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Todd Lubar Contributions to the Real Estate Industry

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TDL Global Ventures is an organization that deals in the development of real estates. It was founded by the present Chairman and President Todd Lubar. The road leading to the inception of this company is a long one. It began 20 years after Todd Lubar worked with several finance and credit institutions. After all these years, he set out to do something that would help people realize their dreams. Lubar, therefore, identified ways in which people can access loans easily by eliminating barriers in the process. Ultimately, he came up with a program that matured to TDL Global Ventures.

The day begins with a cup of coffee topped with the children’s love. After breakfast, he quickly goes through the emails, works out, and heads to the office. The workout gives him energy and sets him in an excited mood. The news and market response allows him to prioritize on his day to day activities. The market is undergoing tremendous change. Ideas that are constantly matching the customers’ needs are paramount for an entrepreneur to stay relevant in the market. Todd Lubar uses his experience in the mortgage and finance industry to bring new ideas into his business.

One exciting trend that Todd Lubar enjoys is the advancement of technology. The capability of doing almost everything at home from the touch of a button is incredible. It is important to make informed decisions if one is to be a successful entrepreneur. Lubar ensures that he has the Knowledge of his business and consequently, makes decisions that lead to productivity. According to Lubar, building a successful business is difficult and requires patience. Finally, to succeed, one has to align themselves with people that help them grow professionally and personally. Additionally, foster a culture of trust and set higher expectations.

Todd Lubar career in the real estate industry began in 1995. He started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned about mortgage banking. During his time at this institution, he cultivated relationships with real estate agents and financial planners that comprise of his source of referrals. In 1999, he moved to Legacy Financial Group. The institution allowed for his expansion in the lending sector. In 2002, he opened up Legendary Properties LLC. Having worked in this industry, he set out to help underserved clients by opening Legendary Financial LLC. Today, he is based in Maryland and is a proud father of two.

An Overview of Adam Milstein’s Career Journey and Productive Habits

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Adam Milstein is a real estate investor, community leader and active philanthropist from Israel. In a recent interview, Adam opened up about his career journey and the various habits that have helped him become more productive. Adam decided to venture on his own after doing his MBA in entrepreneurship from USC. There were various organizations recruiting students before their graduation, but Adam did not consider them as they were offering less than what undergrad students were taking home. He started out as a real estate commercial broker, and after three years he ventured on his own as a real estate investor.


How Does Adam Bring Ideas to Life and His Habits that Ensure Success?


Milstein revealed that he pushes his ideas until they become a reality. He does almost everything on his own and follows up on an idea almost daily leaving no chance for anything to get in the cracks. He appreciated that the real estate sector is full of electrifying ups and downs. Mr. Milstein added that persistency, consistency and follow-up are some of his habits that have enabled him to become more productive in his entrepreneurial journey.


Milstein’s Advice to Upcoming Entrepreneurs


Adam advises entrepreneurs to try to understand the problems they face on their own and then contemplate them. When growing his business, Adam did not set any specific goals as he found it limiting but he strived to do his best without listening to criticism. He also advises that it is not wise to target becoming successful in a short time, as the key to success is the long way. Entrepreneurs should also try to follow up on every lead and contact to avoid missing numerous opportunities.


About Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein co-founded Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which provides philanthropic and charitable services to numerous organizations. These services are aimed at strengthening the State of Israel, Jewish people and the US-Israel relationship. His philanthropic services include fundraising, consulting and partnership development. The fundraising is aimed at improving Jewish continuity, Jewish education and Pro-Israel advocacy. His philanthropic philosophy is made up of three unique principles: Philanthropic synergy, active philanthropy and life path impact.