The Growth of the Reputation Management Industry

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As the internet has become more accessible to regions around the world, more and more individuals have access to not only goods and services, but also have access to information and to reviews and comments about these provided goods and services. As the internet has expanded, another industry has continued to grow at an exponential rate in order to help grow the small to medium-size businesses around the world world. This industry is the online reputation management industry that protects the reputations from negative comments or reviews that can often plague a growing business. The online reputation management industry has increased in demand over the past several decades and has become a necessity for not only businesses, but also individuals who are constantly in the eye of the public. Of the many online reputation management industries that have continued to expand, one company in particular has become the favorite among thousands of individuals and businesses all over the world. This company is known as Status Labs.

Status Labs not only offers excellent and creative solutions to promote a business reputation as well as the reputation of an individual, but also works hard to make sure that the customer service is of the best quality. With offices that are located in both North America as well as in South America, Status Labs is a company that is easily accessible and has already helped over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. The management team at Status Labs works hard to combine the media and human interaction to make the best possible solution.

The current leader of Status Labs is a man who is well known and well respected within the online marketing industry. This individual is Darius Fisher who has brought innovation to the marketing industry. In recent news, Darius Fisher has been recognized for his achievement by becoming the recipient of the Business Development Individual of the year award, an award that is only given to the most creative and innovative individual within the marketing industry. With this award, Darius Fisher hopes to expand the reputation of his marketing company around the world.

The Wessex Institute of Technology Leads Europe In Scientific Research

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Their Location

The Wessex Institute of Technology has headquartered themselves at the Ashurst Lodge in New Forest. This area used to be a hunting ground that only royalty could access. They now use the area for annual conferences.


Their Partners

The Wessex Institute has strong ties with many top universities in Western Europe. The Universita di Siena, Universidad de Granada, Universita di Milano and University of the West of England are amongst them.


Their Awards Ceremonies

They currently hold 2 annual awards ceremonies: the Prigogine Medal and the George Green Medal. Medals are given to researchers that have made remarkable discoveries to solve worldwide issues.


Their Conferences

The Wessex Institute of Technology has also been holding conferences that discuss many important worldwide issues. They hold at least 25 conferences per year in several locations around the world. The conferences primarily are about technology, the environment and energy conservation.  Visit

Just Who Is Eric Pulier & What’s His Game Plan

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The world is full of very talented individuals that span across a wide variety of fields. Unfortunately many of these brilliant individuals never really seem to get the notoriety that’s due and Eric Pulier is no exception. Eric Pulier is what is known as a “brilliant thinker” because he uses his creative mind to come up with solutions. He can literally take the smallest of ideas and turn them into a reality, especially when it comes to technology. This well respected individual has been given many titles thanks to his broad educational background. He’s known as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, guest speaker, and author.


Eric Pulier is the man with the plan and advanced technology is his very own weapon of choice. The guy has founded up to 15 companies by the names of U.S Interactive, FLY, XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, Akana Software, and many more. As a child, Pulier always seem to stand out. In just the fourth grade he had programmed his very first computer and by high school, young Pulier decided to start a computer database company. His college years were spent at the prestigious Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. Though having such a busy schedule, Pulier pushed through and worked at the schools publication department known as The Harvard Crimson. Here he was an editor and column writer and around this time he took classes over at MIT. That’s right! In 1988 he graduated magna cum laude and by 1991, Pulier would begin his professional career.


As of today Eric Pulier is a loving father of four and he resides in the Los Angeles Area. Pulier currently has a successful restaurant and a nightclub over in Santa Monica, CA. From his hard work and dedication, Pulier has built an empire as well as a very comfortable way of life.

WEN By Chaz’s Special Cleansing Conditioners Put The Wow Back Into Hair

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It’s a frustrating problem for many women of all ages. You shampoo and condition your hair several times a week. You go for frequent salon visits, and yet, your hair still poses challenges on a daily basis. Your mane should look better than it does, because you’re following the basic beauty rules. So, what’s going on?

