Cleanse Better with WEN

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The benefits of cleansing conditioners are hard to ignore. Here are a couple that you read in list form:

1. They are easier and time-saving. Imagine only having to wash your hair one time with a product in the morning. This gives you a head start in traffic, no?

2. They are less expensive and therefore save you on your whole budget. You should love how you have an extra wad of cash at the end of the month, no?

And if you need a cleansing conditioner that you can rely on, try WEN. WEN is the best hair care line out there, and they make many different kinds of products for your hair. You’ll appreciate that you can also find their other products for sale at a retailer near you.

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If you don’t know where to find WEN products, look online, and then head to the first retailer you find that sells WEN products. If you need a reason to buy WEN cleansing conditioner, think about all the time and money you will save if you do so. You’ll love that you get a bargain and also get out the door in the morning in time to beat traffic. So, why wait?

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Experts Called to Support the Mathew Hurricane

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is one of the qualifying member companies for the activation to provide emergency power and assistance to support the victims of the Mathew Hurricane. For this reason, the company was selected to activate its regional offices in the regions IV and V under FEMA. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has numerous teams deployed to the initial base of support for IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Support Bases along the Fort Bragg, the East Coast, Florida, Orlando, North Carolina, and several other states that were affected by the Mathews Hurricane.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s response acted at the most opportune moment to provide emergency support services during the Katia, Sandy, and Katrina. There were also other devastating events that took place including the commodities, emergency power, communication systems, and the deployment of expert personnel. During the 2011 season for the Mathews Hurricane, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. deployed over 100 experts to support the United States mission on to help the affected individuals get a better place to stay. They activated their emergency generators to provide alternative power sources for the affected areas including New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

The contract, awarded to IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. by the United States Army Engineers of Corps (USACE) in 2013, intended to give the company the working locations under Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh District, and allow them to provide emergency power supply to support engineering services and public works requirements during these incidents of national attention.

Doug Kitani, the Chief Executive Officer and President of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., said that this day marks a starting point for the company’s long-term relationship with the united states defense Department, Government, and other state agencies in the country. IAP Worldwide Services has dedicated itself towards offering their support towards realizing a common goal to make the American people safe. The company will also continue to support the mobilization against the Mathew Hurricane. He also said that the firm is proud to work as a party member of the solution to help the communities in the affected regions. The company has its team ready, at any moment of notice, to help the government their endeavor to keep the community safe.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has its teams on located in their central office in Cape Canaveral. They have evacuated the region and joined others in support of the Mathew Hurricane. For over two days, the company has coordinated a combined effort in the response teams.

How to Condition Your Hair Using Wen by Chaz

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Having a great hair is an ultimate goal of almost every woman. A great hair needs to be conditioned properly to ensure it is moisturized and it doesn’t dry up fast. When it comes to hair conditioning, most people do it wrong. This is a big reason why they end up getting unexpected results. This article contains some tips to help you condition your hair effectively.

One of the mistakes people make while choosing a hair conditioner is not keeping in mind the type of their hair. Before buying a hair conditioner, you should always know the type of your hair. This helps one to determine what type of conditioner you need. People have different types of hairs, and each type requires a particular hair conditioner.

While applying the conditioner, you should avoid applying from the scalp first. The scalp is moister than the edges. Applying the conditioner from edges to the scalp is then recommended.

After applying hair conditioner on your hair, you should give it a couple of minutes before rinsing. For the conditioner to be effective, it needs time. If you rinse immediately, then it won’t be effective.

Wen is a hair cleansing conditioner made by Chaz Dean (see: Wen is a five-in-one product, it contains shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner and leaves in conditioner. By using the Sephora available product to cleanse your hair, you are assured that natural oils found in hair won’t be stripped.

Chan Dean is the brain behind this amazing hair product known as Wen . Since Wen was released to the markets, it has received loads of positive reviews and even celebrities are using the product. Wen helps to cleanse and ensure that your hair is moisturized all day. Chaz has also made a list of quality hair products meet demands of his customers.

