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2016 One Planet Business & Professional Excellence Awards Went to Troy McQuagge

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Troy McQuagge, the President & CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. was honored as the CEO of the Year with Gold by One Planet Awards. That was a great accomplishment for Troy who has been beforehand granted some different prestigious honors. However, it was the first time Troy as the CEO won Gold of the year at One Planet, and that was genuinely an awesome event for the veteran official. Troy has been working with USHEALTH Group from 2014 when he joined the Board of Directors and in addition becoming its Chief Executive Officer and President. While serving there, he gave instrumental and vital guidance to the group and under his authority, the group was able to earn phenomenal development and increase profits within a duration of three years. Prior to this, Troy was operating with USHEALTH Advisors as President & CEO since 2010.

McQuagge had comparative achievement in this position where he figured out the way to double the development and profits of this organization applying his innovative strategies. While operating there, he outlined a restrictive Agency Platform that changed this organization into the biggest organizations within the medical insurance market catering “Under 65” section. Troy likewise worked with HealthMarket for over 11 years, before becoming the President Agency Marketing Group of this organization at a later stage.

Troy McQuagge studied in the University of Central Florida whereby he pursued Bachelor degree (BA) in Legal Studies and additionally hands-on expertise in insurance and sales. Other than business, he is likewise engaged with various voluntary associations, for example, HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, Phoenix of New Orleans and Crisis Nursery Phoenix. Other than Health, he additionally has a distinct interest in Human Rights, Children including Disaster & Humanitarian Relief.

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Considering Troy’s legacy of expertise career, he was esteemed as the most appropriate candidate for the 2016 CEO of the annual award. One Planet, termed as the most key awards programs goes past many nominations from executives and businesses in each sector; abroad and locally. This is the reason having an honor in this program is much competitive. Notwithstanding, Troy got this honor without a hitch when his name was declared as the Gold Winner and the year CEO at Fort Worth, Texas in a public statement dated January 10, 2017.

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Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory To Excel

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Many companies have used the Internet for a variety of reasons. The Internet is a hub of activity for millions of people on a daily basis. As a result, companies try to integrate the Internet into the company business operations. Companies can use the Internet for numerous reasons, one of the most popular reasons is to market to customers and potential customers. In a time when people have many different things to do and look at on a daily basis, companies are constantly trying to find ways to attract people.


The Internet has proven to be a very effective way of attracting people. Many companies utilize a significant portion of the annual marketing budget on the Internet. While the Internet is a good way of getting the attention of people, another reason why many companies use the Internet is to provide an environment where people can purchase products and services.


This type of use of the Internet by companies to market to people and provide a method to purchase goods is focused on the digital use of the Internet. As a platform, the Internet is at the center of the digital age. Many people use the Internet for a lot of reasons, the digital capabilities of the Internet is a powerful reason behind its use.


As the Internet has proven to be a great way of conducting business through marketing and completing transactions for purchases, digital entrepreneurs have become popular in recent years. Digital entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who want to start and operate digital companies. Their interest revolves around the digital aspects of the business world. There are distinct differences between digital companies and traditional companies. One of the most important things that any entrepreneur should understand are the differences.


Mike Baur is a businessman who understands the digital entrepreneur. Mike Baur is a partner in the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a company that helps digital entrepreneurs start and run successful digital companies. The company has helped many digital entrepreneurs learn what is needed to be a successful digital entrepreneur.


At the Swiss Startup Factory, the company provides intensive training, mentoring, and consulting that is aimed at helping digital entrepreneurs understand all aspects regarding digital business operations. Mike Baur is a central person in the various methods that are used by the Swiss Startup Factory to help digital entrepreneurs succeed.


Mike Baur has a broad business background that includes 20 years of experience in the private banking industry.

All About True Value’s CMO and SVP Kenneth Goodgame

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Kenneth Goodgame is the Chief Merchandising Officer, and the Senior Vice President of True Value Company which is based in Chicago, (IL) His performances have proved that he is one of the most influential experts in sales, marketing and merchandising. He attributes his successes to the vast experience he has in the field and the use of innovative methods in merchandising and marketing as well. Smartness when making business plans is also one of the ways he has managed to perform better than his counterparts.

Goodgame uses his leadership skills to ensure that the employees work together for the common goal of ensuring quality assurance and improving the profit margins. This was evident when he decided to replace the 40% of the buying team (at True Value) which was performing poorly. The result was that another team with a wonderful team spirit was formed. He reformed the line reviews, and this saw the savings at True Value rise to more that 10% yearly, a feat which had not been achieved before.

He was the leader of many different groups which drew up a 5-year strategic plan which was aimed at ensuring long-term growth. While he was the General Merchandising Manager at Acer Hardware (2010-2013), he came up with the innovative Craftsman program, the result being a rise in sales from $9 million to $180 million.

The changes created a 4.5% yearly growth in sales. Kenneth worked at Tectonic Industries in North America in 2008 to 2010 and was the Senior Vice President of Newell Rubbermaid NC from 202-2007. He was at Home Depot (GA) from 1994-2002. Goodgame holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee.

In September 2015, under the leadership of Kenneth Goodgame, True Value Corporation launched the “New at True Value” endcap program whose aim was to show the importance of innovation in stores. Dealers were to benefit from the product innovation. True Value would become one of the companies which would introduce new products to the market.

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How John Goullet Has Been Instrumental in Advancing Diversant, LLC’s IT Staffing Solutions

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Diversant LLC is a fully certified and Minority Owned Enterprise (MBE) that offers scalable IT staffing solutions. Its services include staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hire. The company’s products are original and based on transformative ideas. Diversant is aimed at addressing the demands of associates and clients together with the communities in which they serve. It has an advisory board comprising of senior executives who do not participate in the company’s day-to-day activities. These top executives are business experts and industry leaders whose primary role is to provide Diversant with advice on strategic planning and commercial development.

Diversant is also the largest IT staffing company owned by an African-American in the United States. Gene C. Waddy, who also serves as the CEO, owns it. The company has grown over the years and has established a good reputation for its consumer-oriented services. It is listed in the Fortune 500 firms list. Another key contributor to the company’s success is John Goullet who is also the Principal Executive.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a committed entrepreneur who has developed several successful IT ventures. He started his professional career as an IT consultant in 1994. Prior to becoming an IT staffing expert, John majored in Computer Science and earned a Bachelors and Master’s Degree from the Ursinus College. He used his knowledge of emerging market trends to start an IT staffing company known as Info Technologies. The company was focused on offering sound IT-oriented solutions to Fortune 500 companies all over the US. Info Technologies was worth $30M five years after its inception and ranked number eight on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 companies that are growing tremendously.

Gene and John successfully merged Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies in 2010 to form Diversant LLC. John’s position as the Principal Executive allows him to develop new solutions to meet the diverse challenges facing the IT sector. John believes that teamwork is the main key to success.

Mike Baur Leads the Way At Swiss Startup Factory

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The Swiss Startup Factory is where innovation is nurtured and strategy is cultivated. It’s led by a group of people, including Mike Baur, that understands how to launch a business and sustain its growth.

Mike Baur has been in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. He was worked his way up through the ranks, starting as an apprentice at UBS and holding positions at Clariden Leu and Sallfort. In 2014, he founded the Swiss Startup Factory, along with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, and together they grew it into a premier business that many people look to for advice.

The Zurich-based company serves as a financial accelerator and connects promising businesses and entrepreneurs with the resources they need to thrive. As part of its work, it holds three month-long programs in which its clients receive intense coaching and guidance. People looking to launch ventures can work in their office space, have access to their network of professionals, and receive support that adjusts to their changing situations.

This type of personalized service can be integral to an organization’s success. Often, early versions of a product can reveal certain glitches, and the response to those issues can show how strong of an idea something may be.

Baur feels strongly about sharing his knowledge and giving others the opportunity to follow through with their own goals. He volunteers with youth programs that focus on entrepreneurship, supports up-and-coming leaders as a mentor, and invests in groups that he sees potential in. Mike is a co-founder and director of the Swiss Startup Association. He graduated from the MBA program at the University of Rochester in New York and the Executive MBA program at the University of Berne.

In 2016, Baur was appointment as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest, which is a partner with the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is also working in collaboration with a Geneva-based company named Fintech Accelerator Fusion. With these two organizations joining forces, they can provide more globalized services as they will be able to efficiently provide support to both the French and Swiss-German communities in the region.