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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launch A New Platform

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, better known as CTCA, has just teamed up with Allscripts and Nanthealth to bring a new digital interface to make everything easier for everyone. The clinical workflows of Allscripts’ electric host records go through Nantheahlth’s clinical support decision of Enviti. This allows physicians to work more fluidly without interruptions, meaning faster procedures and more chances to save more lives. With the growing cancer research knowledge of over one hundred oncologists, the NantOS is an interface that is making its way all across the nation. It shows doctors a map of what treatments are recommended, the market delivery cost, and more. This let’s them go through everything in detail with their patients and have them choose the procedure that they like most.

Cancer Treament Centers Of America was founded in 1988 and has centered themselves to catering their cancer patients needs. Not only do they personalize every treatment for each individual but they go the extra length and do supportive therapy to treat cancer side effects. Their Oncologists have specialty skills in different areas of profession and use CTCA’s modern era equipment to ensure patients are satisfied.

Every CTCA client is assigned their own medical care team which is split into two teams. Doing this allows the doctors to share information more easily and a chance to personalize the treatment more. Using gene-mapping technology, they take a look at the cancer cells on a molecular level. This is called Genomic testing and shows both the oncologists and patients how the cancer is growing and where it could spread to next.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Integrates with Clinical Pathways for Improved Patient Care

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America has announced a collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts to integrate with an electronic health workflow system called Clinical Pathways. The system integration will allow physicians to quickly and accurately access a patient’s treatment options and eliminate guesswork by suggesting the latest medical advances through data compiled with oncology research centers nationwide.

Clinical Pathways can customize a treatment plan for each patient’s needs and easily show how distinct options compare to one another. Once a treatment plan is decided upon it is easily entered into the computer system, generating a workflow that is sent to all involved parties. This ease of communication will work to eliminate inefficiencies in care that can cause a delay in treatment. By sending treatment plans to insurance providers, approval can be received more quickly, allowing doctors to get to work faster.

Treatment plans are devised based on an evidence-based medical library free of outside influence as well as up to the moment statistics on how other individuals have responded to similar treatment. Armed with all the relevant information, a patient can look at the options and costs and decide what is best for them.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL and has a network of five hospitals in the United States dedicated to serving adult patients fighting cancer. Their hospitals have been the pioneer in cancer treatment through offering genomic testing, precision treatments, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Quality of life as well as managing side effects from treatment are at the top of the list of priorities for any patient receiving care. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is consistently rated an industry leading provider in the field of oncology and works diligently to keep all patients informed throughout all stages of their recovery.

Find more information on CTCA on YouTube.

How Omar Yunes Built a Franchisee Empire

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Being recognized as leading franchises in the world is truly a tremendous honor in recognition of the many sacrifices and hard work that one imparts in a big company with so many employees. This great honor and recognition are what Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto franchise can be graced with at the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition.

Growing up to become a franchisee just at the age of twenty-one Omar Yunes took the Japanese food chain by a storm. Now having expanded the food chain Sushi Itto in Mexico City to thirteen franchise units just in Mexico, the award could not come at a better time. The thirteen food outlets in Mexico City alone represents only but 10% of the total number of units that the franchise is proud of owning. Some of the many places that the franchise has been able to set up shop in the Mexican county include places like Puebla and Veracruz.

The great successes that his franchise has been able to enjoy over the years has been guided by Omar’s good business understanding skills and experience which has resulted in outdoing other food chains. His ability to also recognize the efforts of his employees has contributed much to his success. Through this, he has earned much respect from his employees who he rewards and encourages to work together has led to a sense of teamwork in his franchise.

Apart from winning this award, Omar was also credited as having won one of the highest awards there is the franchising business.Omar Yunes was also credited as having been the change that was needed and whom they have been on the lookout for. Omar was proud of his achievements and went on to dedicate the prestigious award to many of his hard working employees. He attributed this to the high-quality service that his employees render to their customers that have attracted very minimal complaints over the many years of operation. This great hospitality shown by the franchise has seen it edge out other competitors.

