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The Many Flavors: Evolution of Smooth

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When it comes to being a premier brand in lip balm products you have to cater to your clientele’s needs as well as produce great quality products. This is no easy task and is easier said than done for most companies. Taking the short can make you a few dollars, but with inconsistent products comes inconsistent sales. The brand that’s making most of the noise these days is Evolution of Smooth.

This company is revolutionary on how it makes it’s products and what the product is naturally made of. Evolution of Smooth is a premier brand because it gives you what’s needed for great oral care and the lip balms have all of the rage at the moment. Are you into lip balms that have a wide array of flavors? If so, then you should try this brand. The flavors come in exotic blends as well as basic tastes. Are you tired of the same boring flavors of apple, grape, and menthol? Evolution of Smooth has you covered.  For more choices, click on  Here is a sneak peek at what this innovative company has to offer

  • Wildberry
  • Coconut Milk
  • Passion Fruit
  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Lemon Drop
  • Raspberry Acai
  • Lemon Twist
  • Sweet Mint
  • Summer Fruit
  • And more

Along with the fruity flavors comes the health benefits. You can say good-bye to dry, chapped lips from now on. (Evolution) uses organic ingredients which helps to retain moisture. Being gluten and paraben free is another benefit that can’t be denied either. No more peeling or burning side effects from chemicals here as well.

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Still not convinced? If not, check out for more information and a full list of flavors.

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The Amazing Flavors And Quality Available In EOS Lip Balms

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A lip balm should be bursting with moisture, available in a wide selection of flavors and be all natural. The EOS lip balm fits this description perfectly. The company’s choice of flavors is phenomenal. Their refreshing fruits include luscious peach, sweet strawberry and delicious blueberry.

EOS did not stop with only basic fruit flavors. They have delectable choices such as honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate raspberry, strawberry sorbet, passion fruit, coconut milk and vanilla mint. Their flavors are fresh, original and absolutely delightful. They are available in packs of two or four because you cannot have enough of these sweet lip balms.

All of the delightful flavors are rich in antioxidants, jojoba oil, vitamin E and shea butter. They are hypoallergenic, tested by dermatologists, free of petrolatum and paraben and leave your lips smooth, beautiful and soft in your choice of flavors. The balms unique packaging makes them easy to recognize. They come in colorful and round pods. Fans of these lip balms can never have enough. The fans reviews on the blueberry acai, summer fruit and blackberry nectar make it clear EOS lip balm has hit a home run with this product.  Click on for needed info.

Craig Dubitsky founded EOS and is now in charge of an oral hygiene company. The company has continued to grow and their social media presence is remarkable. They have achieved more than two million likes on Facebook and have an enormous following on Twitter. Their fans love to discuss their favorite flavors and can be seen pulling that little pod out of their purse almost everywhere.  Follow EOS on

EOS lip balm has put as much effort into the quality of the packaging as they have in the product itself. The pod is easy to find in your purse, it provides necessary moisture for your lips, its efficient, available in terrific flavors and gorgeous colors, has a wonderful texture and the cutest little shape.  Useful link here.

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Igor Cornelsen Ranks Brazil As A Top Country To Invest In

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Igor Cornelsen has generally been right about most stock market investments and it’s because he is passionate about businesses and helping middle class Americans learn how they can build a future through investing. Cornelsen is originally from Brazil, but he lives in suburban Miami, FL now and spends some of his spare time as a consultant for Bainbridge Capital, and when he isn’t doing that or playing golf, you can find him offering tips to his followers. Following Cornelsen isn’t difficult either as he’s connected into social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and also posts advice on sites like Tumblr and WordPress.


Igor Cornelsen’s goal is to make investors rethink how they’re doing things if their current investments are not doing well. For example, maybe they’ve put a lot of money in a certain stock and haven’t yet seen it go up, or perhaps they’ve even lost money through trading stocks. Cornelsen says investors shouldn’t simply be looking for the stocks whose values are rated so high they have nowhere to go but down. Instead, they should be looking for lower stocks that might be damaged or be sitting quietly in the market just waiting to explode. He’s even quoted Warren Buffet on buying low and selling high. But in addition to knowing the stock market, Igor Cornelsen says investors should diversify out into other markets including Brazil.


