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Discover The Benefits Of Lime Crime Cosmetics For Your New Look

Published / by Casey / 1 Comment on Discover The Benefits Of Lime Crime Cosmetics For Your New Look

Lime Crime exists for the women that want to be bold with their makeup. They can be versatile with their look and take chances with their makeup. The Lime Crime creator in a recent Lime Crime Galore magazine that she was inspired from not being able to find the right colors and shades when she was trying on her mother’s makeup as a child. She knew from an early age that she wanted to deliver makeup that had color and brilliance. Her colors are get for people under the set for a long period of time and individuals that ant to be bold with their makeup.

Most women love the velvetines matte ingredients that go on with a smooth base, but are guaranteed waterproof. The look that you decide for yourself for the day is the look that you will have at the end of the day. However, Lime Crime products are easy to transform into a day to evening look and you can be versatile with the colors that you choose.

The founder of Lime Crime Doe Deere was recently voted female entrepreneur of the year for her makeup line. She has worked hard to get her products on the forefront and build a loyal client base. She continues to invent new colors that accent your outfits and your desired look. However, they have many clothing accessories at Lime Crime that will enhance the lips shade or eyeshadow that you choose. Her makeup like is for women that want to make a statement with their look and take a chance from the norm. Lime Crime offers bold colors that you can use on a daily basis. You see a lot of celebrities with the rich velvetine matte look, but you think they paid a fortune for it. Discover how Lime Crime can transform your look and give you a brand new feeling of boldness and confidence, by visiting their Tumblr page.