The problem is simple, as one famous LA star stylist would tell you. You are not properly cleansing your locks, no matter how gigantic and frothy the shampoo lather is.

Chaz Dean( developed the WEN By Chaz hair care system, so women could have a healthy choice maintaining their look.

Most shampoos and conditioners out there come packed with sulfates like this nasty one, sodium lauryl sulfate. Sulfates are too strong for the human head of hair, and these chemicals eventually weaken strands and strip them of their precious, natural oils.

Chaz Dean would never include sulfates in any bottle that wears the name of his brand. In fact, he believes that women don’t need a lather shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair. His system relies on an holistic approach and back to nature’s healthy ingredients. Flower, fruit and herbal extracts come blended in his unique cleansing conditioner formulas.

Best of all, you only need one bottle to perform multi-action magic. Wen special five-in-one formula takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner. You don’t need the big lather, and you certainly don’t need the added chemicals.

WEN By Chaz has been designed to add shine, body, manageability and strength to hair of any texture and type. Maybe your locks are fragile due to constant flat-ironing, for example. WEN has a variety of cleansing conditioners that will re-build your strands.

WEN is a brand you can trust. Need Wen? Order online via or Amazon.


Incredible Accomplishments Of The OSI Group

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OSI Group is one of the main and biggest privately owned businesses in the world. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and Sherry Demeulenaere, CEO and CFO separately, OSI Group has made significant progress.

By and by, OSI Group has an excellent worker base of more than 20,000 individuals working the world over. Besides, it has an income worth of $1 billion and significantly has some expertise in food, beverages, and tobacco. OSI Group was set up in 1909 and has figured out how to keep up its principle workplaces in Aurora, Illinois. Aside from the corporate central command, it has a few plants in different parts of the United States and the globe. These areas incorporate Oakland in Lowe, West Jordan in Utah and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Securing of Baho Food

A couple of months prior, OSI Group obtained a Dutch firm known as Baho Food. At first, this organization concentrated on store meats, accommodation services, and shop meats. OSI Group procured Baho Food with an ultimate goal of expanding its business in Europe. To comprehend what the purchase means to OSI Group, you should first understand that the Dutch organization, Baho Food, has five useful auxiliaries in two nations. Besides, it used to work in Netherlands and Germany before the official procurement, and its five associates were Vital Convenience, Henri Van de Bilt, Bakx Foods Gelderland foods, Frischwaren and Q Smart Life.

Read more about OSI group: OSI Food Solutions UK Awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council

Regardless of the importance of the purchase, OSI Group anticipates working with the majority of the representatives from Baho Food with the intention of making the organization effective across the country and the world. The securing will empower it to keep up significant associations with customers everywhere throughout the world. The firm creates an extensive variety of items including vegetable items, bacon poultry, fish and meat patties. OSI Group is known as the biggest meat provider for most western food firms working mainly in China and Asia. A portion of the organizations that OSI Group supplies meat to include Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Subway among others.

Billy McFarland–CEO of Magnises–Has Built a Brand–Second-to–None:

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If anyone wishes to learn how to establish a brand: one enterprising CEO, Billy McFarland, could head him or her in the right direction. Billy McFarland had the right idea when he decided to create his cool, weighty black card, referred to as Magnises. It is the card that is the perfect social/dhttp://b) card and pay card for the professional Millennial. provides some info.


The card is easily linkable to the Millennial’s existing debit card or bank card. Persons like carrying the card; and using it to pay for purchases, since it provides outside parties with such a favorable impression. The thought crosses the mind of the observer: “This person possesses some influence.” Source of related topic


The second element is its characteristic of “social cool.” The card provides the Millennial with terrific discounts, to the trendiest locations in the city.


McFarland built rapports with hundreds of trendy vendors, and, as a result provides his Millennial niche with exclusive Magnises member packages so the member can experience captivating shows, terrific forms of dining and the best in nightclub entertainment, without a lofty price tag attached. In other words, members attain the lifestyle of the “Rich and Famous,” without the need to become “Rich and Famous.”


