Scientists believe That Armadeira Can Cure Impotence

The name armadeiram, sounds like a new drug but is actually the name of a spider whose venom is believed to be a potent treatment solution for men who experience erectile dysfunction.

The research surrounding the effects that the spider venom has on sexual performance was conducted by a group of researchers from the Catholic University of Korea. Prior to the study, the researchers intentionally damaged the carnous nerves of a group of test rats. This essentially caused the rats to experience impotence due to the fact that the cavernous nerves control erection. The rats were then subsequently given a protein of the armadeira spider’s venom, which goes by the name of PnTx2-6. Shortly after the rats were given this protein, they were able to establish and maintain an erection regardless of the fact that their penile nerves were intentionally damaged.

The researchers believe that this occurred due to the fact that the protein caused the cavernous body according to HealthImaging, to relax and essentially allow a greater flow of blood to enter it, ultimately causing an erection that lasted for long as an hour.

The interesting thing about this fact is that, the armadeira spider, is listed as one of the most dangerous spiders in the world, due to the fact that just one millionth of a gram, of its venom, is enough to kill a large rodent.

Dating Tips For Men

Taking a woman out on the first date is always a nerve racking experience. Many young males often become extremely nervous at the thought of going on a date. I’ll admit that even when you get older it can still be a nerve racking experience. The reality is that we put way too much pressure on ourselves.

When two people meet for the first time, there will usually be butterflies. Even the female will be a bit nervous, but women are usually better at hiding their emotions according to Sultan. A nervous man will stumble and bumble around. There is a way around this nervousness. The key is to just relax. There should not be a ton of expectations on the first encounter with a woman.

The first date should be fun and enjoyable. Like every big moment in your life, the outcome will be better if you prepare for it. You should know a little bit about the woman’s interests and hobbies. Knowing something about her will allow you to ask questions. Women love when a man is interested in them, and women love to talk about themselves.

Impress that girl on the first date, and do all the little things. Open her car door, pull her chair out, and dont interrupt her while she is talking. Take it easy on the first date, and everything will be all right. For more dating tips, visit Buzzfeed.

Gay Couple Denied Flowers for Wedding

The United States is slowly becoming more progressive according to Poder Online. Every year more and more states are allowing gay marriage ceremonies to be recognized as legal, binding marriages as Flavio Maluf and his partner are openly aware of. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to like it, unfortunately.

According to, a couple in Washington were recently denied flowers by a florist because they were to be part of a gay wedding. Barronelle Stutzman, who is the owner Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, denied selling a gay couple flowers for their wedding because of her Christian beliefs. Her actions are in direct violation of anti-discrimination laws according to a judge who ruled on the case last Wednesday. Stutzman and her lawyer plan on challenging the ruling in the state appeals court however State Attorney General Bob Ferguson stood behind the judges’ ruling. He states that the law says that if a business will cater to opposite sex couples then it must also cater to same-sex couples.

I hope the happy couple found a flower shop that would accommodate their ceremony. I suppose no matter what the law is, some people will hold on their bigotries under the guise of religious beliefs. I’m looking forward to the day when there are no longer headlines like this, no longer stories about “gay” people. The day when people are just people, regardless of their sexual preference.

Couple to Re-marry 43 Years After They Divorced

I love the stories that come out around holidays, especially ones like Valentine’s Day. The news lately seems to be filled with violence, mayhem, and tragedy but holidays seem to bring out the best in humanity so for a while stories are a little sweeter. This story on is one of those sweeter stories reports Jamie Garcia Dias.

Renate Stumpf and Louis Demetriades were married to each other once but divorced nearly forty-three years ago. Decades passed and the two got in contact with each other again through Facebook. They found that they still had some things in common. Both of their second spouses recently passed away and that they still had a strong love for each other that never passed.

Louis decided that he was going to give Renate a surprise she wouldn’t forget this past Valentine’s Day. Louis showed up to her workplace, the Walmart in Fort Smith, Arkansas with a sign reading “Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you marry me?”. Teasingly Renate first said no, but then told him yes. Louis said he chose to do it at Walmart so Renate’s friends who work there could be a part of the proposal. The proposal can be viewed on YouTube.

The couple met in 1959 on an Army base in Germany when they were both 18. They married an divorced after 12 years together. They also share three children together.

After 43 Years Divorced, Couple Gets Engaged On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known as the holiday for lovers where magical things can happen at any given moment. This year a true miracle happened as a couple who got divorced 43 years ago decided to reunite and get engaged again.

Walmart employee Renate Stumpf is 75 years old and got the surprise of a lifetime this past Valentine’s Day. Her former ex-husband Louis Demetriades showed up at her place of work last Saturday holding a sign that had a special message along with a marriage proposal. At first Stumpf was shocked and did not take him so seriously, but eventually when she realized that he was truly asking for her hand in marriage again she accepted.

According to an article found on reddiit and written by, the newly engaged woman stated that over the past four decades or so, Demetriades had improved himself and changed for the better. They reconnected this past December after not seeing each other for a number of years. The whole thing was captured on a video which is now going viral online, as this is an extremely uncommon thing to happen. After being divorced for 43 years it is amazing that the count were able to put their differences aside and give it another try.