Visit WEN Hair’s Twitter account to know the brand better.

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Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

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Equities First Holdings, LLC is a financial institution specialized in lending to offer financial solutions to global financial services companies, businesses, and the high-net-worth individuals who need the non-purpose capital urgently. The company’s headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Equities First Holdings, LLC has regional offices in over nine countries including Sydney, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, and Bangkok. The company specializes in the allocation of capital, alternative financial solutions, and financial services provision. Since its incorporation in 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC has completed over 2,000 transactions which amount to $1.9 billion. The President and Founder of Equities First Holdings, LLC, Al Christy, is the manager of all the 50 employees of the company.

For most borrowers, Equities First Holdings, LLC is turning out to be the best option for those who need necessary working capital to carry out their daily business. For those that are non-qualified for the margin or credit-based loans, this is the best alternative financial solution for you. In this era were financial institutions and banks have tightened their lending qualification criteria and raised interests, the equities are the next best alternatives for the stock0based loans. This new era of economic down-time has seen any financial institutions minimize the lending options to most borrowers. For this reason, they increase their loan-to-value ratio and provide a fixed interest. When the stock value goes down, the equities stock-based loans ensure that all borrowers enjoy their loans without many restrictions.

There are many differences between the margin loans and the stock-based loans. In the margin loans, there are imposed restrictions on the borrowed money. You are required to state the use of the capital. For this reason, they have a loan-to-value ratio of between 10 percent and 50 percent. In the occurrence of a margin call, you will have the collateral liquidated without any notice. There are variable interest rates associated with margin loans. On the other hand, there are interest rates between three percent and four percent in the stock-based loans. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the use.

For those who choose to walk away even in the decrease of stock value, there is a loan-to-value ratio of 50 percent and 70 percent. Equities First Holdings, LLC ensure that all assets are returned after the maturity of the transaction and those borrowers meet their specific financial goals. For the best alternative economic solution, turn to Equities First Holdings, LLC.

The Brazilian Law and Ricardo Tosto the Law Profile

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Brazil has the highest number of Lawyers both professional and training lawyers. The Brazil Law. Their legal systems are regulated by the Brazilian Federal Constitution which has been applied since October 1988. The Brazilian Legal System is formed by the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Court as its most essential elements. The two have a large contribution and manages the application of law throughout the country.

The court systems in Brazil are formed by the Ordinary Courts and the specialized courts which are entirely operated by the Government of Federal. The Brazilian Courts are made of the Labor Courts, Military Courts, Electoral courts. The Supreme Court ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the Federal Constitution in its mandate focus.

One of the most famous Brazilian Lawyer is Ricardo Tosto. He has a proven expertise and experience for in the business law for over 15 years. He has shown excellent results in bankruptcy, bank drafting recovery, and the credit recovery. Among the founding partners of the Tosto e, Barros Advogados is Ricardo Tosto. Some of the top legal areas of specialization for Mr. Ricardo comprise of, Acquisition Review, Administrative Law, Bank Contracts, Credit Recovery, Commercial Law, Civil, Election Law.

In his career, Mr. Rosto has served the Legal and HR Management of several Brazilian companies as the company advisor. He was crowned by the Who’s Who Legal as one of the top lawyers during their nominations for Commercial Litigation category. Also, Mr. Tosto has appeared in the Brazilian Legal publication Analise 500 and Legal 500 having been recognized for his outstanding law skills and expertise.

Mr. Tosto acquired his degree of law for the undergraduates at the Mackenzie University and later went for a Business Administration extension. In his profile, Mr. Tosto has worked in the legal service department of the government and several companies. He formerly worked as the President of Judicial Reform Committee at the Sao Paulo Section/Brazilian Bar Association and the Judicial Modernization Committee.

