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James Dondero’s Philanthropic Activities

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Highland Capital Management is the largest and most experienced Dallas-based investment advisor. Currently, James Dondero serves as Highland Capital Management’s CEO and president. Besides entrepreneurship, James is an active philanthropist supporting initiatives in healthcare and education. While his business operates internationally, James invests the bulk of his giving to local agencies.

Currently, Highland Capital Management partners with The Dallas Foundation to manage its annual philanthropic budget, which has grown to over $3 million. Mary Jalonick, the CEO of The Dallas Foundation will lead her team of humanitarian service experts and philanthropists to partner with Highland Capital Management. James Dondero chose to partner with The Dallas Foundation because it is deeply-rooted in the North Texas community. Additionally, The Dallas Foundation has a proven track record of success in the non-profit activities.

Together with Mary, James evaluated bold, effective, and aspirational charitable giving frameworks. As a result, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. was formed to support The Dallas Foundation. Over the years, Dondero has supported healthcare and education initiatives in the North Texas community. In partnership with the Dallas Foundation, James Dondero has extended his philanthropic networks to several civic organization such as The Perot Museum, The Bush Presidential Library, and the Dallas Zoo.

James Dondero’s entrepreneurial intelligence aligns with his philanthropic strategies in providing multi-years grants as part of his giving. Although multi-years grants are rare in today’s humanitarian approaches, they are incredible to non-profit organizations since they provide a long-term sustainable funding.

Just recently, James collaborated with The Dallas Foundation to hire Linda Owen to connect James’ philanthropic vision with non-profit partners endeavored to improve the living standards in North Texas. Linda Owen’s experience and guidance will help Highland Dallas Foundation make a significant impact in North Texas communities.

About James Dondero

Dondero has over three decades of expertise in the capital markets, which focuses on high-yielding and financially distressed investments. Mr. Dondero attended the University of Virginia to pursue a bachelor degree in accounting and finance. His career began in 1984 as a financial analyst in Morgan Guaranty.