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Lime Crime Unicorn hair Dye: Vegan Free:

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*Unicorn Hair Dye Examined:


Hair color is a very personal choice. Blonde, brown, black and even red hair are common hair colors. However, if you use Unicorn hair dye you will discover that they have some very different and unique hair shades and colors.


Lime Crime has a new selection of their “Unicorn” hair dye. Some of the colors of this new hair dye are a bit unusual however, people do seem to be anxious to at least try this product.


*Vegan Free/ No harsh or damaging Chemicals:


The Unicorn hair dye comes in a variety of colors including Cherry, Bunny, Blue Smoke, Strawberry Jam, Pony, Dirty Mermaid, Neon peach and many more.


The difference between other hair dye and Unicorn is that Unicorn hair dye is confirmed vegan. In addition, the hair dye has a vegetable glycerin base. Therefore, you will not have some of the side effects that you may have with other hair dyes.


Unicorn hair dye is available as a full coverage hair dye or hair tint. Full coverage hair dye is considered permanent color dye. Unicorn hair dye is very safe and will not damage hair or cause any scalp irritation.


Unicorn hair dye contains no bleach, peroxide or other harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the hair. Remember, Lime Crime Unicorn hair dye is 100% vegan free. You can be assured that absolutely no Unicorns were harmed in any way while making this product.


Unicorn hair dye is permanent color and will last at considerable amount of time. The hair dye will wash out gradually every time you wash your hair. However, there are special shampoos and conditioners that will help seal in color in between dye jobs.


Unicorn hair dye can be mixed with other brands and colors if that is your choice. The directions for coloring your hair with Unicorn hair dye are on the package insert. This product seems to be so appealing due to the fact that no harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the product. In addition, the product is not tested on animals.


Lime Crime is a unique and interesting company due to fact that they produce unique hair dye colors that have become quite popular. In addition, anything that is vegan free always seems to capture the interest of the public in a positive manner.


Some of the colors that the company offers will certainly cause others to take notice of your hair. Animal rights groups would certainly give this company a thumbs up.

The Amazon vs. Fabletics Battle is Something People Want to Know About

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Amazon is the company that has been become a household name. When people go to the site they are instantly drawn to lots of the electronics like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire Stick. These are best sellers from this company. Many people will recognize that there is a large amount of technology sold here, but Amazon also sells clothing as well. In fact, Amazon has been reported to have a huge stake in the clothing industry and that can spell trouble for Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson.


Kate Hudson is aware of what she needs to do to compete. There are a lot of other clothing companies that are now closing doors because they fell out of touch with customers. They became unaware of how their customers were interested in the ease of shopping online. Amazon doesn’t have any physical stores so this is what it provides as a method of convenience.


Fabletics, however, has physical stores and the online interface. What Kate Hudson has been inspired to do is utilize the online storefront as a place where people can check out the clothes. They can see what is available, and they can see what is consider popular in clothing for Fabletics. The reverse showrooming process has allowed many people to check out things that are part of the Fabletics lineup and go right to the store and make a purchase right away. There is no shipping of the product that people have to wait for.


Kate Hudson has made sure that Fabletics is a brand that can compete even with the undeniable household appeal of Amazon. Everyone inside of a household can find something that they could probably use that’s listed on the Amazon site easily. When it comes to clothing, however, it is going to be much easier for consumers to find fitness clothes for females if this is what they are in search of. Kate Hudson as developed a niche market, and she believes that this will be the competitive advantage that will allow her to build a better network of consumers.


In contrast to what people see when they go to the Amazon site, customers of Fabletics will actually see Kate Hudson on the homepage. She is the face that is connected with the brand. People know when they see her in athletic gear that they are looking directly at products from the Fabletics clothing line.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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“Unicorn Hair” is available for all Unicorns at Lime Crime

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Are you a follower of Doe Deere? If you don’t know who the “Unicorn Queen” is, she’s the CEO of Lime Crime. If it’s a color that looks like it belongs on a rainbow or flavorful candy, then you can bet it can be found in the form of “Unicorn Hair” hair dye, which is a new vegan-based product brought to the world by Lime Crime and the Unicorn Queen herself. These new semi-permanent hair dyes come in 13 different colors. Each color has a full on tone for darker hair types, and a tinted tone for lighter hair types.


The fact that this hair dye product has taken three years to produce, should spell out the fact that it will be of excellent quality that keeps customers coming back for each fashion occasion. It’s amazing how this product has made it onto shelves without ammonia or bleach, but instead from vegan contents. Unicorn Hair also has a reputation of remaining cruelty-free; because it has never been tested on animals. It’s a positively influenced product and creates static from onlookers as you transform into a Lime Crime Unicorn in front of them!


It’s also evident by customers and the company itself that solid color formulas last between 10-12 washes, and tinted toned formulas last between 8-10 washes per container. With each container being only $16, then it’s reasonably affordable to look like the beautiful Unicorn that you are each and every day you wish to! Usually hair dyers focus on what works best for their natural hair color, but the Unicorn Queen has products and color formulas that can work for any hair color from black to platinum blonde.


If you’re serious about dyeing with Unicorn Hair and you take care of your hair, there’s no worries you should ever have about not being able to maintain your dazzling colors for a lengthy period of time. So are you ready to look your best as a Unicorn? Pick your favorite color today and get it shipped to your doorstep so you can join the rest of the world who already look their best with Unicorn Hair hair dye.



Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Hair Dye is Magical

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Unicorn Hair: So Hot Right Now

Are you enchanted with unicorns? If you’ve been sipping rainbow swirled drinks and adding shimmery sparkles to your beauty routine, you’ve probably seen the trend for unicorn hair that incorporates bright hues and wondered how to recreate that look at home. Lime Crime has come out with a new product line that’s perfect for channeling your inner unicorn.


Lime Crime’s Mission

Inspired by magical hairstyles with rainbow hues but disappointed by the options for home dye options, CEO Doe Deere wanted color she’d wear herself where color goes on vibrant and fades stylishly into wearable shades. Like all their products, these hair dyes use only formulas free of bleach and ammonia so they won’t damage hair or stain your bath or pillows. As part of the company’s commitment to cruelty-free products, all the ingredients are based on a vegetable glycerin and are certified vegan.


What You Need to Know

Currently, the Unicorn Hair line includes 13 hues and will expand, so it’s easy to find your favorite candy color. It’s available in temporary tints or semi-permanent full-coverage. For true blonde or recently bleached hair, the full-coverage product will produce dramatic, rich color. Blondes with more golden color will still achieve vibrant results, but with some changes to the final color. Because this Unicorn Hair Dye works by coating the hair and doesn’t strip any existing color, users with dark hair won’t see the same dramatic colors. Brunettes can still have some unicorn fun though, by using the darkest shades to create whimsical tints. The company’s website includes helpful photos of user results that can help you imagine your final color and get inspired for new combinations.


With its no-damage formula and semi-permanent effect this is a great choice for someone who wants to try on a unicorn persona without committing to a permanent look. Best of all, you can experiment with every color and stick to a budget: each jar is only $16 and includes plenty of dye.