The Human Rights Foundation Attacks Lionel Messi

As one of the highest paid football players in the history of the sport, Lionel Messi has recently been condemned by the Human Rights Foundation. It was during a recent trip to Barcelona that he received much flack. On July 17th, 2015, Messi was in the town of Gabon to endorse Ali Bongo. He arrived for the preparations of the hosting event of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. He was seen all around town with Bongo and at many events. It appeared the two were on a social level, and he even went to the inauguration at a restaurant, which was owned by the dictator’s family. He received much flack for being in such a close relationship with this known dictator and wicked ruler.

The Human Rights Foundation, based in New York is meant to promote and protect human rights for the world. They put a statement on their website that said that Messi is supposed to be supporting children and their rights. He also serves as an ambassador for UNICEF. By traveling to this third world country and endorsing a regime that has absolutely refused to do any investigation into the children of Gabon and their ritual murders, it shows that his charitable is laughable.

The Bongo family has had complete control over the Gabonese people and their economics since 1967. Bongo took over from his father in 2009, but he spent 40 years in power before that. The trip was supposed to be a PR campaign to promote the Africa Cup of Nations. Gabon will host this enormous event. Many people are outraged that the Bongo family and their track record for embezzlement from the country leaves many of the population in this area less than two dollars a day to live on.

Surprisingly, the Bongos treat the national treasury as their own private bank. They have been known to take as much as twenty-five percent of the nation’s funds for their own personal use. They have long been known as one of the most corrupt regimes in the world. Messi put his career on the line by teaming up with a dictator that has complete control over his people in the evilest ways.

Messi put his future in the hands of a man who is a human rights abuser, yet he has made a stand for human rights by being involved in UNICEF. Many see this as a bold move for a double-minded man. Partying with oppressors does not release the statement of solidarity and the fact that innocent children are being murdered, and no one is doing anything about it is horrifying. This was a move that may have cost him his entire career. People certainly won’t see or trust him in the same manner that they did before.

Doe Deere changes the way we see cosmetics

The cosmetics industry rakes in billions of dollars each year from around the world, but many people do not feel the choices they have makeup reflects their own personality at any given moment of their life. This is where Doe Deere and her increasingly popular Lime Crime brand come in with makeup options that offer bold colors and the chance to express a unique personality through cosmetics. Deere has seen her own small Internet based sales company grow to become one of the fastest growing and best loved companies in the US and around the world over recent years.

The journey to the top of the cosmetics industry was not a simple one for Doe Deere who is not from a background traditionally associated with fashion industry success. Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York to study design in one of the world’s fashion capitals, which is where the Lime Crime story begins. The cosmetics company CEO launched her own fashion range in the early 21st century and decided to market her line over the Internet as unique pieces. Later Deere found herself drawn increasingly to the world of cosmetics and makeup as she found this the best way to express her own personality and unique fashion sense.

Doe Deere now spends the majority of her time working on new products in the lab Lime Crime has created with a qualified chemist to assist her in creating the most stunning cosmetics products available. The founder of Lime Crime admits her time is now limited to take care of all the business opportunities she is exploring, but does not cut back on the time she spends creating new products. Making sure that the cosmetics range Deere has created remains ethically produced is one of the major aspects of the company, which sees all Lime crime products tested without cruelty to animals.

The Lime Crime range of products created by Doe Deere is constantly evolving and has initially made a splash because of the bold color use and the marketing campaigns controlled closely by Deere herself. In the future Deere has expressed her wish for the company to continue its evolution with the introduction of more traditional products to the line. The bold use of color will remain, but Doe Deere wishes those who follow the self proclaimed Queen of the Unicorns to have the option of wearing Lime Crime cosmetics at all times. This should mean a more subtle range of cosmetics is introduced for those times when a Lime Crime follower needs to tone down their color approach a little.

