Dining With Dogs: Beneful Lets the Pets Give the Reviews

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Pet food commercials commonly have genuine animal owners expressing the reasons why they choose to give their pet a specific type of food. Beneful has shaken up this routine a little by letting the dogs have a chance to share their own experience. Throughout the series of Beneful commercials, the dogs appear along with their human companions and they discuss in their doggy voices why Beneful is the choice for them.

The reasons vary because of course, each dog is an individual. Some admit they love the taste and others appreciate the weight control benefits and the shiny coat it gives them because they love the attention they get when walking down the road. Others confess that the highly nutritional formulas of dry dog food are the secret to their strength and wrestling ability.

Beneful’s advertisements include a dog lamenting his human’s choice of dinner,( “a cheese stick and a cracker?”)and a proud human admitting the food encourages her short-legged corgi to feel capable of catching a bird. The commercials express in a light-hearted manner, all the reasons why Beneful pet food is so important.

How UKV PLC is Becoming Well Known as Being a Reputable Vintner That Anyone Can Rely on To Provide Products That are Worth Their Investments

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UKV PLC is a great merchant of wine products that’s offering several benefits for all who decide to invest in what they have to offer. You may find that it’s a vintner that’s going to provide you with everything that you’ll be needing for having an opportunity of purchasing a top quality of wine.

Certain wines possess low production and a Chateau isn’t capable of producing more of previous vintages, therefore, when wines are consumed over certain periods of time, there is a depletion of global stocks; however, demand either remains constant or develops. The natural results are as stocks become scarcer, prices tend to increase to learn more: https://www.endole.co.uk/company/09508939/uk-vintners-of-london-plc click here.

The fine wine industry isn’t a regulated market. UK Vintner PLC is a wine merchant, not a financial institution. Therefore, they don’t provide any advice pertaining to financial matter, nor do they provide guarantees that may exist with potential increases in the value of wines. Wine is capable of either going down or up in value. There’s several things that have influences on such price movements. You are urged to read through different subjects in their full spectrum prior to making decisions about whether wine is going to be fitting to your requirements and objects.

When investing in a wine product, it’s highly likely you’re looking for one that’s going to provide you with both good tastes and good feelings, as in, something that can have you feeling relaxed upon drinking it. UK Vintner PLC is a merchant that takes extra steps towards assuring the products that they carry are of the highest values of champagne and qualities that people will be capable of investing in. Be sure to contact a representative who will be able to provide you with details that pertain to the products that may be available for you to invest in. It is certainly worth contacting them for.

E-governe Is Latin America’s Number-One E-Government Solution

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E-governe is the most recent incarnation of a system that has its roots in technology dating back to the 80s. E-governne’s primary focus is in making the operation of government more efficient and effective, while eliminating the possibility of corruption and theft.



E-governe has puts world-class expertise into government’s hands, with one click


The benefits of e-government software solutions and apps almost cannot be overstated. E-governance can bring best practices and proven methods of accounting, data collection and other crucial governmental tasks into the hands of administrators. These systems can turn almost any government employee into a powerhouse of productivity, guiding them in their work effectively and efficiently.


The e-governe system is a fully-featured software solution that has turn-key capabilities right out of the box. It can allow for the full implementation of systems in the areas of local healthcare, tax collection, vehicle registration, criminal justice, markets and many other areas crucial to the functioning of local governments. It also has solutions for larger governmental applications at the state and even country-wide level.


One of the largest problems that governments throughout Latin America have traditionally faced is the lack of transparency and inefficiency of processes. E-governe can change all of that in a single day. The systems that e-governe have implemented are proven and effective, having been modeled after some of the most efficient governments in the developed world. But e-governe’s solutions are not rigid, either. They allow for a high degree of customizability to ensure that they can meet the local, idiosyncratic needs of whatever government body is seeking their use.