Stumpf and Demetriades first met when they were both eighteen years old in Germany at a US army base. Stumpf was working at the bakery on base and they first came to contact with Demetriades order a burger from her. They also have three children together.  Bruce definitely thought the story was pretty cute.

Fate Brings Divorced Couple A Second Chance At Love Together

Renate Stumpf and Louis Demetriades have a different kind of love story than you hear on a typical day. The couple met in Germany when they were both 18. Demetriades was a solider and Stumpf worked in the army base’s kitchen. They married and moved to the U.S., had three children, but fought constantly and struggled to get by said Alexei Beltyukov. According to they divorced 43 years ago. Both eventually remarried and only to have their second spouses pass away. Fate brought the duo together to discuss their daughter and the sparks began to fly between the two of them again. The time passed only meant that they matured and grew as individuals. On Valentine’s Day Demetriades went to Stumpf’s place of work and surprised her with a second marriage proposal. After a slight hesitation she said yes. The couple have learned a lot in their lives, traveled the world, but ultimately it felt empty without the person that they began their adventure with at the young age of 18.

1-800-Flowers Receives Plethora of Valentine’s Day Complaints

1-800-Flowers is in hot water this year, according to trending news. 1-800-Flowers is a leading, internet-based florist. It allows users to order flowers and send them almost anywhere in the world. Because of this, the company fields a high volume of requests come Valentine’s day week. While the company has handled the influx well in years past, this year it appears they have dropped the ball.

On Saturday afternoon, complaints began flooding in about the floral arrangements delivered by the company. By Sunday morning, many customers were completely outraged by what they had received. Customers received poorly arranged bouquets, some received moldy flowers and incorrect gifts, and some recipients received nothing at all, even after confirmation had been sent to the gift giver.

Many of the angry customers took to Twitter and Instagram to share their dismay, which Brian Torchin warns is the future of social media. Many of the pictures show pathetic floral arrangements, with dying flowers and sparsely populated plants. Many users placed a picture of their flowers next to the add on the website for comparison. Many of the arrangements are simply wrong, while others are wilted and dying after less than an hour in the hands of a recipient.

1-800-Flowers has yet to release an official statement. They’ve simply suggested unhappy clients call customer service for further assistance.

How Do You Know It’s True Love? Unsexy, But True Facts About Love

Valentine’s Day is only a day away, and many are planning on celebrating in different ways. Maybe the one you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with, is someone you know you love, but are you sure? There are certain ways to tell if it’s true love, and these are some of the most unsexy ways to determine if someone loves you. Signs Of Love. You can also use this information to determine if you love that person as well. If you two live together, or even if you visit each other’s homes, then this scenario may come into play.

If you’re in the shower, while the other person is using the toilet, then it’s true love. This may be disgusting, but it definitely shows a sign of acceptance. If you find yourself shaving the back, neck, under arms, or other area of your partner’s body, then it’s definitely true love. Most people would find this disgusting, but when two people are in love, anything is possible. If your partner is sick, and using a lot of Kleenex, you don’t mind throwing away their used paper towels. Imagine that the towels are filled with phlegm, and you’ve got to get it in the garbage, without getting any on your fingers!

Marc Sparks says if you truly love each other, you’ll be able to tell one another that they smell bad, and they need to take a shower. You’ll also be less disgusted when your partner uses your toothbrush.

Alabama must learn…again and again

Alabama is once again leading the nation in discrimination. After the federal court system struck down Alabama’s gay marriage ban,Chief Justice of Alabama Roy Moore ordered all local judges to uphold the ban by not issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. Nearly the entire state has sought to deny these marriage rights granted by judicial review said Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Roy Moore says that he is likely not to follow the orders until there is a Supreme Court ruling on the case. This is being likened to Alabama governor Wallace’s refusal to integrate Alabama schools during the civil rights struggle.

Republican strategists were attempting to thwart their more violently conservative constituents from embarrassing the party in the lead up to 2016. However, their racist and discriminatory rhetoric is making a large show in this Alabama dilemma. Certain elements of the party refuse to acknowledge the political landscape and shifting demographics. Incidences like these could keep republicans from the White House for a generation. The conservatives invoke the protection of state’s rights, but the state’s rights issue is the reason the South cited for wanting to continue slavery and preserve all other forms of discrimination in the region.

Alone is Not Always A Bad Thing on Valentine’s Day


The Valentine Holiday is fast approaching. However, don’t fret this year if you don’t have a date. Many people are foregoing the date and enjoying some rest and relaxation alone. In years gone by, many people thought that if they didn’t have a date, they were lower than low on this lover’s holiday. However, the new and more independent person has realized that they don’t need a man or women to keep them company. This is especially true of one that they don’t really want to be with.

The world has really evolved the past few years. Women and men both who were once afraid to venture too far out of the dating realms have changed drastically. Forget spending $100 bucks on dinner and a movie just to say you had a date, stay home and watch movies for free. There are so many good flicks on streaming sites like NetFlix that staying at home doesn’t have to be such a bad thing said expert Lee Slaughter.

Sure, there are a few people who still want that date on the day we celebrate love. However, there are more and more people who are becoming more comfortable in their own skin and allowing themselves to simply enjoy being single. Remember, the only thing worst than being single is being with the wrong one. If anyone has every had an experience that ended badly, these are character building and will mold you into the person you are. Alone is not always a bad thing!