FreedomPop’s Strategy In Creating Affordable Internet Services

In the world of wireless and mobile services, FreedomPop has created a name for itself. The company focuses on services encompassing provision of data voice and text messaging service. The company has been improving and expanding its market niche and this can be owed to the rising demand for wireless and mobile phone serves. Founded by two partners namely Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, the company financial records shows that it has raised more than $50 million in financial since its inception. Clearly, one can tell that the company is doing quite well based on its financial muscles. It is no wonder the CEO has been adamant that the company intends to expand to other significant global markets.

In 2011, one of the founders Stokols, who was the immediate former CEO of a media company came up with a start-up plan to create an internet data services company. After consulting his partner, they together created FreedomPop and in the same year they also partnered with Lightsquared. Nonetheless, this partnership did not last for long because the latter lacked the required legal authorization to create its own network. FreedomPop rides on Sprint’s network. While beginning their operations, FreedomPop supported and promoted sprint’s compatible iPhones.

The company is very well grounded financially and this is why it declined the recent proposed sell off. According to the CEO, the future of the company and its likelihood to grow into a competitive global internet service provider are very high. The company was rumored to be on sale but the CEO has set the records straight on many occasions whenever a chance to do so present itself. FreedomPop’s future looks very promising if it recent expansion strategies are anything to go by. In a resilience voice to ascertain its position in the market, the company has categorically expressed its intentions to explore the European market.

One of the greatest advantages that propel FreedomPop and it services to great ratings is the cost. They offered very affordable services without compromising the quality and this has led to the getting very loyal customers. Their paid data plans come with an unlimited talk and text option and the call quality is very good. This give its clients the option and ability to make calls and text messages over Wi-Fi. This is not only a cheaper way of communication but also a very reliable and convenient means of transmission.

What is Investment Banking?

An investment bank is not really a bank at all, at least not in the sense of one that takes deposits and you write checks from. An investment bank’s purpose is to provide capital to companies so that they can grow. Capital is the money that fuels expansion. This growth can be in the form of merging with other companies, acquiring them outright, building new plants, buying new equipment. This capital can come from a variety of sources including issuing new stock, borrowing money by issuing bonds, or a combination of these. Sometimes the bankers will come up with new and novel ways to finance a transaction.

Investment bankers work all sides of the market. They seek out new companies to invest in that they think can grow and be profitable, they look for possible targets for acquisitions or mergers, and they seek individuals and companies with money to invest. While doing all of this, they also manage risks their clients as subject to, analyze companies and industries, and advise their clients on other ways a company can raise capital.

One of the newer ways investment bankers have sought to provide capital for companies is a Collateralized Loan Obligation (COL). The concept has been pioneered by James Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. COL’s are essentially bonds issued by several different companies and pooled together to offer the investor a regular debt repayment and interest. The pool is adjusted to reflect and manage various levels of risks. Risk, in this case, being the default by the bond issuer by not paying their note.

Dondero is a classic example of an investment banker. He graduated with honors from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with degrees in accounting and finance. After university, Dondero worked for Morgan Guaranty as an analyst in that company’s training program. He was then hired by American Express as a corporate bond analyst and was promoted to Portfolio Manager. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital, he worked for GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life and managed a portfolio of over $2 billion in assets. Dondero also holds a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certifications.

In addition to the CLO’s, Highland Capital also offers its clients a variety of other investment vehicles such as EFT’s, REIT’s, mutual funds, and access to both private equity and hedge funds. All of these are fairly typical of the types of investments investment banks offer. However, some firms tend to specialize in certain investments types, or in particular industries, in a certain size of companies, or in certain activities like mergers and acquisitions.

Investment banks are often split into two separate parts, a public, and a private side. The public side deals with information that is generally readily available to anyone. The private side deals with information that is not public such as merger targets, and acquisition negotiations. This separation is important to maintain investor and client trust, and satisfy some possible contractual and legal requirements.

