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3 Reasons George Soros Is Not Happy About This Election

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He Pumped A Lot Of Money Into It
This year, George Soros spent millions backing left wing politicians, but his efforts were ultimately in vain. Ultimately, Republicans were able to pull an upsetting victory and obtain control of the White House in addition to the continuation of their control over Congress. Hillary Clinton’s campaign had more funding than any other campaign in American history at, but all that money didn’t matter in the end. Donald Trump’s electoral college victory, in spite of his loss of the popular vote, was all he needed.

His Expectations Were Defied
The victory of Donald Trump defied just about everyone’s predictions. Most polls showed Hillary Clinton in the lead, and some even showed her with an insurmountable lead on When the election results unfolded on November 8, 2016, everyone’s jaws dropped. Soros has expressed great disappointment in the results. Previously, he has called Trump a fascist and compared his policies to those of dictators in the past. Now, Soros has promised he will do everything he can to stop Trump from advancing his agenda on Time. He vows to protect the legacy of the left and the progress liberals have made on many issues.

He Wants To Rethink The Left
In America, conservatives currently hold the vast majority of political power. In 2017, they will have control of all 3 branches of the federal government and the majority of state governments. George Soros wants remedy this, and to do that he enlisting the assistance of others of the left such as Nancy Pelosi. Currently, George Soros is in talks with the Democracy Alliance. This group of progressive donors has sought out ways to support Democrats and advance the causes of the left. With the unpredictability of Trump, the Democracy Alliance is more active than every before. There isn’t much Democrats can do to directly affect politics on on a national level immediately, but efforts to improve the left’s standing in the upcoming midterm elections and 2020 are in the works. Soros has backed the left for many years. In their time of need, he refuses to let them down.