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E-governe Is Latin America’s Number-One E-Government Solution

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E-governe is the most recent incarnation of a system that has its roots in technology dating back to the 80s. E-governne’s primary focus is in making the operation of government more efficient and effective, while eliminating the possibility of corruption and theft.



E-governe has puts world-class expertise into government’s hands, with one click


The benefits of e-government software solutions and apps almost cannot be overstated. E-governance can bring best practices and proven methods of accounting, data collection and other crucial governmental tasks into the hands of administrators. These systems can turn almost any government employee into a powerhouse of productivity, guiding them in their work effectively and efficiently.


The e-governe system is a fully-featured software solution that has turn-key capabilities right out of the box. It can allow for the full implementation of systems in the areas of local healthcare, tax collection, vehicle registration, criminal justice, markets and many other areas crucial to the functioning of local governments. It also has solutions for larger governmental applications at the state and even country-wide level.


One of the largest problems that governments throughout Latin America have traditionally faced is the lack of transparency and inefficiency of processes. E-governe can change all of that in a single day. The systems that e-governe have implemented are proven and effective, having been modeled after some of the most efficient governments in the developed world. But e-governe’s solutions are not rigid, either. They allow for a high degree of customizability to ensure that they can meet the local, idiosyncratic needs of whatever government body is seeking their use.


All throughout Brazil and other South American countries, e-governe has enabled local governments, who were struggling to implement effective protocols that would allow them to stay competitive as municipalities in the 21st century, to streamline their processes and save the taxpayers millions. Development always starts with good governance. And e-governe can give struggling municipalities the leg up that they need, in order to get on the fast track to first-world modernity.


But e-governe also has out-of-the-box solutions for many other areas of governance. One of these is healthcare. This extremely complex field is among the most challenging for local municipalities to successfully integrate into their governing protocols. Between insurance claims, billing and scheduling patients, a healthcare system as complex as that of Brazil requires powerful software solutions to be effectively implemented. E-governe is such as solution. It enables the seamless integration of municipal governments to the national healthcare system, allowing tasks that would otherwise consume significant portions of the local budget to become nearly 100 percent automated.


Another area in which e-governe provides world-class software solutions is the field of education. This is another source of bureaucratic bloat that can easily consume large portions of a municipality’s budget. With e-governe, operating a local educational system is as simple as installing e-governe and filling in the necessary information.


E-governe can also help with training key employees in the use of the system, making the transition to all-electronic governance a seamless and efficient process.

Talk Fusion Grows With Free Trial Period.

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At Talk Fusion the name of the game has always been in pushing the envelope of video marketing and advertising. Video communication solutions have become ever more important with the internet constantly growing. Video media has become the platform by which companies get out their message. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina founded his company back in 2007. He accurately projected that video marketing would become integral in the success of any functioning business model. Now, Talk Fusion is pushing their services even more after a thoroughly strong 2016 by offering a 30 day free trial period.


Talk Fusion gained massive acclaim in 2016 thanks to the success of their flagship program, the Video Chat application. Video Chat allows users to communicate screen-to-screen from anywhere on the planet via any devices. This cross platform functionality is obviously a huge boon in the world of constantly changing technology. Talk Fusion won the WebRTC 2016 Product of the Year Award for the Talk Fusion application. If you have heard of this application then you will have a chance to use it during the free trial period.


Customers who partake in the Talk Fusion 30 day free trial can do so by heading straight to the Talk Fusion website. Talk Fusion has all of their primary services available through this trial. These services include Live Meetings, Video Chat, Newsletters and more. In fact, the entire library of information that Talk Fusion has will be available during this period as well. This library of information has tutorials, elaborate guides, and white papers that can be used to help get your company to the place that it needs to be. All of these services have been tailor made and created to be as usable as possible.


Talk Fusion’s success since its inception in 2007 has been pretty mind blowing to see. Talk Fusion currently markets its products in over 140 different countries. CEO Bob Reina is quickly growing as well due to his own personal success as a top tier philanthropist – giving millions throughout the world to orphanages, disaster relief funds, as well as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.