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Learn Why Thousands of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is an agency for search marketing with workplaces in the US, Central America and Denmark. The company is specialized in giving Bing Ads and AdWords services to small and mid-sized enterprises. The agency’s main focus is those areas where the clients earn cash. For every ecommerce client the company provides Product Listing Ads in the entire management plans including the whole Google Analytics execution and Conversion Tracking on the entire Shopify levels.

White Shark Media eludes the entire current online business Clients to the Shopify stage. The first client joined the agency in 2010 and is still there to the present time. The Media provides full administration of your AdWords battle from the underlying setup to constant enhancements to achieve the objectives set each month. White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the quickest developing computerized offices in North America. Their development is due to their reputation of engineering cost-efficiency search marketing efforts while giving a world-class customer experience. Presently the agency has assisted numerous businesses over North America develop by using their internet advertising strategies close by a suite of proprietary marketing apparatus.

White Shark Media is an idea driving organization, known to set great standards and create a way for the market through their marketing blog. Since 2014, the agency has been partnering with the Bing Ads Elite SM and Google AdWords. Not a long time ago, the company joined the list of the fastest growing companies in America and currently is preparing to build its 6,000 square meters state-of-the-art office to handle its growing market. White Shark Media has constantly followed the marketing endeavors of their customers in detail. Regardless of whether it is competitive intelligence, Google analytics integration, keyword call tracking or reporting software White Media Shark carries the burden of the client.


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Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory To Excel

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Many companies have used the Internet for a variety of reasons. The Internet is a hub of activity for millions of people on a daily basis. As a result, companies try to integrate the Internet into the company business operations. Companies can use the Internet for numerous reasons, one of the most popular reasons is to market to customers and potential customers. In a time when people have many different things to do and look at on a daily basis, companies are constantly trying to find ways to attract people.


The Internet has proven to be a very effective way of attracting people. Many companies utilize a significant portion of the annual marketing budget on the Internet. While the Internet is a good way of getting the attention of people, another reason why many companies use the Internet is to provide an environment where people can purchase products and services.


This type of use of the Internet by companies to market to people and provide a method to purchase goods is focused on the digital use of the Internet. As a platform, the Internet is at the center of the digital age. Many people use the Internet for a lot of reasons, the digital capabilities of the Internet is a powerful reason behind its use.


As the Internet has proven to be a great way of conducting business through marketing and completing transactions for purchases, digital entrepreneurs have become popular in recent years. Digital entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who want to start and operate digital companies. Their interest revolves around the digital aspects of the business world. There are distinct differences between digital companies and traditional companies. One of the most important things that any entrepreneur should understand are the differences.


Mike Baur is a businessman who understands the digital entrepreneur. Mike Baur is a partner in the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a company that helps digital entrepreneurs start and run successful digital companies. The company has helped many digital entrepreneurs learn what is needed to be a successful digital entrepreneur.


At the Swiss Startup Factory, the company provides intensive training, mentoring, and consulting that is aimed at helping digital entrepreneurs understand all aspects regarding digital business operations. Mike Baur is a central person in the various methods that are used by the Swiss Startup Factory to help digital entrepreneurs succeed.


Mike Baur has a broad business background that includes 20 years of experience in the private banking industry.

Waiakea Water Quickly Becomes One of the Best Bottled Waters in the World

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What makes good bottled water? Is it the water source or the packaging process? Or is it the overall health benefits consumers get from drinking the water? What if there was a bottled water brand that provided all of the above? Well, now there is. Waiakea Water is the fastest growing bottled water company in the world. The company was founded just five years, and yet, it has grown by 5000 percent.

Founder, Ryan Emmons, launched his company on a triple bottom line platform. He wanted to reinvent the bottled beverage industry and give bottled water a new look. His company focuses on health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives.

Ryan’s business strategy of evolving the beverage industry is one of the reasons that his company is the fastest growing beverage company in the world right now. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is now available in 2,000 stores in 30 states across America. The company just recently began seeing rising demand on an international level and has launched a manufacturing facility to meet that growing demand.