All throughout Brazil and other South American countries, e-governe has enabled local governments, who were struggling to implement effective protocols that would allow them to stay competitive as municipalities in the 21st century, to streamline their processes and save the taxpayers millions. Development always starts with good governance. And e-governe can give struggling municipalities the leg up that they need, in order to get on the fast track to first-world modernity.


But e-governe also has out-of-the-box solutions for many other areas of governance. One of these is healthcare. This extremely complex field is among the most challenging for local municipalities to successfully integrate into their governing protocols. Between insurance claims, billing and scheduling patients, a healthcare system as complex as that of Brazil requires powerful software solutions to be effectively implemented. E-governe is such as solution. It enables the seamless integration of municipal governments to the national healthcare system, allowing tasks that would otherwise consume significant portions of the local budget to become nearly 100 percent automated.


Another area in which e-governe provides world-class software solutions is the field of education. This is another source of bureaucratic bloat that can easily consume large portions of a municipality’s budget. With e-governe, operating a local educational system is as simple as installing e-governe and filling in the necessary information.


E-governe can also help with training key employees in the use of the system, making the transition to all-electronic governance a seamless and efficient process.

Kim Dao Discusses the Top 10 Japanese Hair Prodcuts

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Kim Dao starts off by saying that she has researched all of these products and that they will work differently for everyone and her hair is quite damaged from all the bleaching she has done. The first product Kim mentions is Kao Essential Rich Damage Care Treatment, a 20-second treatment that can be used every day and is more like a conditioner than a treatment. The claim is that it will make your hair smooth and more manageable and works well for those with colored hair, bleached hair, or damaged from heat products. Kim has been using it every day for the past few years. The second product is Shiseido Ma Cherie Perfect Shower which she uses to fix bedhead in the morning because she showers at night or on days she doesn’t wash her hair. Kim’s third product is Kao Merit Shampoo, a best seller foaming shampoo in Japan that washes out quickly and helps moisturize your hair. Fourth is Venus Spa Hair Fragrance which has ingredients to help repair damaged hair, Kim mentions that hair fragrances are really popular in Japan (https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/). Tsubaki Shisei Extra Moist Shampoo is the next product Kim mentions. Tsubaki means camellia flower and is used in many hair products in Japan. Tsubaki Shisei Damage Care Treatment is the sixth product and is meant for people with damaged or coarse hair and helps with dryness and split ends, Kim uses this once a week. Her seventh product is Kao Keep Super Hard Hair Spray that is designed to help maintain your hair and give it a soft and bouncy look. Kracie Ichikami hair styling water, Kim uses it as a heat protection when she curls her hair. Next is Oshimatsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil, the number one item in Japan, that can be used in hair, to remove makeup and on your body. Kim uses it to help her hair feel smooth. The last item is the Lumielina Hair Beauron Curling Iron which is the best one Kim has ever used.

Learn more here: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/

Beneful and WalMart are a Great Combination

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Beneful dog food is one of the top brands on the market and for good reason. They combine high-quality ingredients, an appetizing look, and a variety of textures to satisfy every dog’s hunger.

Walmart carries the Beneful Originals With Real Salmon Dry Dog food, and it’s not only a hit with dogs, it also reaches a new level of nutrition. The Omega fatty acids help dogs maintain healthy skin and fur. Healthy fats are also beneficial for eye health as well. The blend includes whole grains, vegetable accents, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals to help dogs achieve their peak health.

Walmart has a full line of Beneful products at very competitive prices. Most 15.5 pound bags of dry dog food are $13.98, which equates to 90.2 cents per pound. A 40-pound bag of dry is $33.98 and brings the per pound cost down to 85 cents. The wet dog food comes in a 27 pack of three-ounce cans and is available for $14.98. These can be a main meal or mixed in with the dry dog food.

Walmart does offer printable coupons for Beneful dog food. When combined with Walmart’s already low prices, customers can get a high-quality dog good at a bargain price. It’s hard to beat the value and quality of BenefulWalmart.

