Igor Cornelsen Is One Of Brazil’s Most Acclaimed Investors

Whether the stock market is in a bear or bull market, there are always opportunities to invest if you do it the right way. While certain times can be tricky, having advice from the top experts can help you go in the right direction. Igor Cornelsen has seen a lot of different markets in his time and he’s an investment expert that many media outlets trust for advice on stocks and mutual funds. Cornelsen used to serve primarily the top wealthy clients in Brazil’s big banks, but now he’s giving advice regular main street investors and is a part-time consultant for Bainbridge Capital.


Cornelsen says the way investing should be done is by planning to invest over a longer period of time rather than trying to go for the big quick investment. Investing is not gambling according to Cornelsen, but unfortunately too many people from regular investors to hedge fund managers treat it as such and end up on the short end of the stick. The best way to make long-term investing work that Cornelsen advocates is to build up small funds of several investments and invest in safe vehicles as opposed to high-risk funds. You always should have funds that can offset losses with gains whether large or small.


Igor Cornelsen received his formal education in Brazil and worked with three of the nation’s biggest banks in foreign exchange investments, institutional investing and alternative funds. He also was an advisor to the Ministry of Economics while still working in investment banking. Even though he’s retired from the corporate world in Brazil, Cornelsen still encourages investors to consider placing their money in Brazilian investment funds. This is because Brazil is rich in resources and has opportunities for everyone. What Cornelsen does urge investors to be aware of are tight regulations regarding foreign transactions and which banks they should bank with. He also encourages them to make some friends among the locals who can point them to the right banks. Cornelsen also tells people to pay attention to Brazil’s export competitors such as China and to see how the value of the real will play out.

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