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Susan McGalla’s Notebook on What Women must do to Earn Promotions at Their Workplaces

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The plight of women and their roles in the society has been changing gradually in the 20th and the 21st centuries. In and before the 19th century, women were regarded as the inferior gender and were restricted to household jobs. The status quo started changing in the mid-20th century when about 20 percent of the American workforce constituted of women, although there was an insignificant number of women in decision-making positions. Fast forward to the 21st century, women account for nearly half of the workforce, with about 15 percent of them holding executive positions. But even with these strides, renowned businesswoman, Susan McGalla believes that there is still a lot to be done in helping women get their rightful share of executive positions in their places of work. In an article published by the PR Newswire about two years ago, Susan highlighted three strategies that will potentially help women to excel in their careers. Check fo additional articles.

Excel Academically

Susan noted that career excellence and academic excellence are intertwined. She, therefore, advised young women professionals to work extra hard to gather the necessary skills that will help them to subdue the dominant male gender. For the many women who were not enrolling for higher education due to financial constraints, Susan advised them to seek for scholarships and other financial aids so that the number of female graduates could be higher than their male counterparts

Be Confident

According to Susan, higher education must be complemented with confidence. She urged women always to have the courage to stand up for their rights at their workplaces without fear of intimidation. She also noted that women needed to be driven by the desire to advance, which would consequently improve their quality of service, which is the key to promotions.  Read interesting article here.

Perseverance is Key

Susan’s final tip to women was to avoid working to prove themselves to the society but instead focus on their work ethic. She warned them that prevailing stereotypes and prejudices against women were still rampant in most companies, but encouraged them to learn to persevere.

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