The Best Franchise of the World competition has been able to attract many participants over the years all over the world

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Lime Crime Unicorn hair Dye: Vegan Free:

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*Unicorn Hair Dye Examined:


Hair color is a very personal choice. Blonde, brown, black and even red hair are common hair colors. However, if you use Unicorn hair dye you will discover that they have some very different and unique hair shades and colors.


Lime Crime has a new selection of their “Unicorn” hair dye. Some of the colors of this new hair dye are a bit unusual however, people do seem to be anxious to at least try this product.


*Vegan Free/ No harsh or damaging Chemicals:


The Unicorn hair dye comes in a variety of colors including Cherry, Bunny, Blue Smoke, Strawberry Jam, Pony, Dirty Mermaid, Neon peach and many more.


The difference between other hair dye and Unicorn is that Unicorn hair dye is confirmed vegan. In addition, the hair dye has a vegetable glycerin base. Therefore, you will not have some of the side effects that you may have with other hair dyes.


Unicorn hair dye is available as a full coverage hair dye or hair tint. Full coverage hair dye is considered permanent color dye. Unicorn hair dye is very safe and will not damage hair or cause any scalp irritation.


Unicorn hair dye contains no bleach, peroxide or other harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the hair. Remember, Lime Crime Unicorn hair dye is 100% vegan free. You can be assured that absolutely no Unicorns were harmed in any way while making this product.


Unicorn hair dye is permanent color and will last at considerable amount of time. The hair dye will wash out gradually every time you wash your hair. However, there are special shampoos and conditioners that will help seal in color in between dye jobs.


Unicorn hair dye can be mixed with other brands and colors if that is your choice. The directions for coloring your hair with Unicorn hair dye are on the package insert. This product seems to be so appealing due to the fact that no harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the product. In addition, the product is not tested on animals.


Lime Crime is a unique and interesting company due to fact that they produce unique hair dye colors that have become quite popular. In addition, anything that is vegan free always seems to capture the interest of the public in a positive manner.


Some of the colors that the company offers will certainly cause others to take notice of your hair. Animal rights groups would certainly give this company a thumbs up.

Omar Yunes Transforming A Franchise And Lives

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Sushi Itto is the type of place that everyone needs to try at least once. Thanks to the excellent business mindset of franchisee Omar Yunes there are a lot more people who have had the opportunity to try this oriental flavor that is fused with a little inspiration from the west. He owns thirteen franchise units throughout the most popular areas of Mexico, and has done so well that he even won “Best Franchisee In The World” not too long ago. That is no small award seeing as it is sponsored by some of the biggest names in food service: Hardees, Denny’s, Dairy Queen and more.

With over 400 employees, Omar Yunes is proud of his Mexican heritage and knows how to give back to the community which brought him into the game at age twenty-one. That is when he first began with the Japanese food chain which is spreading with ferocity into all types of areas. The award was given based on a number of criteria, and with it he was recognized for his ability to transform the relationship that owners have with the franchise. This was done through the better management of information and the implementation of control boards for high-quality reports and information. Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz are all spots where Omar Yunes does his great work, and he is helping to bring franchises out of regional status and into the international level.

There are a lot of people taking notice of this shining star who is doing so much more than just bringing imaginative sushi rolls to those around him. He is helping create a life for many Mexicans who might otherwise not have such a consistent and enjoyable job, and this is what allows them to support families and have lives of freedom. Back then, at the age of twenty-one, Omar may have never envisioned that he would be making such an impact through the peddling of such a diverse menu of items, but then oftentimes greatness is just part of the trajectory of someone with such an inherent business instinct doing what comes naturally to them.

The Best of Honey Birdette, Lingerie and Experience

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Honey Birdette, the Australia lingerie brand has announced the launching of the USA e-commerce site. By 2018, the company will increase the number of stores from three to forty. During the past 12 months, the brand experienced a sale increase of over three hundred and seventy-four in the USA leading to the opening of the new brand. Monaghan, the brand founder, indicated that the primary reason for launching the new site is enhancing the customers’ experience.

The USA customer gets to enjoy free deliveries for orders over$ 50, exchanges and increased range of available products. Until last year, Honey Birdette did not have stores in USA and UK. Over the last months, it focuses don increasing the number of retail shops in USA and stores in the UK. The customer base has tremendously grown.

