The Lung Institute’s Stem Cell Therapy Helps COPD Patients

Government statistics show chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) afflicts nearly 24 million individuals in the United States. Since the turn of the new millennium, the treatment for COPD remains unchanged. Contrary to traditional medicine philosophies, regenerative medicine is taking the lead, with innovative and contemporary alternative treatments. One alternative treatment getting attention, due to its results, is autologous stem cell therapy.

Based in Tampa, Florida, the Lung Institute, is the leading institution treating specific pulmonary diseases. The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cell therapy to lessen the ravages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

A testament to the success of autologous stem cell therapy is the praise from Amherst, Ohio resident, Kathleen B. Her lifestyle hampered by the debilitating effects of COPD, Kathleen, and her husband decided to travel to Tampa, Florida for the treatment. Full article can be found on

Kathleen, commenting about her daily routine, “We quit going out to eat because I would come out, and I would be exhausted,” she said. “I would get out into the foyer of the restaurant and I would be gasping, so we quit going out to dinner, and we quit doing a lot of things because I just couldn’t do them anymore. And I think most people can relate who have breathing problems.”

She knew, going into the treatment, that is may not work, but felt she had no other choice. Kathleen expressed skepticism with her practitioner but changed her opinion as improvement showed as the days passed. Soon, Kathleen indicated she started to feel like a normal person again. She has nothing but praise for the staff at the Lung Institute in Tampa, Florida. “It almost takes a team to get through this type of illness,” said Kathleen’s husband. “If you’ve got a good team, then you’re ok and I had a good team,” Kathleen rejoiced.

More information about autologous stem cell therapy is available at the Lung Institute’s website. The benefits of stem cell treatment is also discussed on

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  1. Frances Armani Post author

    The procedure uses stem cells drawn from the individual’s blood or bone marrow. Established three years ago, The Lung Institute treated its 3000th patient recently. That may well replace whatever that has had on them for a long time too.


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