According to Gust, one of the other reasons Waiakea water is growing so quickly is its charitable partnership. Shortly after founded Waiakea, Ryan formed a partnership with Pump Aid, a foundation that provides clean water to underserved communities in Africa. For every liter of Waiakea bottled water sold, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water.

When Waiakea water was founded, it was only selling a few thousand cases a year. Now that it’s popular, it’s selling over 120,000 cases a year. That means Waiakea donates over 500 million liters of clean water every year. Ryan takes more pride in aiding the underserved communities than he takes in increasing profits.

The main reason Waiakea Water is so successful is how healthy it is. It’s one of the purest waters on the planet. Unlike most corporate bottled water companies, Waiakea’s water comes from Waiakea springs.

The water is a combination of snowmelt and rainfall that has been filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock before spurting out of springs all over the Big Island. The volcanic rock enriches the water with several nutritious minerals. The water is naturally enriched with alkaline and electrolytes. The water is then packaged in recycled bottles at the source, to ensure the water maintains its purity level.

Facts About Makari Beauty Products

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Keeping your skin and body looking attractive is something you can’t help. To keep your skin smooth and glowing, you need to apply cosmetic products that are high-quality. Makari is known as one of the best producers of hair products, cosmetics, fragrances and skin lighteners among other beauty products.

What Makes Makari’s Products Exceptional?

People have for long faced the problem of increased pimples or skin rashes due to the use of substandard products. offers cosmetics that are extracted from natural sources to produce ingredients such as Caviar, Argan oil and Carrot oil. These ingredients are very effective in keeping your skin moist and healthy. The ingredients also play an all-round role of removing dark spots, acne marks and stretch marks.

Skin Lightening Creams

Makari offers a wide range of skin lightening creams for customers. These products naturally change the tone of your skin according to your preference.

Take your time to browse through our wide range of beauty products.

March Madness Betting At

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March madness betting is a fun time for every gambler who comes to, and each gambler must be allowed to bet on a swath of games that span the course of the season. This article explains how March Madness betting may be completed by any gambler, and there is a look at how each game may have its own set of bets placed on it. Gamblers may make quite a lot of money while betting, and they will learn how to increase their winnings over time using information at


#1: Reading About Each Game


There are several different ways to gamble on march madness basketball games, and someone who wishes to bet on each game may read about them on the site before betting. The games on the schedule change as players are injured, teams begin to play well or they begin to play badly. It is quite important to read about the games, and informed bets may be placed for each new game on the schedule.


#2: Planning Each Bet


Bets that are placed on the games on the site, and the account for the user fills up with the bets that have been placed. Several bets may be placed on a single game, and the games will stop their betting lines just hours before they begin. Players must know when the lines lock, and they must know when the lines close.


#3: Parlays Or Props


There are several parlays and props on every game that deal with impossible situations or total points. A gambler who wishes to place different bets must ensure they have studied how they will see props or parlays play out. The series of events must happen in the proper order, or an unlikely event must occur for the bet to pay out.


#4: Checking The Status Of Each Bet


There are several bets that may be placed on March Madness odds at at any time, and everyone who wishes to check their bets may enter their accounts. The account of the gambler carries all the bets they have placed, and the bets may be checked at any time. Bets close just before games begin, and gamblers may watch the games while checking the bets they have made. helps gamblers place bets on sporting events every day, and the site is a lovely resource for anyone who loves sports. Placing bets on NCAA basketball games is simpler with their site.


How To Become Successful

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In the modern times, it is not easy for individuals to become successful in business. This industry is considered to be extremely competitive, and without adequate preparations, most people end up losing time and money.


Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur who has done very well in his entire career. The businessman is based in the US, and he uses his knowledge to help other people succeed in life and business. Verne has been in the industry for over twenty years, and he has a lot of expertise in selling, establishing and starting a business. Entrepreneurs who have used his knowledge have turned out to be very successful, earning good profits at the end of the year. Josh Verne is the Chief Executive Officer of a startup known as


Not long ago, the serial entrepreneur advised people to use the following tips so that they can achieve their dreams in life:


Be a leader in your business, not a boss

The management positions in all types of business are paramount. Josh Verne says that this category has two types of people: the bosses and the leaders. The bosses are the individuals who use their title and powers to get things done in the business. These people will most likely demand to be respected by everyone too. The leaders, on the other hand, are completely different. The leaders are always looking for the interest of their juniors and other employees. The people working under the leaders respect them because of the behaviors they demonstrate. If you are not a leader in your business, it will be difficult to become successful.


Speak few words and listen to people more

Everyone has two ears and one mouth for a reason. If you are planning to achieve success in business, then you should use these two body parts in proportion. Listen to what people say and speak less. This way, you will learn more at the end of the day. You will also realize that individuals who speak less are very authoritative. This group of people is always given a lot of attention when they talk.


Balance life

Experts always say that life is a balancing activity. Some people have earned a lot of wealth and money in their lives, but they are not yet living a good life. Without balancing life well, you will suffer, even if you have a lot of money. A good family is not enough too, without money and good health. Always work on improve all the areas of your life so that you can live a fulfilling life. Your personal growth, wealth, health and relationship should never be ignored.


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3 Reasons George Soros Is Not Happy About This Election

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He Pumped A Lot Of Money Into It
This year, George Soros spent millions backing left wing politicians, but his efforts were ultimately in vain. Ultimately, Republicans were able to pull an upsetting victory and obtain control of the White House in addition to the continuation of their control over Congress. Hillary Clinton’s campaign had more funding than any other campaign in American history at, but all that money didn’t matter in the end. Donald Trump’s electoral college victory, in spite of his loss of the popular vote, was all he needed.

His Expectations Were Defied
The victory of Donald Trump defied just about everyone’s predictions. Most polls showed Hillary Clinton in the lead, and some even showed her with an insurmountable lead on When the election results unfolded on November 8, 2016, everyone’s jaws dropped. Soros has expressed great disappointment in the results. Previously, he has called Trump a fascist and compared his policies to those of dictators in the past. Now, Soros has promised he will do everything he can to stop Trump from advancing his agenda on Time. He vows to protect the legacy of the left and the progress liberals have made on many issues.

He Wants To Rethink The Left
In America, conservatives currently hold the vast majority of political power. In 2017, they will have control of all 3 branches of the federal government and the majority of state governments. George Soros wants remedy this, and to do that he enlisting the assistance of others of the left such as Nancy Pelosi. Currently, George Soros is in talks with the Democracy Alliance. This group of progressive donors has sought out ways to support Democrats and advance the causes of the left. With the unpredictability of Trump, the Democracy Alliance is more active than every before. There isn’t much Democrats can do to directly affect politics on on a national level immediately, but efforts to improve the left’s standing in the upcoming midterm elections and 2020 are in the works. Soros has backed the left for many years. In their time of need, he refuses to let them down.

Don Ressler And The Responsibility Of TechStyle

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Fashion companies are about more than fashion. For one thing, Don Ressler ensures they have to make sure that they are showing social responsibility. For one thing, people are going to want to know how these clothes are made. If the clothes are made in bad work conditions, then people will be less likely to buy clothes from the company. For one thing, it would cause a lot of guilty feelings if they buy from a company that they know is not ethical. Therefore, it is very important for fashion companies to make sure that their products are created in good work conditions.


One of the companies that are showing a lot of responsibility to people behind the scenes is TechStyle, founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler makes sure that the clothes offered by the company are not only elegant, but ethically produced. Don makes sure that the creators of the products are compensated and treated fairly. For one thing, it is important for the supplier to be taken care of. If the supplier is neglected, then not only would the sales of the company suffer, but the quality might not be all that great. People will be faced with issues like their clothes falling apart quickly.