Honey Birdette is Australians first fine lingerie shop. Its primary focus is spicing the look of women in the bedroom. Additionally, the brand offers toys to the clients. Eloise Monagha found Birdette brand in 2006 in Australia. Over time the brand has grown into having stores in USA and UK.

The clients can physically visit any of the stores and pick the desired item. The price range for the labels is from $ 35 for briefs and $ 60 for bras. The brand offers free shipping and deliveries for products ranging over $ 50. For clients who know their sizes, all they need is call the stores and place their orders. Most of the items sold in the boutiques are internally designed.

The brand aims at sensualizing the Australian bedrooms. The Honey Birdette boutiques are far flirty than the regular stores. The customers get to enjoy a glass of champagne and entertainment from the sales agent. The e-mail subscription enables the customers to get updates once there are new products.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Honey Birdette Lingerie Brand is Set for a Massive Retail Store Roll-Out in the UK

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Plans by a Lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, from Australia to initiate an aggressive retail roll-out campaign in the UK have gathered momentum after it successfully launched a dedicated e-commerce website in the US. Currently, the lingerie provider has only three stores operating in the UK, but it hopes to increase the retail portfolio in the UK to 40 stores by the end of next year.


Apart from an aggressive move to scale up operations in the UK, Honey Birdette is also aiming at opening more retail outlets in the US. Outside Australia, the brand established its first store in Covent Garden – London, which was immediately followed by two others in Westfield White City and Victoria Gates in Leeds. Inside sources can reveal that the brand has lined up ten more openings in the UK’s Liverpool, Leeds, New Castle, and Westfield Stratford. It hopes to have 40 retail stores in the UK and other first-class locations in all European cities by the end of 2018


Honey Birdette was established in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan, a Brisbane entrepreneur when she launched the site in the US. In the past 12 months, the lingerie seller has experienced tremendous sales growth in the US market of up to 374%. The store has many innovations including affordability, quick delivery, extended range of products, and faster returns for the US clients. It is dedicated to enhancing the shopping experience of consumers by mixing convenience and quality in its products. With the backing of BBRC Investment Company which is privately owned, the brand hopes to make a significant impact with consumers everywhere. Its unique selling point is low prices for premium labels.


The mission of the organization is to improve bedroom environment by providing you with gorgeous toys and lingerie. The beautiful products are meant to inspire confidence in the room manners of lovers/couples.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Highland Capital Management Can Help You Reach Your Financial Dreams

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Highland Capital Management, L.P. is an SEC-registered financial firm that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 and has grown into one of the most experienced and largest financial advisors for alternative investing. Highland Capital Management offers funds that are not correlated with stocks or bonds and so provide investors with increased diversification. Among the investments they offer to their clients are hedge funds, natural resources long-only funds, emerging markets, special situation and distressed private equity, as well as collateralized loan obligations. Their clients consist of high net-worth individuals, government institutions, endowments, corporations, funds of funds, and nonprofit foundations.

James, also known as Jim, Dondero serves as Highland Capital Management’s President. Dondero earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Virginia, majoring in Commerce with an emphasis on accounting and finance. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a global company with offices, along with the one in Dallas, located in New York, Seoul, and Singapore. The company also now has about $18 billion in assets under management. In 2016 Dondero joined his company in ringing in the Nasdaq Stock Market closing bell when one of the company’s funds, Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF, was listed on the exchange. The other co-founder of the company and its Chief Investment Officer, Mark Okada, performed the ringing ceremony.

Michael Gregory is the Chief Investment Officer at Highland Capital Management. One of the funds he oversees along with Jim Dondero, HSZAX, returned 31.6% in 2016 or almost three times the return of the S&P 500. Gregory has said that when oil prices bottomed in 2016 he saw a lucrative opportunity to invest in pipeline partnerships which have certainly paid off as they contributed nearly half of the fund’s returns for the year. His outlook for 2017 is that healthcare stocks will outperform and he bullishly expects a huge rebound from the sector’s 2016 underperformance. In particular he has focused on the public health epidemic of opioid drug addiction and expects insurance companies will quickly approve newer and less addictive pain relievers which will lead to an increase in the bottom line.