Don Ressler And The Responsibility Of TechStyle


Fashion companies are about more than fashion. For one thing, Don Ressler ensures they have to make sure that they are showing social responsibility. For one thing, people are going to want to know how these clothes are made. If the clothes are made in bad work conditions, then people will be less likely to buy clothes from the company. For one thing, it would cause a lot of guilty feelings if they buy from a company that they know is not ethical. Therefore, it is very important for fashion companies to make sure that their products are created in good work conditions.


One of the companies that are showing a lot of responsibility to people behind the scenes is TechStyle, founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler makes sure that the clothes offered by the company are not only elegant, but ethically produced. Don makes sure that the creators of the products are compensated and treated fairly. For one thing, it is important for the supplier to be taken care of. If the supplier is neglected, then not only would the sales of the company suffer, but the quality might not be all that great. People will be faced with issues like their clothes falling apart quickly.


Fortunately, Don Ressler stresses that the clothes that are provided under TechStyle are not only ethically created, but also guaranteed to last a while with average care. Other companies that create stylish and affordable clothing tend to cut corners. As a result, the clothes would tear apart within a month of buying them. Don Ressler understands the frustration that comes with one’s favorite shirt or pants falling to pieces on them. For one thin, clothes are not cheap. While people could go to second hand stores, a lot of people would rather buy new clothes if they could afford it.  This CrunchBase timeline charts Don Ressler’s career path, showing why he is such a force in the fashion world, and why TechStyle’s rise is going to be one worth watching.

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  1. Nicole Antonio Post author

    Every business front usually show someone in the top of leadership that almost takes all the glory. However it is a huge team work. Test the tasks of teams via you can see what I mean. Credit to Don Ressler anyways.


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