Fortunately, Don Ressler stresses that the clothes that are provided under TechStyle are not only ethically created, but also guaranteed to last a while with average care. Other companies that create stylish and affordable clothing tend to cut corners. As a result, the clothes would tear apart within a month of buying them. Don Ressler understands the frustration that comes with one’s favorite shirt or pants falling to pieces on them. For one thin, clothes are not cheap. While people could go to second hand stores, a lot of people would rather buy new clothes if they could afford it.  This CrunchBase timeline charts Don Ressler’s career path, showing why he is such a force in the fashion world, and why TechStyle’s rise is going to be one worth watching.

Ricardo Tosto – Shaping the Litigation Process in Brasil

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Despite the fact that new legislation often provides a mean to solve complex legal issues, it can also prove problematic. Brasil is the finest example of new laws, where 18 new laws are passed every day, but most of them are judged unconstitutional by the court. In fact, an increasing number of these laws does not make sense. As a result, the judiciary is consistently involved in discarding laws that are socially inappropriate. It also means that the legal process in Brazil is very slow despite reasonable efforts by some lawmakers to provide appropriate rules that will solve most social problems.


Unconstitutionality is one of the main problems in the quality of laws, especially on the state and municipal level. It is notable that a law is constitutionality questioned by means of a Direct Action of Unconstitutionality. From 2000 to 2010, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) judged 2,752 laws as unconstitutional, which were related to federal and state laws. From 1988 until now, 20.5% of all newly formed laws were judged unconstitutional. In the important jurisdictions such as São Paulo, the Court of Justice, judged 338 laws as unconstitutional in 2010, alone. In fact, these figures does not constitute the majority of laws on local level.


The structural hierarchy of the legislative process doesn’t help either. For instance, if a governor veto a law, it will not end there because the Legislative Assembly can easily remove the veto. As a result, the issue ends up knocking at the door of Rio Court.


For Ricardo Tosto and his litigation team, the cumbersome legislative process in the country is a nightmare for organizations and the public. As one of the largest and most competent firms in the nation, the team of Ricardo Tosto is known for its commercial and civil litigation.


Starting from a small room in an office, the firm has become a leading name in the legal sector. As such, Ricardo Tosto, is also instrumental in shaping major legal cases in Brazil. In fact, Who is Who legal guide nominated him as one of the best lawyers in the commercial litigation in the country.

The Lung Institute’s Stem Cell Therapy Helps COPD Patients

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Government statistics show chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) afflicts nearly 24 million individuals in the United States. Since the turn of the new millennium, the treatment for COPD remains unchanged. Contrary to traditional medicine philosophies, regenerative medicine is taking the lead, with innovative and contemporary alternative treatments. One alternative treatment getting attention, due to its results, is autologous stem cell therapy.

Based in Tampa, Florida, the Lung Institute, is the leading institution treating specific pulmonary diseases. The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cell therapy to lessen the ravages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

A testament to the success of autologous stem cell therapy is the praise from Amherst, Ohio resident, Kathleen B. Her lifestyle hampered by the debilitating effects of COPD, Kathleen, and her husband decided to travel to Tampa, Florida for the treatment. Full article can be found on

Kathleen, commenting about her daily routine, “We quit going out to eat because I would come out, and I would be exhausted,” she said. “I would get out into the foyer of the restaurant and I would be gasping, so we quit going out to dinner, and we quit doing a lot of things because I just couldn’t do them anymore. And I think most people can relate who have breathing problems.”

She knew, going into the treatment, that is may not work, but felt she had no other choice. Kathleen expressed skepticism with her practitioner but changed her opinion as improvement showed as the days passed. Soon, Kathleen indicated she started to feel like a normal person again. She has nothing but praise for the staff at the Lung Institute in Tampa, Florida. “It almost takes a team to get through this type of illness,” said Kathleen’s husband. “If you’ve got a good team, then you’re ok and I had a good team,” Kathleen rejoiced.

More information about autologous stem cell therapy is available at the Lung Institute’s website. The benefits of stem cell treatment is also discussed on

Lung Institute’s Facebook: