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Flavio Maluf – The President Of An Environmentally Friendly Firm

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Eucatex is an exceptionally innovative organization that utilizes special materials to make their items, for example, tiles. One of the substances that the organization uses is Eucalyptus, which is an exceptionally special kind of wood. The organization additionally makes different materials, for example, various types of paints. The items that they make are fundamentally meant for home usage; however they likewise make items for industry.

The organization has been around for quite a while. Indeed, the organization is over 50 years of age. Eucatex sends out items to different nations outside Brazil. Every product the company produces is manufactured as environment friendly. As of now, the organization headed by Flavio Maluf who has ensured a fundamental deal to assist the organization advance, grow and develop. He has accomplished all that while at the same time keeping its products and mechanisms environmentally friendly.

At the point when the organization was established in 1951, it was strange for the environmental wellbeing to be taken serious by industries. That was due to few environmental regulations that were present and focusing on industries. Nevertheless, Eucatex still considered the matter of environment very seriously and was keen on the damage that industries would bring cause to the environment. In addition to the fact that they were mindful of that, yet they effectively found a way to diminish the measure of environmental harm.

All the products the company produced, environment factor was taken a priority. The organization was and is effectively ready to juggle keeping their items environmentally protected and still having the capacity to make huge profits.

The present leader of the organization, Flavio Maluf has been greatly talented at maintaining the business. He has had a lot of involvement in the business world, and this has aided his efforts to remain fruitful. More so, he had a golden education foundation that assisted him to pursue in leadership and innovative application of ideas. Some of the places where he worked before and gained experience include GrandFood and Eucatex among others. Flavio Maluf additionally big asset for the individuals who are going into the business world on account of his entrepreneurial tips.

Career Demands on the Rise for Brazilian Startup Business Ventures

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There is a notable increase in the number of startups in Brazil. As observed by the Brazilian Association of Startups, approximately 4200 existing ventures belong to the group of startups categorized into smaller sections, such as e-commerce, education, health, SaaS, and entertainment. According to Flavio Maluf of Eucatex Companies, the industry is one of the rapidly growing in the recent past. Consequently, there is the need for professional experts experienced in specific major areas to serve in these companies. Gama Experience has conducted a survey to study and understand the areas that will experience the most demand this year.


The survey results as discussed by Flavio Maluf shows that a career in mobile developing is on the rise according to the technological world that we have today. Most startups are technology companies that deal with mobile developing. Such ventures will need developers to monitor and maintain the key areas in the industry. This career, therefore, poses as one of the potential most sought after in the near future.


Need For Various Professionals


Other careers that startups will demand include sales, customer success, Digital Marketing, and the professional Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These areas are most critical to startups. According to Flavio Maluf, there is need to provide customers with an out of this world experience. People dealing with sales and customer service will be valuable since their work is to monitor company’s products in every step as well as establish a relationship with the customers. People experienced in digital marketing will be sought after for their work, which entails innovating tactics that will attract new customers to the businesses’ online platforms. The professional CSS work is to design company’s websites in a way that they attract new customers; a service that many startups will demand.


Flavio Maluf in brief


The boss of Eucatex, Mr. Maluf, has demonstrated exceptional skills in managing the company. He combines his remarkable academic knowledge and long-term experience to turn Eucatex into a respected manufacturer and vendor of eco-conscious construction materials. He uses his veteran eye to study market trends in Brazil and advice investors accordingly.