S’well Product Claims Stand The Test


I came across an interesting local news article. It appeared that KWCH12 Eyewitness News was doing a product review for something called the S’well water bottle that had quite a few product claims. They found a local runner named Lisa Rose to do a test on the product. 

The news station informed Lisa that the S’well bottle was claiming to hold cold drinks for 24 hours, and they claimed that the cold drinks would still be cool for a full day. Next, Lisa was told that the bottle maker claimed to be able to hold warm drinks, and the warm drinks would stay warm for up to 12 hours. Lisa made it clear to the news that seeing is believing, and she was skeptical. 

The claim regarding the S’well bottle’s ability to keep things cold was put to the test first against regular plastic bottle. Lisa filled the S’well bottle and the plastic bottle with ice water, temps were taken of both and both of the bottles were kept unrefrigerated. The initial temps were 40 degrees for the S’well and 48 degrees for the plastic bottle. After a full 24 hours, the news team met back up with Lisa, and the plastic bottle was 84 degrees, but the S’well remained cool at 65 degrees and received Lisa’s approval. 

The news team decided to test the heat claim themselves, and they filled the S’well bottle up with hot coffee that was over 168 degrees. They measured the temperature at 6 hours, and the coffee was over 142 degrees. The coffee was tested at the 12 hour mark and read a warm 126 degrees. The S’well works as advertised and can be ordered online starting at $25 dollars on up to $45 dollars depending on the size. The S’well bottle works well.

Shoes That You Can Be Proud Of

If you want to look good then there is one thing you should know. It’s almost a hidden secret that nobody ever really pays attention to or realizes. That is the fact that looking good starts at your feet! One of the first things that someone notices about you is in fact your feet. This is because usually a person is looking down or needs to size you up from the bottom to the top. I’m talking about people in general, potential mates, or maybe an all important interview. Therefore it’s always important to have your feet looking real good. One way to do that is with Italian Leather Shoes.

Italian Leather Shoes are stylish, they’re comfortable, they’re in season, and they really go with almost every outfit. It doesn’t hurt to ever have one, or several, on hand. They’re great for dressing up or really just adding a little pizzazz to a basic outfit. These shoes are handcrafted from Italy by people who not only know what they’re doing but they also really care about delivering one heck of a shoe. You can take solace in the fact that Italian Leather Shoes are created with care and that means that they are the highest quality. You don’t have to worry about Italian Leather Shoes falling apart on you like other shoes that are mass produced by technology.

Paul Evan’s is a great company when searching for premium Italian Leather Shoes. Paul Evan’s understands that a shoe is of the utmost important. Their product is handcrafted in Naples, Italy and then delivered right to you! It’s not mass produced in some factory like the rest of them. They create shoes that they are proud of and that you can be proud of. Their products are so stylish that it will be a hard time just picking out one pair of shoes! From brown to black to even blue, there’s a color for almost everyone. If you’re looking for a stylish shoe to have on hand for almost any outfit then these are for you. These shoes will set you apart from the crowd.

Overall, if you want to stand out from the crowd and have something on your feet that you can really be proud of then look to Italian Leather Shoes. Shoes are still a form of art and they should be displayed that way. You can take part in that by wearing ones crafted from real Italian Leather like the Paul Evan’s brand.

Product Recognition Software For The Virtual Mall, Or The Final Frontier

Product recognition software is another one of those sci-fi movie innovations that has quickly edged its way into the global marketplace. A few short years ago, people would watch a scene where a starship crew came across an unknown floating object in space. After a quick scan, the ship’s computer would reveal the size, composition, and possible origin of the object based on a sophisticated sensor configuration.

Viewers would dismiss this technological miracle as a facet of the story’s setting, but it is vital to the ship’s mission. Product recognition software has suddenly brought this analogy into reality for anyone using an App-friendly device.