Handy Can Link You with the Right Cleaner for Your Business

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Every business has its own unique needs. It’s important to find a cleaning service that can meet your needs at a price you can afford. However, when you work with cleaning companies, they often have their own way of doing things. They might offer a little customization when it comes to hours and things like that. However, this often comes with extra cost to you, if at all. In addition, you might have to agree to a cleaning contract that lasts anywhere from 6 months to several years. What if your business’ needs change? What if you need more workers for specialized home cleaning jobs during the Holiday season or during a significant season for your business like a conference or event? Most companies aren’t flexible enough to change with your business.

Therefore, if your business:

  • Needs cleaning crews to come in the middle of the night only, or to keep very specific hours so as not to interfere with your business’ day-to-day operations,
  • Needs daily cleaning sometimes and monthly cleaning other times,
  • Needs workers to focus on special areas and do specific jobs, or
  • Needs cleaners to do a thorough cleaning job on upholstery, floors, blinds, windows, restroom sanitation etc.

…You should check out the Handy app on All too often, cleaning companies do very general cleaning work for businesses. They don’t deep clean things like floors, restrooms, upholstery, windows and blinds. When you want cleaning done right, you want to hire a professional. With cleaning companies, you don’t always know who they’ve hired or who’s working with the company. That person may have the drive and work ethic you seek or they might not. When you do your own hiring through the Handy app:

  • You set your hourly rate,
  • You choose the cleaner(s) that work best for your business,
  • You request the customization you need when it comes to hours, the level of cleaning and the areas you want the worker to focus on,
  • You pay conveniently and safely through the app, and
  • You can hire as many or as few workers as you need for the Holiday season or special company events

Handy has been in business since 2012 and has since expanded into 28 US cities, 2 Canadian cities and London. The Co-CEO’s Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan have done amazingly well by introducing a business model any professional can appreciate. Check out the Handy app today for your business! You’ll be glad you did. For more info, visit the nyctechmommy website.


Embark On A Great Makeup Tutorial For Designed Just For You

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There are thousands of women that utilize the makeup tutorials that are on Youtube designed for LimeCrime cosmetic wearers. They provide actual testimonials and tips from real users that have brought their ideas to the forefront. They inspire women to be bold with their makeup choices and how to blend the assortment of colors. In fact, they give their viewers ideas on how to match their attire with their vibrant assortment of colors. Their products consist of a velvetine matte base that goes on with a rich smoothness that will dry to absolute perfection. These tutorials are designed to help you be creative with your makeup.


Youtube Makeup Tutorials


Social media makes it apparent that women that wear LimeCrime products are interested in bold colors that can spark many creative ideas. Their makeup gives you the option of being different than the usual dull colors that inspired the late 90’s. They give you ways to wear, mix, match, remove, and apply their products through great instructional videos on Youtube. You can match their metallic colors with a nice top. They also inspire you on how to blend their inviting shades for each season. Enjoy learning about their luxurious textures with some of your closet friends.

Doe Deere is the Founder of LimeCrime and was recently named female entrepreneur of the year by a popular entrepreneur magazine that targets young and creative professionals. Deere says her idea for makeup came from her trying on her mother’s makeup as a child. Discover ways to wear your makeup like never before. You invited to their exclusive website for promotional offers and tutorials on how to wear their cosmetics with confidence. Members receive the option of trying out many options before they hit the open market. You’ll never want to go back to your former makeup supplier when you try their superior line of products on UO.

How The Affordable Housing Loan Program Is Changing The Mortgage Landscape

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Applying for a mortgage can be a frustrating situation especially for those who have limited coverage. Case In Point: Dallas’ Affordable Housing Loan Program is making it much easier for lower income families afford a new home. This process has many stages, but with the help of three of the most prominent names in the area, home ownership can be a reality. Habitat For Humanity, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, and NexBank are working together and picking up the slack to achieve success. Habitat For Humanity is the biggest home non-profit home builder in the Dallas Metropolitan Area and has built over 1,600 homes in the city. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a successful non-profit mortgage banker assists home buyers in securing an affordable home. These two philanthropic organizations fill end the gaps by providing support, guidance, and counseling for those needed.

