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The Amazon vs. Fabletics Battle is Something People Want to Know About

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Amazon is the company that has been become a household name. When people go to the site they are instantly drawn to lots of the electronics like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire Stick. These are best sellers from this company. Many people will recognize that there is a large amount of technology sold here, but Amazon also sells clothing as well. In fact, Amazon has been reported to have a huge stake in the clothing industry and that can spell trouble for Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is aware of what she needs to do to compete. There are a lot of other clothing companies that are now closing doors because they fell out of touch with customers. They became unaware of how their customers were interested in the ease of shopping online. Amazon doesn’t have any physical stores so this is what it provides as a method of convenience.


Fabletics, however, has physical stores and the online interface. What Kate Hudson has been inspired to do is utilize the online storefront as a place where people can check out the clothes. They can see what is available, and they can see what is consider popular in clothing for Fabletics. The reverse showrooming process has allowed many people to check out things that are part of the Fabletics lineup and go right to the store and make a purchase right away. There is no shipping of the product that people have to wait for.


Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics is a brand that can compete even with the undeniable household appeal of Amazon. Everyone inside of a household can find something that they could probably use that’s listed on the Amazon site easily. When it comes to clothing, however, it is going to be much easier for consumers to find fitness clothes for females if this is what they are in search of. Kate Hudson as developed a niche market, and she believes that this will be the competitive advantage that will allow her to build a better network of consumers.


In contrast to what people see when they go to the Amazon site, customers of Fabletics will actually see Kate Hudson on the homepage. She is the face that is connected with the brand. People know when they see her in athletic gear that they are looking directly at products from the Fabletics clothing line.

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Perfect Lip Enhancers: Sheer Pink and Pearl Shimmer Lip Balms

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Being natural is a beauty trend that’s catapulted over the past few years. From makeup to hair, people have started accepting their God-given looks. So, the push is to enhance, not cover up. One way to achieve this goal with your face – the shimmer lip balm. Try two of the best picks: EOS’ Sheer Pink and Pearl and Shimmer Lip Balms. Both contain natural oils with a hint of color.

Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm rests in a black round container with an eye-catching design. Although bright, this pink translates on skin as a pale hue. Think tint! Fans of this Eos product also use it to highlight other parts of their face such as cheeks and brows. EOS is also available on

Pearl Shimmer Lip Balm also comes in a black round container (an exact match to the Sheer Pink). The color is subtle, almost clear, but with a noticeable frost. Females who seek out this flavor of EOS lip balm claim the smell is similar to vanilla icing. Also, it prevents wind burn.

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Sheer Pink and Pearl Shimmer Lip Balm are two ways to bring out the inner you. Check for this.   They won’t over power your face. In addition, both carry on EOS’ tradition of being paraben free and 95% organic. Therefore, users support the earth while putting their best face forward. More info on

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