Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launch A New Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, better known as CTCA, has just teamed up with Allscripts and Nanthealth to bring a new digital interface to make everything easier for everyone. The clinical workflows of Allscripts’ electric host records go through Nantheahlth’s clinical support decision of Enviti. This allows physicians to work more fluidly without interruptions, meaning faster procedures and more chances to save more lives. With the growing cancer research knowledge of over one hundred oncologists, the NantOS is an interface that is making its way all across the nation. It shows doctors a map of what treatments are recommended, the market delivery cost, and more. This let’s them go through everything in detail with their patients and have them choose the procedure that they like most.

Cancer Treament Centers Of America was founded in 1988 and has centered themselves to catering their cancer patients needs. Not only do they personalize every treatment for each individual but they go the extra length and do supportive therapy to treat cancer side effects. Their Oncologists have specialty skills in different areas of profession and use CTCA’s modern era equipment to ensure patients are satisfied.

Every CTCA client is assigned their own medical care team which is split into two teams. Doing this allows the doctors to share information more easily and a chance to personalize the treatment more. Using gene-mapping technology, they take a look at the cancer cells on a molecular level. This is called Genomic testing and shows both the oncologists and patients how the cancer is growing and where it could spread to next.

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