Cornelsen was a banker and investment advisor for some of Brazil’s most prestigious banks, so he knows the financial waters down in that country quite well. Like all other foreign investments, Cornelsen tells investors they certainly have to do their homework on Brazil if they’re going to succeed investing in this country, but he says they can do it by adhering to some guidelines. The first he says is to make friends with local Brazilians because they can help you find good banks to work with and good Brazilian companies to invest in. He also says to pay attention to the nation’s new minister Joaqim Levy to get an idea of the regulations to expect. And finally he tells investors to stick to banks that can handle foreign transactions and currency exchanges.

Felipe Montoro Jens Looks To Improve Water Sanitation Across Brazil

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The water sanitation industry in Brazil has been a major problem for many years as a lack of effective investment or technological growth has been a major part of the problems facing the Brazilian Government. The infrastructure experts Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos have recently been discussing the issue of water sanitation problems based on a recent government initiative to bring more private sector funding into the water sanitation industry that is 90 percent operated by energy companies at state level.

Felipe Montoro Jens has become a well known infrastructure expert who has developed a strong career across much of South America and Africa where his work to complete projects combining both public and private funding has continued for a number of years. Edison Carlos is the leader of the Tatra Brasil company and has revealed the infrastructure issues facing the nation of Brazil has largely been created by a failure in different industries to encourage private investment in areas such as water sanitation. Subsidies from government agencies will allow partnerships to be built between private and public companies across Brazil that will ensure publicly funded agencies play a role in conducting safety inspections to ensure all work is completed to the highest quality levels.

One of the areas where Felipe Montoro Jens has become a leading figure is through the leadership role he plays with the Latin American Leadership Forum, which plays a role in linking private sector funding with public projects; Felipe Montoro Jens is therefore perfectly positioned to become a part of the success hoped for by the latest Brazilian Government subsidies for water sanitation improvements.

Creating a global outlook for his many executive based roles in Brazil and across Latin America has been made simple for Felipe Montoro Jens as he completed an internationally recognized period of study at the world renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Lime Crime Unicorn hair Dye: Vegan Free:

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*Unicorn Hair Dye Examined:


Hair color is a very personal choice. Blonde, brown, black and even red hair are common hair colors. However, if you use Unicorn hair dye you will discover that they have some very different and unique hair shades and colors.


Lime Crime has a new selection of their “Unicorn” hair dye. Some of the colors of this new hair dye are a bit unusual however, people do seem to be anxious to at least try this product.


*Vegan Free/ No harsh or damaging Chemicals:


The Unicorn hair dye comes in a variety of colors including Cherry, Bunny, Blue Smoke, Strawberry Jam, Pony, Dirty Mermaid, Neon peach and many more.


The difference between other hair dye and Unicorn is that Unicorn hair dye is confirmed vegan. In addition, the hair dye has a vegetable glycerin base. Therefore, you will not have some of the side effects that you may have with other hair dyes.


Unicorn hair dye is available as a full coverage hair dye or hair tint. Full coverage hair dye is considered permanent color dye. Unicorn hair dye is very safe and will not damage hair or cause any scalp irritation.


Unicorn hair dye contains no bleach, peroxide or other harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the hair. Remember, Lime Crime Unicorn hair dye is 100% vegan free. You can be assured that absolutely no Unicorns were harmed in any way while making this product.


Unicorn hair dye is permanent color and will last at considerable amount of time. The hair dye will wash out gradually every time you wash your hair. However, there are special shampoos and conditioners that will help seal in color in between dye jobs.


Unicorn hair dye can be mixed with other brands and colors if that is your choice. The directions for coloring your hair with Unicorn hair dye are on the package insert. This product seems to be so appealing due to the fact that no harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the product. In addition, the product is not tested on animals.


Lime Crime is a unique and interesting company due to fact that they produce unique hair dye colors that have become quite popular. In addition, anything that is vegan free always seems to capture the interest of the public in a positive manner.


Some of the colors that the company offers will certainly cause others to take notice of your hair. Animal rights groups would certainly give this company a thumbs up.

