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Felipe Montoro Jens Looks To Improve Water Sanitation Across Brazil

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The water sanitation industry in Brazil has been a major problem for many years as a lack of effective investment or technological growth has been a major part of the problems facing the Brazilian Government. The infrastructure experts Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos have recently been discussing the issue of water sanitation problems based on a recent government initiative to bring more private sector funding into the water sanitation industry that is 90 percent operated by energy companies at state level.

Felipe Montoro Jens has become a well known infrastructure expert who has developed a strong career across much of South America and Africa where his work to complete projects combining both public and private funding has continued for a number of years. Edison Carlos is the leader of the Tatra Brasil company and has revealed the infrastructure issues facing the nation of Brazil has largely been created by a failure in different industries to encourage private investment in areas such as water sanitation. Subsidies from government agencies will allow partnerships to be built between private and public companies across Brazil that will ensure publicly funded agencies play a role in conducting safety inspections to ensure all work is completed to the highest quality levels.

One of the areas where Felipe Montoro Jens has become a leading figure is through the leadership role he plays with the Latin American Leadership Forum, which plays a role in linking private sector funding with public projects; Felipe Montoro Jens is therefore perfectly positioned to become a part of the success hoped for by the latest Brazilian Government subsidies for water sanitation improvements.

Creating a global outlook for his many executive based roles in Brazil and across Latin America has been made simple for Felipe Montoro Jens as he completed an internationally recognized period of study at the world renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management.