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The Amazon vs. Fabletics Battle is Something People Want to Know About

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Amazon is the company that has been become a household name. When people go to the site they are instantly drawn to lots of the electronics like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire Stick. These are best sellers from this company. Many people will recognize that there is a large amount of technology sold here, but Amazon also sells clothing as well. In fact, Amazon has been reported to have a huge stake in the clothing industry and that can spell trouble for Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is aware of what she needs to do to compete. There are a lot of other clothing companies that are now closing doors because they fell out of touch with customers. They became unaware of how their customers were interested in the ease of shopping online. Amazon doesn’t have any physical stores so this is what it provides as a method of convenience.


Fabletics, however, has physical stores and the online interface. What Kate Hudson has been inspired to do is utilize the online storefront as a place where people can check out the clothes. They can see what is available, and they can see what is consider popular in clothing for Fabletics. The reverse showrooming process has allowed many people to check out things that are part of the Fabletics lineup and go right to the store and make a purchase right away. There is no shipping of the product that people have to wait for.


Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics is a brand that can compete even with the undeniable household appeal of Amazon. Everyone inside of a household can find something that they could probably use that’s listed on the Amazon site easily. When it comes to clothing, however, it is going to be much easier for consumers to find fitness clothes for females if this is what they are in search of. Kate Hudson as developed a niche market, and she believes that this will be the competitive advantage that will allow her to build a better network of consumers.


In contrast to what people see when they go to the Amazon site, customers of Fabletics will actually see Kate Hudson on the homepage. She is the face that is connected with the brand. People know when they see her in athletic gear that they are looking directly at products from the Fabletics clothing line.

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Take Charge Of Dry Cracked Lips With Evolution Of Smooth

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Expose your lips to the top lip care product in the industry with EOS lip balm products. Thousands of women are choosing all natural skin care products to avoid the threat of damaging their natural luster. Decide that you won’t complete control over the vitality of your lips by using an all-natural ingredient that boasts of leaving your lips looking and feeling moist. Your friends will swear that you’ve received pricey cosmetic lip treatment when in actually you have found an award winning lip care product that is easy to attain and cost less. More of this on

Redefine Your Lips With Evolution of Smooth

Your lips has very sensitive skin that can benefit from the organic hypoallergenic ingredients that are packed in every container of Evolution of Smooth. They provide their customers with an all natural balance of select vitamins and amino acids that have been used for centuries to treat dry chapped skin. Their lips care products are infused with vitamin C and E. Don’t forget to give yourself the proper protection with LEAP Bunny approved EOS lip balm products right away. Join thousands of women that have switched to EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth for their unique blend of organic ingredients.

Enjoy delectable flavors that will leave your lips craving the top brands in the industry, check for additional info. Saturate your lips with a revolutionary brand of hypoallergenic products that guarantee to give your lips the proper blend of moisture when and where you need it. Give your lips the maximum coverage that they deserve. Your friends will envy the ways your lips look with Evolution of Smooth EOS lip balm products. Tantalize your lips with wonderful delectable brands like Mint Kisser, Purple Sorbet, or a (2) pack Wildberry collection. Visit select retailers for more purchase options today.

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The Ins and Outs of Lip Balm Products

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Convenience is something that most people want, no matter the reason. Lip balms are the perfect example of this notion as they are some of the most convenient devices of all time. The field is literally saturated with numerous brands such as Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees. These brands have been around for a long period of time, but they haven’t done much with evolving. On the other hand, the brand known as “Evolution of Smooth” is the epitome of evolution as it has become the top lip balm product on the market today. Evolution of Smooth is superior to others because of it’s DNA. This brand comes from a natural source, which makes it highly beneficial. The lip balms are 95% organic and they’re loaded with some of the finest of ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamins. Visit

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Another reason that helps to the brand to stand out is by it’s wide array of flavors. Most lip balm brands will usually give you no more than 3 or 4 flavors, but (EOS) takes things a full step further. Some of it’s most popular flavors are strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, vanilla mint, blackberry nectar, lemon drop, and passion fruit. There are plenty more to choose from, but this is just a taste of what the brand has to offer, “no pun intended.” Evolution of Smooth’s products deliver fast relief from dry chapped lips. Hydration is the key and with these organic formulas implemented into your daily routine, you’ll definitely notice a big difference in no time.  Check for more details.

The Visibly Soft “Coconut” Lip Balms are also some of it’s best sellers as it gives the user a rich flavor of coconut milk. The long lasting formula stays with you all day as well and being so effective, you probably won’t have to administer another swipe across the lips unless you really want to. Evolution of Smooth is leading by example and it’s blazing the scene with it’s no nonsense approach to oral care.

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Best Flavor from Costco EOS Variety Pack

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Having been a long term shopper at Costco and a lover of EOS lip balms, when I saw that Costco carried a variety pack of EOS lip balms I was in love.

There are six different flavors in the Costco variety pack and it sells for a more than a reasonable price, given the high quality of the EOS lip balms. EOS lip balm is petroleum free and uses a variety of higher quality ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil. These oils provide extra protection from the elements helping your lips to maintain the moisture that they produce, particularly during the dry winter months.  Related articles here.

The variety pack has six flavors, blackberry nectar, coconut, vanilla mint, sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry, and vanilla bean. All of these flavors appealed to my tastes, although I would never buy coconut on my own. These EOS flavors were all enjoyable and flavorful, yet subtle and non-medicinal tasting, which is a major limiting factor for the competition.   For full details, Go straight to

EOS is also well known for their applicator orbs which are unique and provide a smooth and thick application. The orb is unique, fun, and sanitary as an alternative to the standard tubes on the market today. These orbs are also harder to lose in your purse.

My favorite though was the Vanilla bean which had a delicious flavor that captured the flavor of the vanilla orchid plant without seeming artificial or fake. The vanilla flavor was not overpowering and would work well as an every day lip balm without ever losing your interest. The vanilla flavor was other worldly.

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Given the variety in the Costco pack, there is no need to ever divert and buy anything other than this EOS lip bam pack. Try this variety pack and find your favorite EOS lip balm flavor for yourself.

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