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Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

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Equities First Holdings, LLC is a financial institution specialized in lending to offer financial solutions to global financial services companies, businesses, and the high-net-worth individuals who need the non-purpose capital urgently. The company’s headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana. Equities First Holdings, LLC has regional offices in over nine countries including Sydney, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Perth, Singapore, and Bangkok. The company specializes in the allocation of capital, alternative financial solutions, and financial services provision. Since its incorporation in 2002, Equities First Holdings, LLC has completed over 2,000 transactions which amount to $1.9 billion. The President and Founder of Equities First Holdings, LLC, Al Christy, is the manager of all the 50 employees of the company.

For most borrowers, Equities First Holdings, LLC is turning out to be the best option for those who need necessary working capital to carry out their daily business. For those that are non-qualified for the margin or credit-based loans, this is the best alternative financial solution for you. In this era were financial institutions and banks have tightened their lending qualification criteria and raised interests, the equities are the next best alternatives for the stock0based loans. This new era of economic down-time has seen any financial institutions minimize the lending options to most borrowers. For this reason, they increase their loan-to-value ratio and provide a fixed interest.

There are many differences between the margin loans and the stock-based loans. In the margin loans, there are imposed restrictions on the borrowed money. You are required to state the use of the capital. For this reason, they have a loan-to-value ratio of between 10 percent and 50 percent. In the occurrence of a margin call, you will have the collateral liquidated without any notice. There are variable interest rates associated with margin loans. On the other hand, there are interest rates between three percent and four percent in the stock-based loans.

For those who choose to walk away even in the decrease of stock value, there is a loan-to-value ratio of 50 percent and 70 percent. Equities First Holdings, LLC ensure that all assets are returned after the maturity of the transaction and those borrowers meet their specific financial goals. For the best alternative economic solution, turn to Equities First Holdings, LLC.

Rising Success with this Investment Bank in Dallas

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Nexbank Capital, Inc., has proved itself in finances and banking. Its full financial results for 2015 have shown a fourth year of record esrnings, assets, loans, and deposits. Its net income has increased year after year. Its total reported assets were $2.72 billion at the end of the year, which was a 48% growth over 2014. Its loans grew 42%, and its deposits 32%. President of the company, John Holt, said that the company’s efficient platform increased the earnings and carefully, confidently, dealt with the risks and expenses.
NexBank Capital, Inc., is based in Dallas. It is a financial banking company that works through three main factions: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. They provide their services to a wide variety of clients over locations nationwide, but their main branch is still located in Texas. Their stated mission is to serve and place so much value on their clients that their clients are provided with unparalleled service. NextBank says that the company employs those with a proven success record.