So what is the annual fee of this terrific, bold black card? That is reasonable too: $250.00. This fee is manageable: and the opportunity in making use of the Magnises card is so substantial that the investment is truly reasonable.  Click this related link.


The member receives discounting with regard to some of the following activities:


1) Exceptional pricing with seating relative to certain shows on Broadway;

2) Custom packages with regard to theme-based eateries and the best dining establishments in the city;

3) Custom discount packages to cool entertainment spots such as a 70ish styled dancing establishment where nightly, DJs spend some of the liveliest musical sets. This particular venue features a tremendous chandelier, in the middle, that continually changes color;

4) An amenity referred to as ClubPass–small monthly fee–that allows the Millennial to gain entry into the city’s coolest clubs–without a wait;

5) Cocktail parties from prime city locations–high above the metropolitan area–at sunset;

6) A home-base in way of a penthouse location, wherein, Magnises members mingle over their favorite libations;

8) A working space–ideally suited for the entrepreneur, that normally costs around $500 monthly–however, for the Magnises member, it is a mere $99.00 per month. (The preceding option is reason enough for many members to invest in the card–offered at a reasonable $250, annually.)

9) Private concerts and invitations to certain special shows–offered to Magnises members, only.

10) Entry to gallery exhibitions; access to some of the coolest and most regal rooftop gardens; and more.


The preceding is a small listing: however, the professional Millennial cannot deny discounts, for such preferred activities or offered as gratis, is certainly encouraging news. Billy McFarland, CEO of the Magnises Company, has definitely created a brand worth its weight.


Visit and check this.

Eric Pulier’s Success and Giving Back

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Eric Pulier is one of a kind. He has lived a life of great success with his business ventures as well as living a life based around altruism as a philanthropist.

From a young age it was clear to most everyone that Pulier would be a success. When he was just in the fourth grade he started programming computers, and by the time he was in high school he had already broken into the business world by starting a data base computer company. With such gleaming potential coming from Pulier when he was just a young man he was accepted into Harvard University. Clearly only the highest quality education would fit this entrepreneur.

After he finished his education he aspired to combine his business savvy mentality with his urge to make the world a better place. With this goal in mind he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to start his company, People Doing Things. The company used technology to work on issues such as health care, education, and other issues prevalent to the times.

Later on Pulier went on to co-found Service of ServiceMesh Inc, a could management program that provides It operating models for their clients. This and the many other business ventures that he created and worked with were all very successful.

Even with all his work in the field of business, he still wanted to give back. He went on to work with programs like Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with chronic illness. His desire to do good things led his on to being a notable character in history as a kind man with a good heart using his resources to make the world a better place.

Learn Why Thousands of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is an agency for search marketing with workplaces in the US, Central America and Denmark. The company is specialized in giving Bing Ads and AdWords services to small and mid-sized enterprises. The agency’s main focus is those areas where the clients earn cash. For every ecommerce client the company provides Product Listing Ads in the entire management plans including the whole Google Analytics execution and Conversion Tracking on the entire Shopify levels.

White Shark Media eludes the entire current online business Clients to the Shopify stage. The first client joined the agency in 2010 and is still there to the present time. The Media provides full administration of your AdWords battle from the underlying setup to constant enhancements to achieve the objectives set each month. White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the quickest developing computerized offices in North America. Their development is due to their reputation of engineering cost-efficiency search marketing efforts while giving a world-class customer experience. Presently the agency has assisted numerous businesses over North America develop by using their internet advertising strategies close by a suite of proprietary marketing apparatus.

White Shark Media is an idea driving organization, known to set great standards and create a way for the market through their marketing blog. Since 2014, the agency has been partnering with the Bing Ads Elite SM and Google AdWords. Not a long time ago, the company joined the list of the fastest growing companies in America and currently is preparing to build its 6,000 square meters state-of-the-art office to handle its growing market. White Shark Media has constantly followed the marketing endeavors of their customers in detail. Regardless of whether it is competitive intelligence, Google analytics integration, keyword call tracking or reporting software White Media Shark carries the burden of the client.


