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Goettl Air Conditioning Helps a Family

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The HVAC company Goettl Air Conditioning, previously known as Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, helped last December a family that lacked an adequate heating system.

Abana Stephenson, mother of two teenage girls, was living with her family in uncomfortable conditions. For starters, her home had no functioning air conditioning or heating system. On top of this, her toilet did not even have a tank. It even lacked a toilet seat. According to Stephenson, her daughters had to sleep in the living room during the winter in order to keep themselves warm.

But her situation suddenly improved after she was contacted by Michael Gamst, the manager of Goettl Air Conditioning. Gamst, along with other Goettl employees, volunteered their time and resources in order to help the family from Las Vegas. Not only that, but the manager did not charged the poor mother at all, who has PTSD.

So Goettl Air Conditioning installed in her home a heating system as well as a new air conditioning unit. The Sunny Plumber, which is associated with Goettl, installed a new toilet. Stephenson was very pleased. According to the Nevadan, her believed in humanity was restored due to the actions of Gamst and his associates, who also provided personal monetary donations.

Goettl Air Conditioning, other than being a “source of light,” also helped the Stephenson family financially in the long run. Since Stephenson’s heating system was very old and not working to its full potential, she was paying over $500 on electricity. But Goettl installed thermostats around her house in order to make her heating system more effective. Basically, Goettl’s installation revolves around zone control. With this type of system, for instance, people can warm or cool their homes on a room-by-room basis. Because of the new system, her electricity bill was cut in half.

Goettl Air Conditioning, which is currently owned by Ken Goodrich, was founded by the pioneers Gust and Adam Goettl. Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the most trusted companies in the HVAC industry. Goettl, other than dealing with heating or cooling issues, also handles problems relating to indoor air quality or energy efficiency. This company also has excellent costumer reviews, which can be found online.