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Fake News Gunman Terrorizes Washington DC Pizza Restaurant

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Believing that a child sex ring operated in the basement of a prominent Washington, DC pizza and Italian restaurant, the Comet Ping Pong, Edgar Maddison Welch walked in and opened fire with a gun. Customers and employees ran for the lives, as the Salisbury, North Carolina resident sought to root out the online claims of the sex operation.

Welch told authorities he read an online article indicating that Hillary Clinton and her campaign head John Podesta were the ring leaders of detaining and soliciting young children for sex. The only problem with Mr. Welch’s belief is that is completely false. A fake news story was fabricated and posted online.  The denial by the restaurant of this heinous crime was substantiated by the New York Times and the Washington, DC Metro Police Department.

The crime generated massive amounts of unwanted, false awareness for the restaurant, across social media, and traditional forms of media such as newspaper, television, and radio.

Anyone seeking information about the Comet Ping Pong restaurant’s menu, location or customer reviews is now greeted with high ranking Google listings of the crime scene. The incident has eliminated the outstanding reputation of the Comet Ping Poing restaurant and replaced it with search results of a fake news event. While common sense should dictate the goodness of the restaurant, the unfortunate incident has taken control of its reputation for now.

It will take months and possibly years to eradicate the negative publicity of the fake news event and restore the Comet Ping Pong’s creditability, reputation, and restore customers’ confidence, in providing a safe environment, to enjoy their food. The Comet Ping Pong is located at 5037 Connecticut Avenue NW, in Washington, DC. They can be reached at 202.264.0404 and are open seven days a week.





Why Securus Video Visitation is a Godsend to Inmates and Their Loved Ones

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Having a loved one incarcerated far away from home is not exactly an inspiring experience. Life is simply never the same again until the day they are out. There are all the concerns about their safety, their happiness and their health. The most important thing, therefore, is frequent uninterrupted communication which is as personal as possible. For that reason, the introduction of remote video visitation by leading civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider, Securus, is great news for inmates and their loved ones.


More Convenience


Before incarceration, a large number of inmates were their families’ sole breadwinners. This means someone else have to assume the responsibility of paying the bills. There is, therefore, no much time for drives to the correctional center for a physical visitation.


While the traditional phone call is an option, it is not the best. It doesn’t have as much personal connection as everyone would wish for.


Lower Costs


According to statistics provided by Securus, remote visitation has been able to cut the cost of inmate communications by over $100. It is no wonder, therefore, that there have been more than 160,000 visits every month, which translate to over 2,000,000 annual video visitations. The average cost of $2.72 per visit ensures that every year, the visitations double. In addition, the visitors have a wide range of options including more than 232 App downloads which has resulted to over 110,000 mobile app connected visits.


Last Thoughts


Securus deserve a standing ovation for their determination in putting the interests of inmates and their loved before their own. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as the largest facility provider of high quality all-round inmate communications solutions. The addition of secure video visitation to their array of communications services is a respite to people who have their loved ones incarcerated. Whether commuting from work, or celebrating important family occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, the distance between families and their incarcerated loved ones is now almost nonexistent.

Cleanse Better with WEN

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The benefits of cleansing conditioners are hard to ignore. Here are a couple that you read in list form:

1. They are easier and time-saving. Imagine only having to wash your hair one time with a product in the morning. This gives you a head start in traffic, no?

2. They are less expensive and therefore save you on your whole budget. You should love how you have an extra wad of cash at the end of the month, no?

And if you need a cleansing conditioner that you can rely on, try WEN. WEN is the best hair care line out there, and they make many different kinds of products for your hair.

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If you don’t know where to find WEN products, look online, and then head to the first retailer you find that sells WEN products. You’ll love that you get a bargain and also get out the door in the morning in time to beat traffic. So, why wait?

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Experts Called to Support the Mathew Hurricane

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is one of the qualifying member companies for the activation to provide emergency power and assistance to support the victims of the Mathew Hurricane. For this reason, the company was selected to activate its regional offices in the regions IV and V under FEMA. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has numerous teams deployed to the initial base of support for IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Support Bases along the Fort Bragg, the East Coast, Florida, Orlando, North Carolina, and several other states that were affected by the Mathews Hurricane.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s response acted at the most opportune moment to provide emergency support services during the Katia, Sandy, and Katrina. There were also other devastating events that took place including the commodities, emergency power, communication systems, and the deployment of expert personnel. During the 2011 season for the Mathews Hurricane, IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. deployed over 100 experts to support the United States mission on to help the affected individuals get a better place to stay.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

The contract, awarded to IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. by the United States Army Engineers of Corps (USACE) in 2013, intended to give the company the working locations under Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh District, and allow them to provide emergency power supply to support engineering services and public works requirements during these incidents of national attention.

Doug Kitani, the Chief Executive Officer and President of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., said that this day marks a starting point for the company’s long-term relationship with the united states defense Department, Government, and other state agencies in the country. IAP Worldwide Services has dedicated itself towards offering their support towards realizing a common goal to make the American people safe. The company will also continue to support the mobilization against the Mathew Hurricane. He also said that the firm is proud to work as a party member of the solution to help the communities in the affected regions. The company has its team ready, at any moment of notice, to help the government their endeavor to keep the community safe.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. has its teams on located in their central office in Cape Canaveral. They have evacuated the region and joined others in support of the Mathew Hurricane.