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Former Atlanta Hawks Stakeholders Sue Their Insurance Company

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As the former head of Atlanta Hawks, and UCG Founder, Bruce Levenson, is among the leading professionals who expected a payment for their insurance claims from New Hampshire Insurance Company. After more than a year, the former stakeholders of Atlanta Hawks are forced to file a civil lawsuit against their insurance company because both New Hampshire Insurance Company and its partner AIG did not respond to regular requests. In this case, the plaintiff is Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the former ownership group of the NBA franchise.

When Bruce hired Danny Ferry to oversee the operations of ABHE and Atlanta Hawks, he was aware of the risks of establishing long-term employment contracts with high-profile management of the company. The contract with Ferry was high profile because it spanned a total of six years offering nearly $18 Million to its General Manager. Accordingly, Bruce Levenson also made sure that he covered ABHE through employment insurance contract with New Hampshire Insurance Company.

After only three years, in 2015, the contract with Danny Ferry was disrupted because Bruce Levenson found a seller for his company as reported by Forbes. As the new owners took charge of ABHE, the contract with Danny Ferry became void. As a result, Bruce and other stakeholders had to ask AIG for the disbursement of insurance claims. As suggested, there is no answer from the insurance company. Therefore, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, the former ownership group of the NBA franchise (, has filed a lawsuit against AIG for an undisclosed amount.

The lawyers of ABHE have declined to comment claiming that the court file is self-explanatory.


Goettl Air Conditioning Services and Their Review of Their Services on Angie’s List

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Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939 and has since been offering services in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson and Southern California. The company’s HVAC services have been rated highly for over seven decades of its operations. They have a team of 50-200 employees who are drug screened and a background check run on them to ensure the safety of their clients. The HVAC Company has been offering air conditioning and heating services for the past seven decades that they have been in business. Goettl Air Conditioning is devoted to providing maintenance services to the customers to ensure that the air conditioning and heating systems are running smoothly. In the case of a breakdown, the company has well-qualified professionals who carry out the repair services.

The founders of Goettl Air Conditioning were Gust and Adam Goettl; they run the business until 2012 when Ken Goodrich purchased it and appointed Dan Burke as the company’s CEO. Since then, Goettl has experienced a very drastic change, which saw it earn $20 million revenue in 2014. They have also received a very high rating from their customers for their quality services. Additionally, Goettl has received great reviews on Angie’s List.

Goettl has a 3-year program for AC installations in Gilbert AZ where they visit their clients twice a year to clean and update. They give their prices before beginning their work so that the customer gets to know how much it costs. Reviews show Goettl as punctual, highly responsive, and professionalism. They are known for providing quality and affordable installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services.

Their air conditioning services range from installations to repair of the air conditioners that have broken down, offering maintenance of the central air units, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits. They also take care of the heating needs of their customers during winter, which involves installations of heat pumps and furnaces including the in-floor radiant heating systems.

Goettl also gives advice on the different ways to improve energy efficiency and the quality of air in the commercial buildings. They are available on a 24/7 basis to cater for any emergencies. Goettl Air Conditioning is devoted to helping their clients get the right product that would match your home, they then go ahead and make installations upon request.

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George Soros Not the Money Behind Black Lives Matter

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You may have heard the name George Soros being tossed around by those that are attempting to refute and disparage the Black Lives Matter movement. The name seems to be appearing in right-wing conspiracy theorists writings and right-wing punditry more often as the Black Lives Matter movement has been so prominent in the news lately due to the violence that occurred against police officers by a deranged lunatic at one of their protests in downtown Dallas. Many right-wingers say that George Soros both founded and is funding the Black Lives Matter movement to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

Black Lives Matter activists have disrupted speeches being given by both Bernie Sanders, and Jeb Bush during this election year. Some say this is an effort by the movement to help get Clinton elected to the presidency this November. Kelly Riddell, a reporter for the Washington Post, has stated that Soros has given exactly $33 million to Black Lives Matter for this very reason. Riddell said that he did this by utilizing his charitable organization, The Open Society Foundation.

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Ken Zimmerman is the director of the Open Society Foundation and has stated that these claims are completely false. The organization gave away just under a billion dollars to different charitable organizations in the last year. $33 million of that did go to social justice efforts. That money could not have all gone to Black Lives Matter because a portion of it went to stop the war on drugs. While right-wingers have claimed that they have the paper trail to prove that George Soros is the brains and the money behind Black Lives Matter, this does not seem to be true.

Some have even claimed that the movement itself was started by three women who were working for George Soros at the time. It is hard to believe that such a big, broad, and grassroots organization could be run so centrally. The nature of Black Lives Matter leads many to believe that it is not funded by Soros at .

It is also nearly impossible for Black Lives Matter to be funded directly in the way people are theorizing that Soros funded it. Black Lives Matter is less of an organization and more of a social justice thought process. It has been used in protests, on blogs, and in different Facebook discussion.