About Beneful dog food: www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/real-beef-incredibites-for-small-dogs/

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launch A New Platform

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, better known as CTCA, has just teamed up with Allscripts and Nanthealth to bring a new digital interface to make everything easier for everyone. The clinical workflows of Allscripts’ electric host records go through Nantheahlth’s clinical support decision of Enviti. This allows physicians to work more fluidly without interruptions, meaning faster procedures and more chances to save more lives. With the growing cancer research knowledge of over one hundred oncologists, the NantOS is an interface that is making its way all across the nation. It shows doctors a map of what treatments are recommended, the market delivery cost, and more. This let’s them go through everything in detail with their patients and have them choose the procedure that they like most.

Cancer Treament Centers Of America was founded in 1988 and has centered themselves to catering their cancer patients needs. Not only do they personalize every treatment for each individual but they go the extra length and do supportive therapy to treat cancer side effects. Their Oncologists have specialty skills in different areas of profession and use CTCA’s modern era equipment to ensure patients are satisfied.

Every CTCA client is assigned their own medical care team which is split into two teams. Doing this allows the doctors to share information more easily and a chance to personalize the treatment more. Using gene-mapping technology, they take a look at the cancer cells on a molecular level. This is called Genomic testing and shows both the oncologists and patients how the cancer is growing and where it could spread to next.

How Does Chris Burch Manage His Empire?

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Chris Burch is the leader of Burch Creative Capital, and he has invested in many different companies around the world that are benefiting from his vision. He has started a resort in Indonesia, and he runs Tory Burch.  For additional reading about this topic, click bjtonline.com  This article explains how Chris makes his businesses hum, and it shows that he has plans for the future that are better for all his employees and customers. Someone who interacts with a Burch property will be impressed with their experience.  Check also burchcreativecapital.com for more reading.

#1: The Nihiwatu Resort

The resort at Nihiwatu is a place where Chris has put in quite a lot of money, and he wanted to diversify what he does with his companies. The resort is one of the finest in the world, and it is a large part of his new portfolio. He wishes to move into property management, and he will offer a number of options for those who wish to escape from reality for a time.

#2: Growing Ideas

The ideas that are grown through Chris’ companies are made because he allows his customers room to be themselves. He knows that there are many good ideas that may be created through his companies, and he hopes to offer something to his customers that is better than what they started with. He works with his employees to think in the mold of a customer, and they often make better decisions when working together.

#3: Prepare For The Atypical Day

Chris never has a typical day, and he encourages all people in business to be prepared for each day to change. Someone who is looking at ways to manage their business in a better way will follow Chris because he is a fine manage, and he will show them how simple it is to streamline what they fo.

#4: Do Not Have Regrets

Chris does not have an regrets, and he wants to help people understand that they must take life as it comes. He would not go back to change anything, and he will find that there are many ways to change a life even after a choice has been made.  For an update on Burch timeline activities, hit crunchbase.com.

Chris Burch is the perfect model for someone who has grown in the business world over time. He leads Tory Burch and a number of other properties that are perfect for the public. Everyone who is learning to manage a company must facilitate ideas, invest well and never look back.  Check this article for a related topic.

Interesting article on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/chris-burch/

Igor Cornelsen Is One Of Brazil’s Most Acclaimed Investors

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Whether the stock market is in a bear or bull market, there are always opportunities to invest if you do it the right way. While certain times can be tricky, having advice from the top experts can help you go in the right direction. Igor Cornelsen has seen a lot of different markets in his time and he’s an investment expert that many media outlets trust for advice on stocks and mutual funds. Cornelsen used to serve primarily the top wealthy clients in Brazil’s big banks, but now he’s giving advice regular main street investors and is a part-time consultant for Bainbridge Capital.


Cornelsen says the way investing should be done is by planning to invest over a longer period of time rather than trying to go for the big quick investment. Investing is not gambling according to Cornelsen, but unfortunately too many people from regular investors to hedge fund managers treat it as such and end up on the short end of the stick. The best way to make long-term investing work that Cornelsen advocates is to build up small funds of several investments and invest in safe vehicles as opposed to high-risk funds. You always should have funds that can offset losses with gains whether large or small.


