, denied selling a gay couple flowers for their wedding because of her Christian beliefs. Her actions are in direct violation of anti-discrimination laws according to a judge who ruled on the case last Wednesday. Stutzman and her lawyer plan on challenging the ruling in the state appeals court however State Attorney General Bob Ferguson stood behind the judges’ ruling. He states that the law says that if a business will cater to opposite sex couples then it must also cater to same-sex couples.

I hope the happy couple found a flower shop that would accommodate their ceremony. I suppose no matter what the law is, some people will hold on their bigotries under the guise of religious beliefs. I’m looking forward to the day when there are no longer headlines like this, no longer stories about “gay” people. The day when people are just people, regardless of their sexual preference.

Couple to Re-marry 43 Years After They Divorced

I love the stories that come out around holidays, especially ones like Valentine’s Day. The news lately seems to be filled with violence, mayhem, and tragedy but holidays seem to bring out the best in humanity so for a while stories are a little sweeter. This story on is one of those sweeter stories reports Jamie Garcia Dias.

Renate Stumpf and Louis Demetriades were married to each other once but divorced nearly forty-three years ago. Decades passed and the two got in contact with each other again through Facebook. They found that they still had some things in common. Both of their second spouses recently passed away and that they still had a strong love for each other that never passed.

Louis decided that he was going to give Renate a surprise she wouldn’t forget this past Valentine’s Day. Louis showed up to her workplace, the Walmart in Fort Smith, Arkansas with a sign reading “Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you marry me?”. Teasingly Renate first said no, but then told him yes. Louis said he chose to do it at Walmart so Renate’s friends who work there could be a part of the proposal. The proposal can be viewed on YouTube.

The couple met in 1959 on an Army base in Germany when they were both 18. They married an divorced after 12 years together. They also share three children together.