Raising the funds to make this into a reality can be utterly difficult, but one of Dallas’ premier financial institutions is lending a helping hand,” pun intended.” NexBank enters the picture and is providing up to $50 Million in loan support for limited access families. Being such a huge successful financial institution, NexBank will cover $2,000 in closing costs and additional fees. This will certainly change the landscape in the city and should be used a model throughout the U.S. NexBank is doing what many other banks wouldn’t even consider, but with $3.5 Billion in assets, this bank sets itself apart from many of the rest.

The program will last for five years with an end goal of achieving 100 or more loans for each year. Everything is laid out and ready to be put into place. This program isn’t just financially rewarding, but it’s rather morally rewarding as it gives deserving families a better quality of life.

New CEO Appointed by Dick DeVos for The Stow Company

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Earlier this year Dick DeVos, the owner and founder of The Stow Company, has announced that Phil Dolci will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer for the custom home storage company. Dolci is taking over the position from Frank Newman who is retiring. He comes from a strong background of manufacturing and marketing consumer products, an industry where he has 23-years of experience. Dolci has held executive positions in companies such as U.S. Playing Cards, Sanford, ConAgra Foods, and Kraft Foods. He received his Masters in Business Administration degree from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


Dick DeVos is no stranger to the business world throughout his life. He is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos and has held many different executive over his career. According to the biography on his website, he has served in several different executive positions with the Amway company, was President and Chief Executive Officer of the NBA team the Orlando Magic, and is currently serving as an executive at The Windquest Group.


In addition to being a successful businessman, Dick DeVos is a philanthropist as well. Through his organization The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, he and his wife Betsy give generously throughout their community. Their main focus is on cultivating leadership, supporting education, improving their community, equipping the arts, supporting organizations that seek fair justice for all, and developing the leaders of the future. In 2008, the The Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship was established at the Thunderbird School of Global Management to support graduate students, especially those who were attending from developing nations.

Kenneth Goodgame – A Sales and Retail Merchandising Expert

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Kenneth Goodgame was the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President at the True Value Company. During the time when he was there, the company’s career history was good. He was able to help the company change its marketing strategies and move forward to a greater future. Also, True Value increased its marketing and advertising plans to a level not seen before in the recent years. Going by Good Game’s successes, then this advertising plan is definitely attractive.

His expertise in sales and retail merchandising

According to HBS Dealer, one of Kenneth Goodgame’s significant achievements in this business was the ability to turn around a low-performance buying team, by laying them back to normal. Good replaced low-performing buyers, about 40%, thereby producing a high-energy and enthusiastic team with comprehensive product expertise.

He also introduced a250 SKU EDLP plan which was very helpful to retailers. This program delivered full margin percentage and lowered all the prices that were sensitive to SKUs.

His strategies for success

As an exceptionally influential Operations Management leader, Kenneth Goodgame specializes in creating million as well as billion-dollar OEM excellence by combining streamlined financial oversight, innovative marketing and merchandise and smart business strategies.

He focuses on balancing corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement as well as quality assurance systems that ensure improved performance and profitability. Kenneth Goodgame capitalizes on his ability to promote growth through cost analysis, quality improvements, leadership, productivity enhancement and composed negotiations.

Goodgame’s vast experience gives him a veteran’s eye that enables him to navigate market shifts as well as the ability to avoid terrible mistakes and stalls often missed by others. With more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing and retail fields, Goodgame has his rules of thumb that help him succeed. The first rule is that you should make your product pertinent local or relevant and timely. Always tie into the manufacturer’s national advertising.

You should not always take it negatively. Make it understandable and confidently interactive. Always include the particular tie-in item together with its feature item at full margin. And lastly, avoid having a large run of in-line products on the end cap. He believes that at the end of the day, its common sense that tends to prevail.

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