Find out more about White Shark Media: – reviews

Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory To Excel

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Many companies have used the Internet for a variety of reasons. The Internet is a hub of activity for millions of people on a daily basis. As a result, companies try to integrate the Internet into the company business operations. Companies can use the Internet for numerous reasons, one of the most popular reasons is to market to customers and potential customers. In a time when people have many different things to do and look at on a daily basis, companies are constantly trying to find ways to attract people.


The Internet has proven to be a very effective way of attracting people. Many companies utilize a significant portion of the annual marketing budget on the Internet. While the Internet is a good way of getting the attention of people, another reason why many companies use the Internet is to provide an environment where people can purchase products and services.


This type of use of the Internet by companies to market to people and provide a method to purchase goods is focused on the digital use of the Internet. As a platform, the Internet is at the center of the digital age. Many people use the Internet for a lot of reasons, the digital capabilities of the Internet is a powerful reason behind its use.


As the Internet has proven to be a great way of conducting business through marketing and completing transactions for purchases, digital entrepreneurs have become popular in recent years. Digital entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who want to start and operate digital companies. Their interest revolves around the digital aspects of the business world. There are distinct differences between digital companies and traditional companies. One of the most important things that any entrepreneur should understand are the differences.


Mike Baur is a businessman who understands the digital entrepreneur. Mike Baur is a partner in the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a company that helps digital entrepreneurs start and run successful digital companies. The company has helped many digital entrepreneurs learn what is needed to be a successful digital entrepreneur.


At the Swiss Startup Factory, the company provides intensive training, mentoring, and consulting that is aimed at helping digital entrepreneurs understand all aspects regarding digital business operations. Mike Baur is a central person in the various methods that are used by the Swiss Startup Factory to help digital entrepreneurs succeed.


Mike Baur has a broad business background that includes 20 years of experience in the private banking industry.

Waiakea Water Quickly Becomes One of the Best Bottled Waters in the World

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What makes good bottled water? Is it the water source or the packaging process? Or is it the overall health benefits consumers get from drinking the water? What if there was a bottled water brand that provided all of the above? Well, now there is. Waiakea Water is the fastest growing bottled water company in the world. The company was founded just five years, and yet, it has grown by 5000 percent.

Founder, Ryan Emmons, launched his company on a triple bottom line platform. He wanted to reinvent the bottled beverage industry and give bottled water a new look. His company focuses on health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives.

Ryan’s business strategy of evolving the beverage industry is one of the reasons that his company is the fastest growing beverage company in the world right now. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is now available in 2,000 stores in 30 states across America. The company just recently began seeing rising demand on an international level and has launched a manufacturing facility to meet that growing demand.

According to Gust, one of the other reasons Waiakea water is growing so quickly is its charitable partnership. Shortly after founded Waiakea, Ryan formed a partnership with Pump Aid, a foundation that provides clean water to underserved communities in Africa. For every liter of Waiakea bottled water sold, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water.

When Waiakea water was founded, it was only selling a few thousand cases a year. Now that it’s popular, it’s selling over 120,000 cases a year. That means Waiakea donates over 500 million liters of clean water every year. Ryan takes more pride in aiding the underserved communities than he takes in increasing profits.

The main reason Waiakea Water is so successful is how healthy it is. It’s one of the purest waters on the planet. Unlike most corporate bottled water companies, Waiakea’s water comes from Waiakea springs.

The water is a combination of snowmelt and rainfall that has been filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock before spurting out of springs all over the Big Island. The volcanic rock enriches the water with several nutritious minerals. The water is naturally enriched with alkaline and electrolytes. The water is then packaged in recycled bottles at the source, to ensure the water maintains its purity level.