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Bernardo Chua Brings Chinese Supplements to Wider Audience

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Bernardo Chua had the unique background to see opportunities others missed. Growing up in both China and the Philippines, he was aware of the power of ancient Chinese medicinal traditions.

After graduating from college, his interest in these remedies was sparked anew by the realization that Western medicine often completely ignored the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia, dismissing it off hand as shamanism.

A great civilization’s deep curative knowledge

Bernado Chua knew that, unlike the magic-based folk medicine of Africa and the Caribbean or the incantations of Native Americans, Chinese medicine was based on something much more substantive.

Unlike the more primitive folk remedies found throughout the world, Chinese medicine relies not on spells or magic but instead on agents – plants or animal matter that are purported to have bioactive effects.

What Bernado Chua understood that often escapes Western observers is that many of these remedies have thousand-year track records of actually making the sick better. Even though Chinese medicine lacked the sophisticated statistical, mathematical and medical tools of modern Western research methods, it can be accurately viewed as the first attempts at modern medicine.

A remedy which has proven itself to quell pain or speed recovery from the flu over hundreds or thousands of years and millions of cases, can be every bit as good as an FDA-approved drug.

Chua zeroed in on one Chinese folk agent in particular, ganoderma. The mushroom genus, which is often found throughout East Asia growing on logs in the deep woods, has many bioactive ingredients.

Chua’s genius lay in seeing ganoderma as a marketable product long before it came to the attention of Western researchers. Today, the mushroom is being studied for its host of bioactive ingredients. It’s investigated as a possible cure for diseases including cancer, liver fibrosis, auto-immune disease and even for possible use as a new class of antibiotic.

According to PR News Wire, Bernardo Chua has been bringing this miraculous natural agent to a wider audience in the form of coffee, tea and other tasty formulations. His company, Organo Gold, has become one of the largest multi-level marketing firms in the world and is making people’s lives healthier across the globe.