Couple Gets Engaged At Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon was held yesterday, officially marking two years since the horrific bombing occurred. Luckily the event ended on a joyful note this year as runners from all over participated in the event in honor of many of the victims. There was also another delightful surprise for a couple who ran the race together that ended in a big smile and a shiny, diamond ring!

As the third race they completed together, Daniel Koh and Amy Sennett ran in honor of Martin W. Richard, an 8 year old boy who lost his life during the 2013 tragedy. Having met in Harvard Business School back in 2009, Koh and Sennett began running together as a fun hobby. However this run was unlike any other the couple took together as Boraie Development LLC noticed.

At the end of the finish line, Koh and 12 of his friends were waiting for Sennett to cross. Koh wrote a poem for Sennett which he meticulously placed on different signs for her to see. The poem reads, “Amy, you’ve changed my life. We’ve been through it all. From Boston – (Kaya!). To DC – (M Street!). To New York – (Cramped Studio!). To Philadelphia – (Talula’s Garden!)…and back. There’s a lot we have left to learn. But I know one thing for sure. I love you, and will love you, forever. You’re the answer to all my questions. But I have one left to ask…”

In case you are wondering, she said yes!

New York City Real Estate Is Very Luxurious

Many people from other states, have said that they would never move to New York City, because it’s too cramped, dirty, and there are very few places to live. Those who make comments like this, about New York City, have obviously never been there, and they’ve never worked with the right realtor, in order to find the place they really want to live in. Any place in the United States, can have cramped spaces, dirty streets, and unsightly living spaces. The fact is, New York City is a very desirable location, and many people know what the city has to offer.

Anyone looking to move to New York City, only has to find the right realtor, in order to help them find a new place. Whether a person is renting or buying a place, a realtor can help them find it, and they’ll be able to get luxurious accommodations as well. In New York City, luxury means exactly what it says, and you’ll be able to find a good-sized home, or even one that is very big in size. The places may have a concierge available, certain amenities, services for its residents, a swimming pool, a bar, and so much more.

Every location is different, and one location may offer certain amenities, which another location may not offer. If you find the right realtor, in order to steer you in the right direction, you can find some of the best pieces of real estate in New York City, and they’ll be no qualms about how the places look, because these are all places that people would die to have. Cramped spaces are existent in New York City, but those who work with Town Real Estate, will be able to find luxurious spaces, which are big in size, beautiful in looks and enviable.

TOWN Real Estate has been working with clients for years, in order to help them find the best in NYC apartments for sale. There are many exclusive listings that TOWN Real Estate has, which no other real estate company is able to get a hold of. TOWN Real Estate works directly with their clients, in order to help them find the most beautiful pieces of real estate, no matter what type of dwelling it may be. Although New York City is limited on space, you can still find your great place, by choosing Town Real Estate.

What A Difference Flowers Can Make

When someone is having a horrible day, it’s the little things that count like a hello to someone lonely. You never know what a small gesture can do for someone.

This story of a family who is having a bad day. A couple just wanting to get what they need and get out of the store without drawing attention. However it’s hard, not only when you have a toddler throwing an extravagant fit, but this family draws even more attention due to being white parents with brown children. As this mother was on the verge of a break down, just wanting to hide and wait for her husband, the last thing she wanted was to be stopped. But what happened next stopped her in her tracks, reminding her she makes a difference every day according to Flavio Maluf.

A young Trader Joe’s employee was following her out the door calling after her. Thinking she had dropped something the mother saw what the worker was holding, a bouquet of flowers. As the girl handed her the flowers she fought back the tears she was holding. The worker explained how she was adopted and how the world needed more people like this mother that had adopted these children.

Not only does the world need more families to adopt children, but it also needs more people like this unnamed Trader Joe’s employee to spread kindness in our darkest of moments.

Autistic Mother and Daughter Team Create a Dating Website to Cater to those on the Spectrum

A mother and daughter team, both on the autism spectrum have founded a dating website that attempts to meet the needs of adults on the autism spectrum. The dating site,, relies on a “Spectrum Compatibility Test” which was created specifically for the site, to match singles up based on their interests and their spectrum disorder.

