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The Backbone of Dr. Greg Finch’s Success

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Dr. Gregory Finch is a renown orthopedic surgeon practicing in Queensland, Australia. Orthopedic surgeons perform procedures to treat or correct muscle and bone-related medical conditions. Some conditions involve the spine and spinal column and may cause limited mobility to the point of paralysis. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, spinal surgery is extraordinarily delicate and can cause severe complications. His extensive training and strides in procedural improvements have earned Dr. Greg Finch respect for his success in the field.

Surgeons perform several spinal procedures to reduce pain. Among them are spinal fusion, discectomy and decompressive laminectomy. Spinal fusion involves fusing the bone of two or more vertebrae together. This disrupts the spine’s natural flexibility and is, therefore, reserved for treating diagnosed back conditions not responding to therapy or pain management. Examples of these conditions are degenerative disk disease, spinal fracture and scoliosis. For patients with herniated or diseased disks, the orthopedic surgeon may perform a discectomy which removes the damaged disk. Once the disk is removed, the surgeon may replace it with a prosthesis or fuse the vertebrae. Surgeons perform decompressive laminectomies for spinal stenosis. Aging sometimes causes the vertebrae bone to expand, encroaching into the space housing the spinal cord putting pressure on the nerves leading to the lower extremities. This procedure scrapes the excess bone away, relieving the pressure.

Dr. Greg Finch specializes in anterior lumbar interbody fusion, a procedure that involves the surgeon approaching the spine through the abdomen. He also treats spinal stenosis, according to his profile in the Australian health professional directory, Doctoralia.

Attending the University of Auckland, Dr. Finch graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in 1991. Dr. Finch is also a fellow in the esteemed Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, where he follows his interest in pioneering methods of less invasive methods of surgery, such as robot-assisted procedures.