Omar Yunes Transforming A Franchise And Lives

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Sushi Itto is the type of place that everyone needs to try at least once. Thanks to the excellent business mindset of franchisee Omar Yunes there are a lot more people who have had the opportunity to try this oriental flavor that is fused with a little inspiration from the west. He owns thirteen franchise units throughout the most popular areas of Mexico, and has done so well that he even won “Best Franchisee In The World” not too long ago. That is no small award seeing as it is sponsored by some of the biggest names in food service: Hardees, Denny’s, Dairy Queen and more.

With over 400 employees, Omar Yunes is proud of his Mexican heritage and knows how to give back to the community which brought him into the game at age twenty-one. That is when he first began with the Japanese food chain which is spreading with ferocity into all types of areas. The award was given based on a number of criteria, and with it he was recognized for his ability to transform the relationship that owners have with the franchise. This was done through the better management of information and the implementation of control boards for high-quality reports and information. Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz are all spots where Omar Yunes does his great work, and he is helping to bring franchises out of regional status and into the international level.

There are a lot of people taking notice of this shining star who is doing so much more than just bringing imaginative sushi rolls to those around him. He is helping create a life for many Mexicans who might otherwise not have such a consistent and enjoyable job, and this is what allows them to support families and have lives of freedom. Back then, at the age of twenty-one, Omar may have never envisioned that he would be making such an impact through the peddling of such a diverse menu of items, but then oftentimes greatness is just part of the trajectory of someone with such an inherent business instinct doing what comes naturally to them.

How EOS Took Down Chapstick

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EOS has become a ubiquitous brand of lip balm, with the rounded, egg-shaped balms in a rainbow of colors donning the shelves of nearly every drug store in the country. It is arguably the lip balm of choice, outplaying tried and trued brands like Chapstick as the go-to purchase for dry and chapped lips. But how did this happen? In what feels like just a matter of months, the EOS brand came from nearly out of nowhere to take the country by storm, and we’ve got the inside scoop on how this transition happened over time.

Remodeling the Traditional Tube

In fact, the EOS brand hit the shelves starting seven years ago, and one of the most immediately recognizable differences between it and other brands was the package it came in, check for the product details. For decades, Chapstick and other similar brands came in a small, thin tube, which could be slipped in a pocket and was twisted to reveal the lip balm. The EOS product is an orb-shaped package that has become iconic in its own right, making it instantly jump out from other items on the shelf. The shape was designed by EOS to feel pleasing in the hand and let you get out the most product possible, cutting down on waste.

Adding Femininity

For so long, Chapstick products were viewed as unisex, making them arguably appeal to a large portion of the market. EOS decided this wasn’t necessary. With the growing popularity of male brands for grooming products like Jack Black, it no longer became necessary to lump lip balm into the unisex category. Instead, EOS decided to market their balm to the ladies, adding characteristics that gave the products a feminine flair. The balms come in candy colored and pastel shades, which has the added benefit of encouraging consumers to collect all the shades. And the balms themselves have added scents and flavors that are appealing to women who want a little something extra out of their lip balm.

Reaching Out to Millennials

Finally, EOS made a crucial decision in outplaying the Chapstick brand: they went after the millennials. Marketing studies show that more and more, millennials are willing to spend extra on items for beauty and grooming, even if the extra cost is for something like an attractive color or unique packaging. EOS discovered these things matter to millennials, and they went after this market through social media outreach, internet campaigns, and finally commercials that showcased young, attractive people in trendy cities enjoying the EOS lip balms. It all came together to appeal to a younger generation willing to spend a few extra dollars if the product is appealing enough to them.  Check for details.

So now you know the secret. EOS didn’t actually appear out of nowhere, but rather the brand’s success was the result of years of careful planning and strategy. With a few innovative techniques, the EOS brand primed itself to take down a veritable Goliath in the industry, and came out smelling as sweet as the floral products it pedals.   Check also this.

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UKV PLC Explains The Ins And Outs Of Buying French Wine

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UKV PLC is a fine wine supplier located in the United Kingdom which is made up of a small group of wine consulting experts. In a recent article, they explained how buying French wine can be very confusing to people and provided some tips on things to know.