The 184 question quiz helps to suss out whether two individuals on the spectrum are compatible based on their symptoms and where they fall in the spectrum. Similar in nature to the way eHarmony attempts to match people, the quiz only shows individuals matches who they believe will be a good fit for that individual person.

The test concludes with giving singles a color that corresponds to their answers on the quiz. Dan Newlin said that they are then shown matches who are the same color, and they can chat and message each other from there.

The idea came about when founders, Olivia Cantu and Kristin Fitzpatrick, realized that dating websites cater to those in the “normal” category. They note that there are few questions that allow people on the spectrum to express their specific needs, and thought a website dedicated to the needs of those on the spectrum who are interested in dating, would be a solid way to create supportive friend groups and romantic partnerships.

Online Dating Website for People With Autism

April 2nd was deemed National Autism Awareness day throughout the United States. Supporters of the movement were asked to wear blue to support the cause and make others aware of the challenging disease. People diagnosed with autism often have a difficult time socializing with others, which makes dating more complicated than it already is.

A mother and daughter have recognized the challenges people with autism face on a daily basis. They also recognized how difficult it can be trying to date, so they have teamed up to create an online dating site for people who fall amongst the autism Spectrum.
Olivia Cantu, an 18 year old girl diagnosed with autism was tired of constantly being misunderstood by her friends. She was looking for a place where she would be easily accepted by others and where others could understand some of the struggles she faced while living with the illness.
Cantu did her homework when it came to online communities tailored towards autistic people. She was gravely disappointed in her experience and felt as if the communities portrayed autism in a negative light. Searching for something more meaningful, Cantu teamed up with her mother, Kristen Fitzpatrick who also falls within the autism spectrum to create Spectrum Singles, an online dating website explicitly for people with autism.
Both Cantu and Fitzpatrick decided to create the website so they could facilitate in bringing others with shared qualities together. This is more than just a dating website but a place where these individuals can go to make friends. Marc Sparks thinks it will work just fine. Cantu and Fitzpatrick are pleased with the launch of their site and are happy this provides an all-inclusive and safe space for people amongst the spectrum.

A Perfect Birth Control For Men?

If you don’t live under a rock, you may have noticed that there haven’t been any reliable birth control methods for men. Contraception has traditionally been left to the women, with most men deciding to be ignorant on the whole subject. Susan McGalla says the most common forms of contraception for men have been vasectomy and the use of condoms. Is there really a reliable form of birth control for men? Well science may just have found one after all.

The method is referred to as Vasalgel. It involves a fifteen minute process in which the sperm duct is injected with a synthetic gel that is said to act like a filter, preventing sperms from passing through. This simple procedure will give you and your loved one up to ten years of having sex without the constant worry of getting pregnant. How awesome is that?

As opposed to vasectomy, which most men have come to detest, is absolutely 100% reversible. What it takes is another injection of sodium bi carbonate, commonly referred to as baking soda, which dissolves the liquid and gives you the chance of making babies once again. This can be done at any time between the 10 years.

Will Vasalgel become a popular form of birth control? It remains to be seen as the process is proving to be difficult with problems of approval and finance. All you can do is sit and wait.

The Most Uplifting Sales Ad Ever: “Selling Unconditional Love for $0″

Craigslist has, in recent years, been a sales website that has become synonymous with crime. Zeca Oliveira proposes: How about this uplifting Craigslist ad? “Hello, I am selling unconditional love for $0.”

Say what?

In a sales spiel that could melt the heart of the polar ice caps, the Vancouver man who claims to be a cancer patient, attempts to give something for nothing.

“Infinite square feet,” the ad read. “Sunshine, refreshing air, mountains, the ocean. I received the gift of life from my parents long ago. The Earth, fresh air, sunshine and mountains. I was given it all without being asked for anything in return.”

