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Update Your Wardrobe with Wengie’s Latest DIY Tips

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YouTube Lifestyle Blogger, Wengie, has again wowed us with another DIY guide, this time for your bland and boring looking clothes. Put together a whole outfit with these DIY tricks using ordinary school supplies.

Create your own cute and stylish cutout tank by just simply using a pair of scissors. Take a T-shirt that you want to spice up a bit, and cut off one of the side sleeves. Use the side already cut as a guide to cut the opposite sleeve. You can also create a lower neckline on the tank, and to make the neckline even, fold the cut out part halfway to cut the other side. You can also use the cuff of a cut off sleeve to tie the back straps of the top to make a razorback tank.

Add some color into your plain denim shorts by first dabbing some bleach (use gloves and cover surfaces for protection) with a sponge on the lower portion of the shorts. Wash the shorts, let them dry, and then use the combination of warm water and dipped highlighter ink and start blending the different highlighter colors together to create your own unique design.

Top off your outfit with some galaxy themed shoes. Color a pair of plain white canvas sneakers with various colored Sharpie pens. Then use isopropyl alcohol (at least 98%) to coat the shoes so the colors will blend nicely together. Let the shoes air dry overnight. Then spray the shoes lightly with a white fabric spray to create an extra galactic effect. You can even hand draw a few white stars to add additional celestial flair.


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