Using patented technology, this software scan colours, dimensions, familiar words on labels, and shapes to identify objects. The user of the software takes a quick picture, and the analysis begins. The object in the picture is immediately paired with items existing everywhere on the Net. In moments, the software produces information about the feature like product description, consumer category, maker, distributor, price, availability, and product reviews. Like a star ship’s scanner, this software eliminates the guess factor in performing searches for items of interest.

Product recognition software developers are springing-up everywhere. Developers like Slyce, an innovative Canadian company, consider this product recognition software a gigantic step to moving Internet searches from the typed search to the visual search. Slyce is networked with top retailers and wholesalers to deliver the world of consumables to the App user with just a snapshot. The company’s software is so advanced it can match consumers with shopping outlets, trace Facebook and social media ad objects, and even recognize print materials from signs and billboards.

Product recognition software offered by companies like Slyce are mutually beneficial for both consumer and retailer. Each time it is used to identify a product, new branding power is bestowed on the sellers of that product. It’s a faster and more precise way of directing sales, tracking consumer demographics, and astronomically increasing ad exposure via the software user’s friend network.

To again use the above sci-fi scenario, product recognition software is a powerful and accurate look into the future of shopping. Essentially, it is the ability to find anything in “space” from a quick snap, scan, and search.

Jen and Ben Call it Quits

Last week there was an article about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck that mentioned divorce. There was a retraction – of sorts – about how this was just a misunderstanding. There were moving fans in front of the home, and this sparked rumors about divorce. Then articles surfaced that said that it was not a divorce, just a move. Now it has become official that the couple is no longer together.

It is a said story for a couple that has been together for a decade. They have kids together, and they just ended the marriage one day after the 10th anniversary. The thing that has made it even sadder is the fact that Jennifer Garner has a career that also seems to be going downhill. Ben is trying to promote a movie, but many people do not even want to see him as Batman.

Garner was a big deal on television many years ago with the “Alias” series, but most of her movies have been rather bland. There are no movie blockbusters in his catalog. She recently starred in a movie with Al Pacino, but she wasn’t the main character. Folha implied this hard road for her has just continued with a bad divorce.

Few people saw this coming. The couple seemed happy after so many years together, but they are actors after all. They know how to put on a good act for audiences.

Life Long Couple

Touching news happened this week in Connecticut where a couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. This might come as a surprise to headlines that are most often dominated by divorce stories. The couple started dating when they were eight years old and eventually married at the age of 21. Their final wish was granted to them on their passing, that they would die within a day of each other. Alexander Tockzo passed away first and then his wife, Jeannette, followed within 24 hours. This is truly a great love story. Lovers of love at Boraie Development note what at touching story of lifelong commitment and deep unity unto death. The Tockzo’s are a refreshing example to a culture with increasingly short and uncommitted relationships. Today, marriage is not as commonplace as it was when this couple wed. But, perhaps their example will cause some folks to consider doing things old-fashioned. Not too many stories are as beautiful than this one, a life long couple indeed.

For Better or for Worse

There have been countless studies that would suggest that marriage and holy matrimony can be good for the health of the couple. Researchers at the Basel, Nuremberg and Berlin have studied that marriage does not increase the health of many of a person’s health indicators. Married couples eat better than singles but that information does not mean much when findings show that married couples also weigh more and did less physical activity. More than 10,000 individuals participated in the study that took respondents from the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, and Austria. The study aimed to focus and compare the relationship status of an individual between their body mass indexes. Researchers were not sure where to place cohabiting couples when the study began but decided to group them with married couples. Much of the data that was collected with cohabiting couples mirrored the data collected from married couples exactly. Jim Dondero (insidermonkey) knows that the data was concluded as showing the men and women who were married have higher body mass indexes than those who are single. Even though the data was taken from 9 different European countries the chance that the numbers between the countries differed were incredibly miniscule. The World Health Organization plans on using these numbers to encourage married and cohabiting individuals to lead a more active lifestyle. Offering couple memberships at gyms and community centers will inspire couples to get healthy and stay healthy.