The ad continues on to count the endless beauty and love in the world, often overlooked by the busy and those in despair.

“I don’t accept checks,” the ad went on to say. “I only accept cash payments of $0 and you are welcome to resell.”

The author of the post then instructed interested parties to reply. He began keeping track of the ad’s effects as part of the advertisement itself. The brilliant and uplifting advert soon went viral.

Craigslist has seen its share of bizarre sales items, but to offer hope and unconditional love is, as the seller states, “priceless.”

Woman Suing Restaurant for Ruining her Valentine’s Day

This is a pretty bizarre story off of today. A woman in Portland, Oregon is attempting to sue the restaurant Enzo’s Caffe Italiano for ruining her Valentine’s Day evening.

Kathleen Hampton had dinner reservations for two at Enzo’s last Valentine’s Day however she arrived at the designated time alone. According to Hampton, her husband had a large lunch and was too full for dinner. Flavio Maluf says the policy at Enzo’s is that the reservation is not seated until the whole party arrives. Hampton was missing half her party plus it was one of the busiest nights in the year for restaurants, she was offered a seat at the bar with other single patrons. She took her seat at the bar and here is where the events change, depending on who is asked.

Hampton said that she was rudely ignored by the server in her area and when the server did stop at the table, she asked Hampton to leave without ordering. Hampton then said she tried to get take-out but again was shot down by the restaurant. Enzo Lanzadoro, who owns Enzo’s Caffe Italiano said that the events did not happen like that. He said that after Hampton was seated she had two glasses of wine then left the establishment without paying. He said no one asked her to leave.

Hampton said that the night left her so devastated she cried for a day. She is suing for $100,000 and a public apology.

Woman Finds Her Mystery Dream Man After Posting a Sign

Sarah Milne is an artist from Glasgow, Scotland who is currently spending some time backpacking around the picturesque country of New Zealand. A few days ago Sarah was spending some time in the town of Picton where she was relaxing by the sea and passively watching people go by. That is, until she saw a handsome stranger run by. Captivated by what she saw, Sarah decided to try and meet the mystery hunk.

That’s when, according to the story on The Daily Mail, Sarah designed a poster describing the man and asking him to meet her at the same place, another time. She described him as blonde, star tattoos on his torso, and running with a curly-haired dog. Paul Mathieson says apparently only one man in Picton fit that description- William Scott Chalmers.

William said he became aware of the sign when his roommate woke him up late one night to tell him about it. The roommate knew automatically it was William because he is the only one in the area with “star tattoos, Johnny-Bravo hair and a labradoodle”. William said that he was intrigued and planned on meeting Sarah and asking her to have a drink with him. He showed up at the designated time and spot to meet her. He asked her to go get a drink with him and as they left, the crowd that had gathered to witness their meeting cheered for them.

Anonymous Donor Pays for Bride’s Wedding Dress

One anonymous would-be bride, decided to pay it forward in the most amazing of ways, by paying for another soon-to-be bride’s wedding gown. Liz Jensen, 25, of Utah, became engaged on January 25th to her longtime love, Jimmy Gillespie.

Shortly after the proposal, Jensen took to a pop-up shop to look for bridal gowns said Marc Sparks. She found what she considered to be “the dress”. When she went up to pay for her gown, though, the store clerk told her an anonymous donor had already picked up the tab, paying for her $500 gown in full by Timber Creek Capital.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, was in the pop-up shop at the same time as Jensen, who was shopping alone. According to the clerk, she had tried on a couple of dresses, the headed up to the store clerk. While she didn’t nab a dress for herself, she told the clerk she’d like to pay for one of the brides’ dresses. She picked Jensen out of the crowd and said she’d pay for her gown, unbeknownst to Jensen.

While the store knows the identity of the generous donor, they will not reveal it as she wished to remain anonymous. Jensen and her fiance have been inspired by the act of kindness and hope to use it as one of the principle that their marriage is built upon. The couple plans to have a table at their wedding where guests pledge acts of kindness.