Igor Cornelsen received his formal education in Brazil and worked with three of the nation’s biggest banks in foreign exchange investments, institutional investing and alternative funds. He also was an advisor to the Ministry of Economics while still working in investment banking. Even though he’s retired from the corporate world in Brazil, Cornelsen still encourages investors to consider placing their money in Brazilian investment funds. This is because Brazil is rich in resources and has opportunities for everyone. What Cornelsen does urge investors to be aware of are tight regulations regarding foreign transactions and which banks they should bank with. He also encourages them to make some friends among the locals who can point them to the right banks. Cornelsen also tells people to pay attention to Brazil’s export competitors such as China and to see how the value of the real will play out.

Trendsetting of JHSF in Real Estate Development by José Auriemo Neto

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JHSF Participações S.A. is a Brazillian 42 year old company based in Cidade Jardim Corporate Center Avenida Magalhães de Castro, 4.800 São Paulo, Brazil. It specializes in the development of residential, commercial and recreational properties. This not the ordinary real estate corporation you know, it uses state of art architectural designs and models to bring forth top notch and monumental buildings and structures.

The company has identified new market opportunities in real estate and is exploring them exhaustively. It focuses on developing high end shopping malls, airport, luxury retail brands and hotels such as the prestigious Fasano Hotel & Restaurants. These properties are in high demand that comes with high income. This public limited company has a share holding of over 118 million and a workforce of approximately 5,000 employees. JHSF has operations in Punta del Este, Uruguay, New York & Miami, USA, and São Paulo, Salvador, Manaus. The leadership of José Auriemo Neto as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, the company has grown and successful completed projects.

The credit for innovative and creative design in the Sao Paul goes to JHSF. The beautiful Fasano rio de janeiro, the outstanding Catarina fashion outlet, fully equipped Fasano Hotels & Restaurant, the prestigious Cidade jardim shopping mall, the executive Sao Paulo airport, Condominum Park City Garden and the awesome landscape and sightseeing locations. These form some of the JHSF major achievements. A look at the projects makes you understand why JHSF is taking over the Real Estate Sector.

About José Auriemo Neto

He took over the leadership of JHSF from his dad Fabio Auriemo and Jose Roberto Auriemo, his uncle who were the founders. At only 27 years he rose to be the CEO of the group in 1974. Initially he was managing the construction and incorporation services which were to core functions. The company has diversified ever since then. Jose through JHSF acquires the stake from the Fasano group of hotels and assumed control, leadership and ownership. He also launched a public offering for the company’s share and has been trading in the Novo Mercado of BMF & Boneva. He is a force to reckon in Property development.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Integrates with Clinical Pathways for Improved Patient Care

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has announced a collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts to integrate with an electronic health workflow system called Clinical Pathways. The system integration will allow physicians to quickly and accurately access a patient’s treatment options and eliminate guesswork by suggesting the latest medical advances through data compiled with oncology research centers nationwide.

Clinical Pathways can customize a treatment plan for each patient’s needs and easily show how distinct options compare to one another. Once a treatment plan is decided upon it is easily entered into the computer system, generating a workflow that is sent to all involved parties. This ease of communication will work to eliminate inefficiencies in care that can cause a delay in treatment. By sending treatment plans to insurance providers, approval can be received more quickly, allowing doctors to get to work faster.

Treatment plans are devised based on an evidence-based medical library free of outside influence as well as up to the moment statistics on how other individuals have responded to similar treatment. Armed with all the relevant information, a patient can look at the options and costs and decide what is best for them.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL and has a network of five hospitals in the United States dedicated to serving adult patients fighting cancer. Their hospitals have been the pioneer in cancer treatment through offering genomic testing, precision treatments, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Quality of life as well as managing side effects from treatment are at the top of the list of priorities for any patient receiving care. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is consistently rated an industry leading provider in the field of oncology and works diligently to keep all patients informed throughout all stages of their recovery.

Find more information on CTCA on YouTube.