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The Contributions of Patty Rocklage

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Nestled on the quiet Malboro Road of Sudbury, Massachusetts is the therapist’s office of Patty Rocklage. Located in a lightly wooded area, the office is tucked away from busy highways and bustling streets, offering a peaceful quiet that is perfect for therapeutic practice. Patty Rocklage is a therapist currently working here, in the Sudbury, Massachusetts area. Patty Rocklage offers different forms of counseling, including marriage counseling. Her marriage counseling helps couples through difficult times and other issues that may affect their relationships. She also offers therapeutic services to families. As a family therapist, Patty Rocklage can help family members improve their communication skills and develop conflict resolution skills to help in their day to day lives. Rocklage also offers therapy to individuals who may need counseling services to overcome their personal struggles. Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 1981, Rocklage has been a therapist in practice for over twenty years. With over twenty years’ experience Rocklage uses a warmer communication style in her therapy session to help her patients in their sessions.

Patty Rocklage is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, who studied for his PhD. in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Chemistry. The couple was recently honored by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their contributions to the renovation to the Bawendi Group, a Nano-chemistry and nanotechnology lab operated by Moungi Bawendi, the Lester Wolfe Professorship of Chemistry. Located in Building 2 of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the lab focuses on the science and applications of nanocrystals, which are atoms, aligned in either a single or poly-crystalline arrangement. The couple was given tribute after a tour of the newly renovated lab by Moungi Bawendi himself as well as the Department Head, Timothy Jamison and the former Department Head, Sylvia Ceyer. In the vestibule of the lab is a plaque on display honoring the Rocklages for their contribution to the lab’s renovation.

From her therapy office on Malboro Road in Sudbury, Massachusetts where she helps her patients overcome their struggles, to her recent contributions with her husband to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it seems Patty Rocklage has dedicated her life to helping those in need.