The main thing that people need to familiarize themselves with is the French appellation system. Wines from other countries are labeled by the type of grape that is used. The French appellation system labels wines according to where they are from. This is a government mandated classification system that is defined by the winemaking practices in each area of the country and the types of grapes they harvest there. The top quality wine in this system is called appellation d’origine contrôlée.

Where a wine is grown in France is very important and defines the character of the wine. The appellation system takes into account each region’s soil, altitude, climate, and local winemaking tradition among other various factors. So, for example, a Champagne can only come from the northeastern region of France while a Bordeaux only comes from a region on the Atlantic coast.

UKV PLC is an independent supplier of wine with a broad supply chain. They buy and sell high-end wines that can be bought for consumption or as an investment asset. The team at UKV PLC has a location in London where they buy and sell wines. They are also available by appointment to meet clients at their homes and/or businesses.

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How Vinny Parascandola Became A Leader In The Insurance Industry

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Vincent, or Vinny, Parascandola is an executive in the financial and insurance industry with over 30 years of experience. He is currently the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC, a subsidiary of the international company AXA. AXA was founded in 1869 and is one of the largest companies in the world. At AXA Advisors he is responsible for the productivity of the financial professionals under him as well as sales, retention, recruiting, and overall management.

Vinny Parascandola first joined the insurance industry in 1987 when he became an Insurance Agent for Prudential. He quickly found success in the industry and was named the company’s National Rookie of the Year. In 1990 he advanced his career by joining MONY Life Insurance Company. He had a number of management positions at MONY, including Field Vice President, until they were acquired by AXA in 2004. He joined AXA US and has held executive positions at a number of the company’s subsidiaries including AXA Advisors and AXA Equitable. He had served as the President of three division’s of AXA Equitable before earning his current position in 2014.

During his career, Vinny Parascandola has earned a number of management awards. Among these are both the Master Agency Award and the GAMA Career Development Award. GAMA is an international organization who recognizes the best in leadership skills in the financial and insurance industries. His proven ability to provide leadership has also resulted in him being a sought-out public speaker at workshops and business conferences across the nation. Among the prestigious insurance industry conferences he has spoken at are several LIMRA distribution conferences as well as a GAMA national LAMP meeting.

It was at Pace University that Vinny Parascandola earned his bachelor’s degree. He attended this university’s Lubin School of Business and holds a degree in computer science. As a notable graduate of the school as well as a great public speaker, he was invited to give the commencement address for Pace University in 2014.


Dr. Clay Siegall: Improving Treatment Outcomes For Cancer Patients

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Dr. Clay Siegall is co-founder, president and CEO of the Bothell, Washington based biotech company Seattle Genetics. A scientist by training, his focus has long been targeted cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with an undergraduate degree in zoology. He also has a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. Before co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, Dr. Siegall worked at a number of very influential organizations involved in cancer research. In addition to his work at Seattle Genetics, he’s also on the board of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

Seattle Genetics is internationally known for its rigorous research, scientific innovation and groundbreaking drug development practices. Dr. Siegall and his staff are driven by their passion to improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients. One of Seattle Genetics most valuable contributions to the field of cancer research is their development of ADCETRIS, an antibody drug conjugate that has been very effective in treating cancer. The company also has almost two dozen other ADCs that are currently in clinical development through their internal and collaborator programs.

A major role Dr. Clay Siegall plays at Seattle Genetics is fundraising. Through licensing agreements with AbbVie, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech and other companies, he has been able to raise in excess of $300 million. Using public and private financing he has been able to get the company an additional $675 million. These funds have helped the company to do the cutting-edge research for which they are lauded. Under the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has emerged as a leader in the development of ADCs and other very effective targeted cancer therapies.

Dr. Siegall’s vision, hard work, effectiveness and business acumen led Ernst & Young to vote him 2012 ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. Clay Siegall, Ph.D. has also published numerous valuable papers on cancer research and made many other important contributions to the field. Under his direction and guidance Seattle Genetics has emerged has a company that is responsible for providing cancer patients with some of the best targeted cancer treatment outcomes the industry has seen in many years.